Chapter 129:

A Beauideal Concert-Match 3

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Watching the two beautiful stars clash was something to behold. Their movements combined fierce strikes with the gracefulness of dance. All the while, they sang banter to each other or simply took the announcer's job of describing what was going on.

Kitten leaped back from her red Aqueenian opponent off the center stage and into the open arena. She moved her arms in dramatic motions.

“♪And now you will have to taste the might of my Needaimus!♪” she sung. All around the Netzian girl, bubbles began to form. The crowd cheered.

“What?” Gwyn managed to say.

“She has an Iki type that specializes in creating a slick sanitizing compound,” Rheba explained, though Gwyn had not expected to be heard over the loud crowd and louder music.

“♪Ha, your pathetic ability is nothing to me!♪” Scarlet sang her reply. The red Aqueenian stood on the stage one moment and in the next appeared right in front of Kitten. “♪Coursing power, red fury, ♪” Scarlet sang as she kicked at Kitten's stomach. The pointed ear girl dodged the blow by sliding across a slick of soap on the floor with the grace of an ice skater. Scarlet continued to sing as she tried to hit Kitten. The Netzian girl also sang along simultaneously, and their voices harmonized together.

Eventually, the Aqueenian beauideal teleported directly behind Kitten. She struck her Netzian opponent in the back, and Kitten stumbled forward. The crowd cheered.

Gwyn watched passively as he didn’t sense any real danger from the combatants. He wondered if being in real fights had warped his enjoyment of such events. His theory was disproved when he glanced over at Rheba, who was so into the fight he could hardly recognize her.

The Nonpareil sighed and turned his attention on the beauideals exchanging over-the-top blows as they sang. ‘Maybe I’m missing something,’ he thought to himself.

On stage, Kitten had recovered from her blow and was sliding around the stage backward. Scarlet would continually teleport in front of the Netzian opponent, and they would parry one of the other's blows. The speed of the combatants trading blows was so fast that the audience was liable to get exhausted as they watched.

“♪It was a cold morning. I longed for a friend, but you left me that day, ♪” Kitten sung.

“♪I simply found my way! No longer would I hold myself back for your sake!♪” Scarlet replied.

“What are they talking about?” Gwyn said as the two beauideals continued their dance-battle.

“It’s part of their story,” Rheba answered as she shook the glowsticks in rhythm with the music, “Kitten and Scarlet were once good friends, but when Kitten started to lose matches, they had a falling out. It was actually a scheme predicated by the beauideal Pincer….” Rheba began to rattle off a storied history around the beauideals that covered several seasons of tournaments. Gwyn just nodded as the Bentulousian warrior went into intricate details of beauideal lore. It took Rheba a moment before she realized she got too excited. She made a slight cough into her hand and turned back to the fight.

Kitten still appeared to ice skate across the arena floor backward while Scarlet continued a barrage of strikes. As she slid across the floor, a slick trail of soapy material was left. The material shined and sparkled as the brightly colored lights pounded on the scene, and the floor began to light up. As the Netzian beauideal swayed, it became clear that she was spelling something out while she sang.

“♪I trained hard, found victory, but you still forgot me all the same!♪” Kitten sang with heartbreak. She jumped in the air from her faux-ice skating and did a twirl and kick on Scarlet, who had teleported in the perfect spot to take a blow.

The red Aqueenian disappeared from the air and reappeared on the stage. She looked to be breathing heavy, but her singing did not falter.

“♪So, what? I have moved on! Friends again, we shall not be!♪”

“♪I know, that is why I came to say a final goodbye!♪” Kitten finally stopped her skating. As she came to a graceful halt, the word ‘goodbye’ was completed with the soap as she said it aloud. The crowd echoed in a roar as the beauideals took a brief pause to stare at each other.

“This is big!” some people behind Gwyn were saying.

“It could indicate a whole new direction for her!” another added.

The Nonpareil frowned. He had sat through calculus, circuit analysis, and many other advanced classes before changing his major to history, but it was at the beauideal concert-match that he felt more confused than he had in his whole life. As far as Gwyn was concerned, he might have gone to yet another new world.

The beauideals on stage didn’t give Gwyn a chance to think much longer. The music swelled, and they began their fight once again.

Kitten leaped onto the stage and attacked Scarlet like a graceful boxer. As she struck, she sang in repetition:

“♪Fourteen weeks in the Leth Forest,

Seventeen in the Calli mountains,

I admit it was a little abhorrent!

But I finally found it!♪”

As the Netzian girl sang, Scarlet remained on the defensive from the onslaught of punches. The red Aqueenian harmonized with scat singing as she took the brunt of the attacks. The show was coming close to an end, but Gwyn was the only one who didn’t realize it.

Kitten finished her repetitive chorus with a: “♪I found how to win!♪” As she said ‘win,’ she hit Scarlet with an upper cut. The red Aqueenian immediately fell onto her back, and the music ended dramatically.

The crowd let out a final roar. It was filled with sounds of happy Kitten stans with blue glowsticks and sad Scarlet stans with red. Rheba furiously cried out with the crowd as she shook her blue glowstick. Harlan did the same with her blue glowstick but did not bother shouting or putting much vigor into it. However, considering the circumstance, it was more energy than the Nonpareil expected her to give. Gwyn awkwardly sat and stared at the scene as Kitten bowed to the audience.

“Thank you for your support, everyone!” she said.

“I’ll [bleep] her up next time!” Scarlet mumbled from the ground. The lights on the stage faded to black, and lights on the ground lit up to aid everyone in leaving. Gwyn remained very confused as they walked from the seats back out to the street.

Rheba and Harlan had temporarily lowered hostility to discuss a play-by-play of the fight as they exited. It only added to Gwyn’s confusion about the whole event.