Chapter 36:

Omake Chapter: The Monochrome Fox Part I (Chapter 3.35)

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Omake Chapter: The Monochrome Fox Part I (Chapter 3.35)

“Hey Kasai, could you lend a hand?”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Kasai, do you have a moment?”


“W-Woah, dang it—”

“Don’t worry, I got you.”

Kasai had just gotten back from his 2-week long mission only to find that he was still needed. Left and right, the people who knew him asked for his help, whether it be fixing the electricity in their homes with a temporary volt of lighting chakra or something simple like carrying groceries. And if a call for help was heard, he’d be there just in the nick of time.

“P-put me down! I don’t need your help.”

“Sure you don’t,” Kasai said, letting his unofficial—pretty much official—girlfriend stand up for herself.

“Sheesh, I thought you were supposed to be out.” The girl in a pink qipao said while dusting off her clothes.

The girl in question went by the name Tenten—for some reason—and she was out at the training grounds practicing her Fūinjutsu ninja tool techniques. She’d been trying to perfect this aerial strike that would rain weapons down on her opponent, and if they magically survived, she had wires attached to them as a surprise attack. Sadly, it was still in the theory stage, and Tenten tended to miscalculate her airtime leading her to plummet into the dirt, except this time, Kasai was there to catch her.

“You’d be right to think that,” Kasai said with a growing smirk. “Since I told you when I was leaving.”

“Uh-huh. So why are you here again? Mr. Stalker.” Tenten said, picking up and resealing her weapons.

“Funny since I’m sure if I was stalking you.” Kasai appeared in front of her with three scrolls of sealed ninja tools. “You wouldn’t know.”

Tenten’s eyes widened at how fast Kasai had resealed her weapons, but she wasn’t going to complain as that saved her time. Yet her taking the scrolls without a word was enough for Kasai to be happy. As he knew she found the feats he could perform to be amazing.

“So…” Tenten said, getting back in position while Kasai gave her some space.

“So what?”

“Did you bring me back anything?”

“I was supposed to bring you back something?”

“Kasai… I’m sure you know I don’t miss.” Tenten eyed Kasai as she did various hand signs.

“But you miss me all the time.”

“That’s because I’ve never thrown a shuriken at you for real,” Tenten said as the five scrolls around her shot upward in a cloud of smoke. Each unrolling to the point they looked like the tails of a: Five-Headed Rising Hydra!

Tenten jumped in between the scrolls and in quick succession, unsealed and threw various ninja tools from kunai to… was that a fucking mallet? Regardless she aimed at the multiple practice dummies striking them from their heads to their feet, never missing a mark.

Kasai watched on impressed, but when Tenten went to pull some of the tools back with her wires, he saw the flaw in her strategy. Controlling wired kunai, let alone other ninja tools took a certain level of physical mastery and chakra control to pull off. And with that many ninja tools, each of a different caliber, Tenten stood no chance of succeeding as she plummeted towards the ground like a dragon with clipped wings.

I guess this is the best time to surprise her. Kasai thought to himself as he pulled out a large foldable shuriken he had gotten while he was out. With a flick of his wrist, all the blades gathered on top of one another to form a quad-bladed sword that reminded Kasai of claws. Lightning Cloak 10%.

Kasai dashed forward, slashing through the wires that pulled Tenten down, then leaped into the air to catch her. He stared down at her with mismatched colored eyes where only Tenten’s face burned with the color red was her response of gratitude to him. Which was all Kasai needed to smile as he let her stand up.

“So, what’d you think?” Kasai said, opening and closing the four large blades of the shuriken.

“Well with a tool like that, I would’ve just thrown it.”

“Good grief,” Kasai said, shaking his head. “I mean your present. You said you always wanted one.”

Tenten’s eyes widened as Kasai tossed the shuriken to her. In her hands, she felt the craftsmanship, the care placed into making the weapon, and as she unfurled it, the name: Kotarō Fūma, the wind demon, was written on it. A sign that this Demon Wind Shuriken was one of the originals made for the legendary shinobi Kotarō.

“H-how did you get something like this?” Tenten said before jumping into Kasai with a hug.

“I know a guy,” Kasai said, making sure not to get stabbed by the giant blade.

“You know a guy?” Tenten sighed and pulled away from Kasai. “A guy who’ll just give you an original Fūma Shuriken?”

“He was a special guy.”

“You know that ego of yours hasn’t changed even after we graduated from the academy. And somehow it’s worse than Neij’s.”

“That’s because my dear cousin has someone to keep his ego in check.”

