Chapter 11:

Chapter 11: Discovery


My alarm went off at its usual time. So, I got up, went to wash my face, and headed to the kitchen. When I got out, Ferral was still sleeping. A usual morning. I looked through the pantry and fridge and decided to switch things up with breakfast. I’m gonna make some chicken and waffles. As I was cooking, I looked back to see if Ferral was awake. He was still asleep, and now looking at it more closely, the way he sleeps is pretty similar to that of a dog or in his case, a wolf. It’s…kinda cute actually. Something I have noticed with Ferral is that his body language and the way he goes about things have that wolf-like feel to them. Whenever he’s happy, his tail will stand up and wag, his ears will more are moved forward. Wherever he’s sad or I’m angry at him, his tail will be put in between his legs, his ear will move back and he’ll lower his head. When he’s alert, he’ll often lower himself a bit to the ground, the fur on his arms will raise, and his ears will also be pushed back. I finished cooking and heard a yawn coming from behind me. Heh, figures he’d wake up once the food was done. I put the pates on the table as he was stretching, “Morning, Ferral.” I said. He stopped stretching and scratched his head, “Good morning, Ms. Clare.” He sniffed the air and the smell of the food immediately caught his attention. “What did you make for breakfast?” He got up and started walking toward the kitchen. “I made some chicken and waffles. Wanted to do something new.” He looked at the food and leaned closer to smell it. “It smells really good.” He said. “And it tastes even better,” I told him, “Now you eat while I go get ready for work. Syrup’s on the table.” I walked off to go get dressed.

Ms. Clare left me alone with the “chicken and waffles.” I grabbed my fork and poked at it. The smell of the waffles was similar to that of a pancake, and the chicken was something new to me. I know WHAT a chicken is, but I didn’t know you could eat it. I looked up at the syrup bottle, picked up, and spread it on the plate. Then I cut a piece of the waffle and a piece of chicken off and ate them. IT WAS AMAZING! The waffle takes like a different version of pancake and the chicken was delicious…no wonder coyotes eat them (leaned that on the animal channel). I ate more, each bite better than the last! Food is so good. Once I had finished, I put my plate in the sink, and as I did, Ms. Clare walked out. “So, how was it?” She asked. “Oh, it was delicious! You should make it more often!” She smiled, “Glad you enjoyed it. I’m gonna take mine to go, I have a client I have to meet in an hour and I wanna be there early.” She grabbed her plate and her car keys and started walking toward the door. She waved, “I’ll be back, bye.” I waved back, “Goodbye!” She closed the door and I was alone again. Something you’d think I’d be used to, but I still always get sad. So, I do what I always do…sit on the couch and watch T.V.

After about two hours, started to get hungry, so I got up and walked toward the kitchen. I opened the fridge and as I stuck my hand into it, I stopped. Looking at my wolf-like hand. I pulled it back out and closed the fridge. I sat back down, staring at my hands. Something I’ve always wondered….do I have normal hands underneath this fur? I looked down at my feet….do I have normal feet? These were questions that I asked myself for as long as I was able to ask questions. What do I look like without fur? I’ve always looked at Mother or Ms. Clare and how they have normal human hands and feet. Even normal ears on the sides of their head. It always made me wish I had hands, feet, and ears like them. I looked back up to see a commercial was being shown. It was just hands moving across the screen while one of those rings like Ms. Clare wears was spinning. I pouted, “Must be nice to have normal hands.” Maybe if I think about it hard enough it’ll happen. Eh, let’s see. looked down again and closed my eyes. I wish I had normal hands and feet. I wish I had normal hands and feet. In my mind, I thought about Mother and Ms. Clare’s hands. Yeah, just like them. I wanna look just like them. As my eyes were closed, I could feel my body tightening…it hurt, but the pain didn’t last. I opened my eyes, and they widened. “M-M-MY HANDS!!!” The fur on them was gone, and they looked like normal hands. They shook with excitement, and I looked down to see my feet were also normal! I go and ran toward the bathroom. I turned on the light to see my ears were gone too! I touched the sides of my head…and I felt something. I pushed back my hair and saw I had normal ears now. “WOO-HOO!!!” I screamed. It worked! It actually worked! “Wait….” I touched the area where my tail was, but nothing was there. I was finally normal. There was one more thing different with me…I felt shorter. Like I shrunk about a foot  (Author: Ferral’s height was 6’10 and dropped to 5’10).

This was incredible, I finally looked like a normal person. I can’t wait for Ms. Clare to come back so I can show her. There was ONE more thing that felt off. I walked over to the fridge and tried to pick it up. Now, normally I’d be able to pick it up easily, but now I was actually struggling. I could still do it, but it was just harder than it normally would be. Looks like I got somewhat weaker too. I started doing different exercises, and I was doing either half or a quarter of what I usually can do. Guess the trade-off for looking like a normal person was a loss of strength and size. Oh well, I finally get to look like everyone else. 

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