Chapter 7:

Chapter 6: Heodia and the Unknown Memories - The Fall of Touimai (Part 5)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Colonel Yashki gave the order for the tanks to open fire at 7 am sharp. All 3,000 tanks with their 14,000mm main guns (14m) and fired hell on the remaining forces of the UWC, and the citizens of Touimai with their 28cm explosive shells. It was early morning, so most of the citizens of Touimai were resting or asleep so they were lucky. Pershing without even noticing. The tanks fired 5 times (depending on how you count the firing), leaving around 40,000 total dead.Bookmark here

Over 30,000 soldiers of the SEA army soon flooded all gates of East Touimai by 8 am after the hour-long shelling and followed by them at 8:10 am, were combat robots. These robots varied from tiny 45 cm robots to massive 17m robots, used for destroying enemy defences. The tanks stayed behind as 'artillery'. The soldiers were met with intense fighting with the local population and the remaining forces of the UWC which raged on for over 2 hours. Bookmark here

By 10:25 AM, most defences of the UWC have been destroyed and leaving over 1,800 UWC soldiers dead and nearly 10,000 militia dead. And by 10:37 AM, it was confirmed that East Touimai has been captured by the SEA. Large offensive attacks by the local population and the remaining UWC made an effort to hold or even push back the invaders, but they were all in vain as a further 30,000 - 60,000 civilians (with militia) were killed after the battle ended by soldiers. 
'Bloody Organa' was the name given to these mass murders. Bookmark here

At 11 AM, after the capture of East Touimai, Majors and Lieutenant Colonels under the command of Colonel Yaishki moved to North Touimai. 
No mercy was given to anyone who resisted their path. The casualties up to now were low since almost no one lives in Eastern Touimai. Only around 4% of the 2.4 million (Around 96,000 people) citizens of Touimai lived in Eastern Touimai.Bookmark here

And since Northern Touimai held nearly 45% of all citizens of Touimai (1.08 million people), but less than 3,000 people in the entire city had any form of working firearm, and fighting against 27,000 combat-ready troops, equipped with high tech gear, a massive massacre was about to happen.Bookmark here

And it did. Though I did not name it, history called it 'Inocaemisa'.   Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

....Bookmark here

Shit! I didn't think they could surround the city this fast! 
As I and the android were about to escape Touimai from the Western Gate, I spotted moving objects in the distance. I asked the android if she has any form of magnifying to confirm what the moving objects were. Bookmark here

To my surprise, she had a built-in telescope eye that can both take pictures and videos in 4K resolution, and up to 200 times zoom with almost perfect quality. Bookmark here

It's useful having an android with you sometimes I guess... but anyway, the object was what I thought it was. Humans. Or more likely soldiers, from the Entanian Alliance. Bookmark here

"Change of plans," I said to the android. "We got nowhere to go since troops from the SEA already surrounded the city. I don't know how they did it that fast but-" Bookmark here

Familiar sounds reached my eardrums. Sounding like thunder, but on a clear day, I instantly knew what it was. Bookmark here

"Artillery." I mumbled. Bookmark here

"Master?" Bookmark here

Getting up as fast as I can, grabbing the android's arm with me, I ran to the closest sturdy-looking shelter I could find.Bookmark here

Thundering sounds happened around me as I ran. And everything went up in flames seconds later. 
Gold, orange, red, white. Flashes of unknown memories went on in my mind. 
There was a woman who looked very much alive to the android was burning while protecting her baby in her arms. Other scenes are all similar to each other. A person was dying due to fire and everything around them was in flames. And in the sky, human-like creatures float and was watching the horror below them; looking amused. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, I stood there with a look of horror. Bookmark here

"Whose... memories are these?" I asked myself. Bookmark here

As more artillery shells hit the area around me, the more intense the memories went. Bookmark here

In the memory, a huge half-animal and half-human creature stood around 15m away from the view. It closed the distance in a flash, throwing tens of punches in a second, while also killing several bystanders close by. Bookmark here

Despite being a memory, I coughed up blood physically. Bookmark here

"Master, what's wrong? You look-" the android began but was cut off by huge pieces of concrete blocks and glass in free fall. Bookmark here

But I was still standing there, still coughing up blood and unable to move. Bookmark here

"Master watch out!" the android suddenly said. Right above me, was the biggest piece of rubble falling down. I was still unable to move. Bookmark here

The android covered me. Bookmark here

"Wait no!-" I desperately called out. By then, it was too late.Bookmark here

The rubble piece fell on top of us, but... I cannot remember what happened next, probably due to my memories being messed up with the unknown memories that popped into my mind forcibly.   Bookmark here

A red liquid, that looked like blood flowed out of the android's hairline. Bookmark here

This scene... looks like that one... what was the burning woman's name again? I'm pretty sure it was-Bookmark here

"Heodia." I said. "That's it. Your name is Heodia from now on!"  Bookmark here

"Heodia... I like it." She replied. Bookmark here

Giving a name to an android or any sort of high-tech machinery will give them personality and more free will; acting more human than ever before. And of course, the name you decide will affect the personality of the machine you are naming. Bookmark here

"You now okay master? You froze up and had a look of terror and horror on your face." Bookmark here

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm okay now. The fire has almost completely gone out so I should be fine now." Bookmark here

"Oh right, would you like me to not use 'Master' anymore?" Heodia asked me. Bookmark here

"I didn't think you'll remember but yes, please do." Bookmark here

"Alright then. So what should I call you instead?" Bookmark here

"Well, just use my name, Void." I replied. Bookmark here

Heodia made a thinking position. She was mumbling about something. Bookmark here

"Hey Heodia, can you finish your mumbling somewhere else? According to my knowledge, a modern-day army wouldn't fire just one round of artillery. I think they are reloading right now. We better move."  Bookmark here

"Kay~" she replied to my explanation. Bookmark here

Guess her personality changed a lot when I gave her a name. Maybe the original Heodia was like this.
I thought.Bookmark here

 "So are you ready to move?" I asked and looking back. " We better hurry and make it hopefully to North Touimai."Bookmark here

"Just gotta wipe off my 'blood' first and I'm good to go." Bookmark here

I thought that North Touimai was pretty safe even in current events. Oh, how wrong I could be. The worst massacre in history was about to happen, where I and Heodia were heading; North Touimai. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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