“And let me guess it’s you?”

Kasai laughed at that one. “You’re not wrong, but I was referring to himself and his belief in fate.”

“I could’ve sworn you believed in the same thing,” Tenten said, placing the Demon Wind Shuriken on her back.

“I believe in destiny.”

Tenten and Kasai stared at each other for a moment until Tenten’s grey eyes narrowed. For once, Kasai stopped smirking as the present he just gave her was sent spinning towards him. With a sidestep, the blade narrowly missed.

“See I told you, you missed me—”

“I don’t miss!” Tenten said with a smirk of her own as the blade came spinning back to her.

Not even Kasai could do that, and he had it for a week. In the mere moment of picking up the weapon, Tenten had already figured out how to use it. If only she had greater chakra control, Kasai could’ve seen her surpassing Tsunade as the greatest Leaf kunoichi. Yet that didn’t stop Tenten from trying as she caught the Demon Wind Shuriken having it go around Kasai.

“Now do you believe me?” Tenten said, walking up to a shocked Kasai with a smirk.

It took a moment for Kasai to recover his cool demeanor as he wiped off the sweat he swears wasn’t on his brow. Yet when he did, he pulled Tenten close.

This time she lost her cool to his surprise attack and was too tired from training to fight back, deciding to let what was going to happen, happen. Her heart beating out of her chest in anticipation of is he finally going to do it?

Only for Kasai to stop right before their lips met. “You know, I like being proved wrong.”

He then pulled away, letting the lingering sensation of her shivering body mixed with fear and excitement fill his heart as he decided that now wasn’t the time. But Kasai still asked her the all too important question. “Do you have anything planned for tonight?”


“How about I just drop by your house later today, and if you’re there, we can go out somewhere.”

“S-sure no problem Kasai…” Tenten then slapped her cheeks to pull herself together. “I might leave you waiting for a long time.”

“That’s fine with me. Though I doubt I’m destined to wait for long.” Kasai said, giving her one final glance before disappearing in a cloud of mist.

“Dang it, you know me too well,” Tenten muttered, then noticed that the area was cleaned up with all of her scrolls sealed tight and the training dummies fixed. “Sheesh, is this his way of telling me to hurry up?”


Dashing through the trees, Kasai thought about what Tenten said about destiny and fate being the same thing. And she wasn’t wrong in that assumption. It was just to Kasai destiny was something he was meant to do, leading to an overall positive result. While fate was just too negative, like he was cursed or something. Like how that Fūma ninja was fated to die by his hand because Tenten was destined to receive a great gift.

The Fūma clan was supposed to be a part of the Hidden Leaf Village, yet this ninja wasn’t for a reason Kasai didn’t care to know. The man stood tall wearing a green flak jack in the rain, armed with the large foldable shuriken. Team K was sent out to quell a minor village that went against the Fire Daimyo’s wishes which to Danzō caused trouble for the Hidden Leaf.

“Fox, deal with this guy while I hunt down the stragglers,” Kai said already in his human beast transformation with Kabura. Even through the rain, he could tell there were about 30 villagers of various ages running away and knew they’d never escape him.

“And I assume I’m the one flattening the town?” Kurai said, unwrapping a cherry lollipop and popping it into his mouth.

“Yes, Danzō doesn’t want this place to exist.”

Kurai and Kasai didn’t need to see Kai’s face behind his wolf mask to tell he was serious. It was their job to keep the peace no matter the cost, yet Kurai felt the need to complain knowing full well it was pointless.

“What a drag.” Kurai sighed, letting the rain pour onto his raven mask as he stared up at the grey clouds. “You know, I thought I was going to surpass Minato, but here I am killing civilians. Where did we go wrong?”

“You should listen to your friend there. You’ll never be even close to the hero that was the Fourth if you keep—”

Kasai interrupted the Fūma ninja with a palm strike to his chest that sent him stumbling backwards.

“Speak for yourself,” Kasai said, giving a sideways glance to Kurai. “Everything that I do. And everything I will do is a part of my destiny to be the hero of the Hidden Leaf.”

Kasai turned back to the Fūma ninja, whose name he still doesn’t remember, with a smirk that could be seen even behind the fox mask. “And if I have to kill those foolish enough to think they could do whatever the hell this is and get away with it, then—”

Kasai drew the tanto from his back and deflected one of the Demon Wind Shuriken aimed at him. A glow of red came from his mask as he continued to slash and dodge the onslaught of cloned shuriken. Each one that came, even if hidden behind another, Kasai saw it all. Immersing the area in the sound of metal clashing.

