Chapter 5:

Relocation and the beginning of the battle - The Fall of Touimai (Part 4)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Since that guy said it was mine now, should I give it a name? Hmm... She got ruby hair, rosy lips and pale white skin, so Vermiculus should work fine. Or could Ardens? But Sanguis sounds good too... 

In the end, I thought of many names for her but couldn't choose one. 

"I need more time to figure out a name for her..." I said aloud.

"Understood." She responded suddenly. I dismissed the thought and headed towards the exit. I walked with the android to the exit while thinking about some questions. 

First things first, I would need to know what she uses as power and energy. Secondly, I probably would need to know what kind of android she is, normal, battle, or work. And finally, why does Creator Uto make me bear this curse of his? 

After crawling through the hole again, and double-checking the items I had, my instincts reacted. Quickly I grabbed the android's arm and ran to a corner with shadow and cover. 

"Master, what's wrong?" She asked me. 

"I don't know if you noticed, but the smell... it smells of blood and gunpowder. Clearly, someone has been shot with a material gun. I don't know what's going on right now, but I figure that hiding will be the best for now." I replied while popping my head over the cover."

After scanning the surrounding area and confirming it to be safe, I slid to a sitting position and let out a huge sigh of relief. 
I then looked up to the sky, which was covered in rising ash clouds, and then looked back to the android. 

"Listen, I'm quite sorry about that. Uhh... oh yes, this place, Touimai of the Sagen Republic is not safe anymore for the both of us. You, androids are crazy expensive, with only the ultra-wealthy able to afford and maintain you guys."

"And the problem?" she replied. "I'm able to protect you at all costs." 

I sighed. 
"Look, I don't think you truly know how much you guys actually cost. Even the technology or broken parts of older generations of androids fetch prices of over thirty million. I'm basically walking with a million- no, billion-dollar device in a war-torn city!"

"I understand." replied the android. "But now, where shall we go?"

"I don't know. But it's safe to say that the whole of Toui- no, the whole of the Sagen Republic is out. We can maybe go to the Eastern Sagen Republic but we'll have to cross the frontline.

Considering our options, our best bet is on a natural country like Ashten or Armidilon, but those countries are pretty far down south from here and we have to cross the country and get through the Dusmoru Kingdom to get there. We could also move up north, crossing the Sagen Channel to Phermanue or Atsero

"Okay. I want you to decide. Should we move down south to a neutral country like Ashten or Armidilon, or go north and cross the Sagen Channel to either Phermanue or Atsero?" I asked the android. 

"I'll go with whatever you picked." she replied. 

"Hm? Alright then. We are going to the Captial city of Phermanue, Heaju." 

After deciding on where to go next, I laid on the ground, using my bag as a pillow, and closed my eyes. 

"Alright, you should get some rest as well. Since I don't think anyone will even go near West Touimai, we should be safe." I said. 

The android stood up and looked around before nodding. 

"Understood. All systems shutting down and going into sleep mode." 

She laid right next to me but I didn't mind it. Slowly but surely, my consciousness faded away. 


When I woke up, as I expected, no one came here. I looked up to the sky to see if any ash clouds were rising and there were none. A beautiful deep blue sky smiled down at the city. 

"Blue skies huh. This is extremely rare for a city being so close to a deadly frontline." I uttered. 

Once I got my surroundings, I grabbed my bag and woke up the android. 

"Greetings Master. I apologise for making you wake me up." she said. 

"Please, no more formal speech thanks. And don't you call me master again, I have a name, Void, you know." I replied. 

"Request granted. Shall call Master, Void from now on."

So easy!

I double-checked my things and laid out a route to exit Touimai. 
"So, we're going to move west, north and then northeast okay? For the route itself though... just follow me." 

The android nodded back and we began to move. 


Meanwhile, at the Eastern Gate of Touimai, SEA soldiers, tanks, big and small robots waiting for the signal of attack behind the gate. 

And as the commander of Operation Traitor, Colonel Yashki smiled with glee. 

"Good. Very good. All according to plan." he said. 

He then raised his arm and swung it down. All 3,000 tanks fired their 14 metre main guns and showered hell to both the remaining 2,500 soldiers of the UCW deployed there and the citizens of Touimai.