Chapter 6:

Chapter 5.5: The Realm of 'Gods'

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Hidden in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, you can find an underwater city called Atlantis. Despite it only being a mere myth in the eyes of humankind, Atlantis is indeed a real place on Earth. A few people only knew its existence and one such fellow was Plato whose family was one of the few families from Atlantis that escaped the destruction of the city. Bookmark here

He first mentioned Atlantis around 360 BCE to his fellow philosophers and when asked where he heard this from, Plato will always claim that he heard it from the Egyptians. Of course, it was not true. He and his family along with his ancestors kept the secret of Atlantis hidden until a fellow philosopher overheard Plato talking to himself about Atlantis, the philosopher soon spread the rumour of Atlantis far and wide. Bookmark here

11,000 years ago, when Atlantis was at its peak, it boasted a massive population of 280,000 along with several demi-gods as deities. And being 3,000 years old at that time, Uto was young, strong and naive. When Gods of Earth attacked Atlantis for being a 'disruption to natural human evolution' Uto challenged a minor god attacking the city. Bookmark here

And for the first time ever, Uto lost a fight. He laid there, unable to move but watched the Gods and high-ranked deities massacre Atlanteans, whether they were young or old, each person lost their lives equally to the Gods who killed them. Bookmark here

The massacre lasted a day and night before finally a King of Gods; Zeus, came there to deliver the final blow. 
But by then, Uto had recovered enough strength to use his powers again, and he created the strongest barrier he had ever created yet and sunk the city. Bookmark here

This quick thinking by Uto made Zeus's attack miss and saved Atlantis from being completely destroyed. 
As Atlantis sank into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Uto's eyes were staring at all of the gods there, filled with rage and hatred. Bookmark here

"Someday, I will take my revenge on ALL of you." He swore to himself.Bookmark here

And now, 11,000 years later, Uto and his hand-picked team out of the 400 surviving Atlanteans, created an artificial world where he can test his created weapons on a real battlefield. 
This weapon Uto was currently experimenting on was the Supernatural Power Enhancer, which he had put it on a person living in his world, namely Void.Bookmark here

He then turned his attention to a blue translucent screen which showed a person walking down a luxurious hallway. Bookmark here

Despite having an emotionless face, the person had short blue hair, on the lighter side, in a bob cut. With red eyes that had a tint of orange, and is wearing a full military uniform. This was Vuivlo, Void's twin sister that he never knew about. Bookmark here

"Ah, so it seems that Phase 2 after meeting with Void is going into action. I wonder what kind of reaction you will make when you find out that you have a twin sister, alive and serving in the SEA military." He said as he brought up another blue translucent screen with Void and the android running away from Touimai. Bookmark here

Another weapon Uto was experimenting on was a weapon that contain enough power to even kill Gods. However, the weapon is extremely unstable due to all that energy so it gained the nickname: "Fortis Sed Instabilis" but was shortened down to "Fosedtebilis". But research and further experimentation showed great and positive results so "Fosedtebilis" could be mass-produced and used widely soon. Bookmark here

This made Uto smile. His revenge on the Gods grew closer. Though the day is still unclear since most of his war materials were still either in research, experimentation or prototype production but he will take anything if it will shorten the time to the day of his revenge. Bookmark here

"Ahhhhh. The day of my revenge... I just cannot wait for it to happen." He muttered. Bookmark here

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