Without fear, Kasai pressed on. Even if the ninja was older and more experienced, Kasai just knew he wouldn’t lose, not even as an unlucky strike of lighting—A 1 in a million chance—came barreling down with the boom of thunder. Kasai only heard the chirping of birds as he said the words. “Chidori!”

Slicing through the rain—the pain—Kasai met his mark, ripping a hole through the man’s chest. Kasai’s mask cracked open, revealing a red streak of hair and the smile he carried, unfazed by the glow that faded from his opponent’s eyes.

“—They were destined to die.”


Before sundown, Kasai arrived at the Root underground facility for Team K’s meeting with Root’s treasurer code named: Vulture. He was an older Root agent who had been around since Kakashi’s time in the ANBU. As the Root’s treasurer, every team had to meet with him after a mission’s completion; Team K was always a hassle to deal with.

“You’re late,” Vulture said, writing on his clipboard. “Five minutes, to be exact.”

Kasai was about to take a seat at the desk next to Kai but decided against it after hearing that. “And you still haven’t started, so I’m right on time.”

“Wasting my and your team’s time costs money. Danzō’s money.” Vulture didn’t look up from his clipboard as he jotted things down. Which annoyed Kasai to no end for the obvious disrespect.

“If it cost so much money, then why are you wasting my time calling us all here. When you could have easily just had one of us.” Kasai said, leaning onto the chair with a smirk hidden behind his fox mask.

“I see why your simple mission took two weeks Wolf,” Vulture said, finally looking up only to acknowledge Kai, who hadn’t said a word.

“You can try all the petty insults you want Vulture, but you still haven’t answered me. Why am I here?” Kasai took a step forward, but a growl from Kabura made him stop.

“You’re here because I asked. You three may be Danzō’s favorite little lambs, but that won’t last long, especially with all the slipups.”


For once, Kasai was interested in what the vulture had to say. Since as far as he knew, Team K had an outstanding performance ever since they had been fully integrated into the Root branch. Like the only missions he could think they failed were simple D rank missions, which Kasai refused to participate in.

“Oh, you don’t know?” Vulture chuckled as he stared Kasai down. Kasai couldn’t see his eyes but knew they were dead without a single speck of life within them. “According to Wolf’s report, you were impaired during the fight against a Chūnin Fūma ninja.”

“You told him?” Kasai shot his silent teammate a look.

“I followed orders,” Kai said, paying Kasai no mind.

“Orders or not, that’s low.”

“Quit it Kasai. You know Kai mentioned the part that it was the bolt of lightning that injured you.” Kurai said, finally joining the conversation once he bit through his lollipop.

“And that’s another strike.” Vulture jotted something down on his clipboard. “Not using codenames.”

“Oh, shut the hell up Kido Tsumiki. Kasai’s been right from the start. This is a complete waste of all of our time. Time I don’t feel like wasting anymore of. I’m still trying to expand the mass of my Rasengan, and I can’t do that unless I’m in an open field. This cramped 8 by 8 cubicle is completely undesirable.”

The room went silent for a while from Kurai’s outburst, and it wasn’t because he insulted Vulture or because of his wish to train but rather because—

“How do you know my name?” Kido said, unable to hide the shock in his voice.

People in the Root didn’t really know each other besides the maskless, their own team, or Danzō. This kept the group hidden and enabled the use of code names, but Kurai had circumvented the rule.

“The same way, I know that we’re really here to discuss the fact that Kai had almost lost to Yuki Uchiha, luckily saved by Sui. All due to him falling for a stupid insult. Kasai had brought back evidence of the dead Fūma ninja because he thought that it would be a cool gift to Tenten. I have eyes and ears everywhere too—”

Kasai stuck a lollipop into Kurai’s mouth. “Well that’s enough of that.”

“W-What was that?” Kido said, still shocked.

“That is what happens when you get the real Raven and not a clone,” Kasai smirked behind his mask. “But you ordered him to come in person from now on.”

“And if you didn’t give him the… lollipop?”

“He’d keep running his mouth,” Kasai said, patting a now docile Kurai on his head as he was no longer paying attention to the conversation.


“All of our secrets are in the air,” Kai muttered with a bark from Kabura.

“We tried to warn you, Kido Tsumiki,” Kasai said, laughing as knowing one’s name with their access to information meant he could easily figure out Kido’s life story.

“Fine, I understand. I’ll keep the meetings brief from now on, but only if you come in on time.” Kido said, jotting down a final note.

