Chapter 1:

Spring Morning

The passing daylight

With the gentle breeze of the meadow plains, a abundant forest expanding thousands of kilometers sways, rustling the leaves of tall standing trees. A flourishing forest containing a hidden world with many mysteries and beauties. From its radiant blue skies to the cold depths within its soil. Sparrows soar and sing their love songs as we commence our story on the brink of spring, the very mating season of the silver feather sparrow.

A common aerial beast of the central continent, (va-lu-see-to) Vallusitto, and its largest forest the Garden of forgotten tales. Deep within the garden a small girl wanders and lives from the bounties within.

 Let's observe, "oh wait, I forgot you can't see now can you, well let's zoom in and swiftly dive past those obstructing trees. No no don't get up, just let me do all the work as you just sit there enjoying yourself. Maybe a drink in hand relaxing in a comfy place." With the echo of a sharp snap a branch bitch slaps the ongoing narrator.
. "Who the hell put this branch here!!!". 

 Dusting the leaves and wood chips from his black suit a man comes into view wearing a white mask and white gloves. Coming to a halt he gently lands on a branch and with a light bow continues to speak.

"I am your narrator, and that there" Gesturing towards a child
"Is the little wanderer of the forest".

 Beyond the leaves is a small clearing with a lily patch and A little girl. The tiny thing looks around moving its messy chestnut hair to expose her rosy cheeks and emerald eyes. She seems to be searching for something, something which she is determined to find. A blue furred spirit rabbit, quite a fast critter even for some of the fastest animals of the forest. It seems to be hiding within the flowers as from a bird's eye view its color stick out like a sore thumb, blue and white does not camouflage quite well. Then again here we sit waiting with the child.

While observing the standstill between a frighten bunny and a persistent lil girl, the sounds of a crunching arises from a certain branch. 
 "CRUNCH!?! What i'm hungry plus no one can see us, or should i say me."

 Siting among the branches that idiotic narrator sits eating some potato chips extra sour, nothing but a shadow among shadows. Stupid and carless he breaks after several minutes of waiting staring at a uneventful scene, so he decides to grab the bunny's attention using a leaf whistle.

"Luckily that's all it took, he once had to cause a natural disaster to.... never mind.... Oh, who am I? You can just consider me an assistant or sorts someone who has to do the job of narrator when that goof is fooling around."

 From the patch, the lilies rustle and out pops the bunny's furry top as it searches for the whistle, but is instead faced with emerald eyes. A pair of eye's that seem to get ever so closer, however the bunny is much faster and escapes. The gals surprise attack failed. 

"Eeii!!!" squeals the bunny as it runs back into the dense foliage, leaving the child in the dust as she lands on her knees. Shifting her body side to side the child begins trying to regain her balance and stand. With a loud exhale the child stretches its hands into the sky and begins walking.

Guess it's time for the gal to return to wondering, oh no the journey just began, and she tripped scratching her knee.

The sounds of spring mask the kids weeps as tears escaping her eyes, being a little over 4 years old it is surprising that she has survived this long. No matter how harsh life can be sometimes all one can do is get back up after falling down. Wiping her tears, she smiles and begins walking out of the clearing and back to the tree line. 
Jumping over stones, and dodging the low hanging branches, a pond comes into view. With a splash of the clear water the kid begins rinsing the dirt off her face and clothing. Wet with droplets of water and the morning light the child glistens, as she skips away singing.

"La, la la, la la la la la, la la, la la la la"

Bare footed, imprints of her tiny feet mark the moisten dirt. Following close by, the appearance of a unique insect suddenly catches my attention. 

"Oh, look a spotted butterfly, it is said that at night the spots shine and reflect the light from the starry night sky, twinkling as they flap their wings. Some people believe it's a courting mechanism to allure possible partners, but others argue it's used for something else that scientists have yet to discover. Oh, look as the spotted butterfly extends its wing and advances in flight towards a group of wild flowers patching the base of a dead thick trunked wiping tree. A flower tree with many vines bearing plentiful flowers filled with nectar, but due to its current state seems as though it may never display its beauty again. Sitting alone burnt, naked, A tree that may have seen it last blossoming long ago."

The narrator would continue to be distracted as the child left from his view.

"Oh well, I guess we'll just let it be, there is so much more happening in this place anyways. I mean the changing of seasons is interesting right, look at that leaf nice and green, or umm that… um what is that…. Ummm…. "
A sudden realization strikes the stupid narrator the girl is gone.
 "Fuck. Um I mean ****(beep). I'll follow the child, nature is nice and all, but I'll be frank with you, I'll die of boredom looking at animals 24/7 and several of you will die along with me, While others will just run away, now those are truly the smart ones. Fuck, shit, I mean ****(Beep) ****(beep), where the ****(beep) did the kid run off to."

From within the mask a blue hue shines past the eye holes as he begins straightening his tie. 

"Now viewers know that what you are about to read is not for the faint hearted so you have been warned, and no animals or creatures were subjected to abuse of injury within this recording. Now that I'm legally covered, let's go and beat some animals, or give them some tough love, whatever helps you sleep at night."

Turning around the narrator lets a light chuckle escape.

"Ah I love my job. *cough cough*

Some steps away from your beloved and magnificent narrator a wolf cub is pouncing left and right enjoying his youth. A playful thing chasing a sad grasshopper. Now some may call it a heroic act protecting the weak, while others may call it an abuse of power stopping a powerless cub. I call it amusement. To act is to accept one's consequences and I accept this form of entertainment. I mean…. The cub senses danger but can't seem to understand why. With a swipe of the hand, I grasp the cub by its nape. 

"Why are you shaking little thing, don't be afraid I'm not gonna hurt you. Take me to the little girl that wanders the forest and I'll let you go. Fail me and I'll, what will I do? Throw you off a cliff, castrate you, I don't even know what you are. We'll figure it out when we get there. They say never spoil a surprise. Hehe. Of course I'm just joking, how cold hearted do you think i could be, but then again this is only the first chapter you will figure it out soon enough." 

 Looking into the cubs eye's the narrator mumbles an incantation.

"Sa L@AO M@% #$%@" then with a kiss to the creature's forehead, memories begin flowing into the narrators as passing images. Soon the cub falls asleep and the spell ends. 

"Yes the cub is fine just exhausted from its inner energy being suddenly siphoned into another in the form of memories. This internal energy can be seen as the residue of one life force, a power gained from one's own being and the product of their existence. Not many know how to use it but it is a great tool all use unconsciously….. Ah seems like my time is up, hope to see you again in the next chapter, don't worry i'll find this child before then."