“Sorry, I don’t do compromises.” Kasai finally took a seat next to Kai. “But I would appreciate shorter meetings.”


After dealing with that, Kasai got back into his casual white and black open jacket in preparation for his date. And I say date because Kasai just knew when he arrived at Tenten’s house and knocked on her door, she’d come bursting out of her house.

“Alright. Mom, dad. I’m leaving!”

Before her parents could even respond, Tenten closed the door behind her. She definitely did not want anything to ruin her date, and her parents were on the top of the list of problems. Especially since they were civilians, they wouldn’t be able to hide their excitement to see Tenten growing up. Honestly, I’m jealous. Yet anyone would be when a tomboy who was well known as a ninja tool nut dressed up like a girl for once. Wearing a long white and red qipao covered in dragon accents.

“Wow,” Kasai said, simply stunned. “You didn’t have to go all out.”

“Th-this is nothing. It’s pretty much what I always wear, just no pants—”



“You probably shouldn’t mention that to a guy,” Kasai said, seemingly unfazed about the comment but—for some reason—stopped making eye contact with Tenten, whose face was filled with embarrassment.

“I-I’m wearing shorts! And it’s supposed to be a one-piece….” Tenten pulled at her dress which was slightly longer than her knees.

“Oh I believe you. I just didn’t expect you to wear something like this.”

“What’s that supposed to mean. I’m a girl you know. I can dress up.” Tenten said while Kasai was laughing.

“I know you are which is why—” Kasai held out a small, long box. “I got you a gift.”

“Another one? You didn’t have to Kasai. I have enough ninja tools.”

“Good thing that’s not what those are.”

Tenten was now confused since if the box didn’t contain kunai, what did he get her? Honestly, not even her own family got her gifts besides ninja tools except her mom, who was the one that picked out Tenten’s current outfit. Yet that was because she wanted Tenten to be her perfect little dainty daughter. Which Tenten obviously couldn’t be anything close to the word dainty. But as she opened the box, anyone with eyes could have seen the hearts that fluttered around her.

“So what do you think?” Kasai said with a knowing smirk.

“How did you know?”

“I’m pretty observant.”

“You’re a stalker aren’t you.”

I mean, I very clearly remember Kasai saying something along the lines of Tenten not being able to notice if she was being stalked by Kasai. But that was besides the point. Tenten’s gift was a Ji—not the military one—but rather a slim golden hairpin made to keep a hair bun in place. Something that Tenten could desperately use more of as she liked the style, but a good Ji was expensive.

“You don’t approve of the gift?” Kasai said with a slight hand wave. “Your mom seems to approve.”

Tenten turned around and, staring through the window, was indeed her mom—whose name is irrelevant right now—clapping with a nod of approval at the gift. Frustrated, happy, and confused, Tenten grabbed Kasai’s arm and pulled him away in a desperate attempt to have some control again.


Since it was graduating week for the Ninja Academy, there were many more young teens walking around the village at night. So for that moment, Kasai and Tenten looked less like two ninja prepped for battle but rather a couple that was just enjoying their free time together. Truth be told, they passed by a group of 10 ninja about their age, but neither party recognized the other. As Kasai was too concerned with showing Tenten a good time, who was smiling nonstop with the two-gold floral Ji sticking out of her hair buns.

“So what do you have planned next, you crafty fox,” Tenten said, laughing as Kasai had a kitsune mask on his hip. Tenten had won it in a game of darts, and well, she doesn’t miss.

“You know it’s cheating to participate in civilian games as a ninja.”

“Says who? That merchant only specified that male ninja couldn’t do it.” Tenten furrowed her brow at the mere thought of the slimy bastard. “That’s what his ego deserves.”

“To be crushed? What about my ego?”

“Oh you, you’ll get yours someday; everyone whose overconfident will get shown up one day.”

“Really, so when will that be for you.”

Tenten smirked. “Never. I work too hard.”

“And I don’t?”

“Where do you find time to train when I always see you helping someone else.”

Tenten had a point, just not that it got in the way of Kasai’s training but rather something more important, but that didn’t matter as Kasai grabbed her hand.

“We’re here,” Kasai said, stopping in front of the Leaf’s Dango Shop. A place that sold an assortment of dumplings—basically dough filled with meat, fish, vegetables, etc—and having been out for a while, Kasai heard Tenten’s stomach calling for attention for the last 30 minutes or so, which called for a food stop.

“Ok, now I know you’re stalking me.”

“Or you talk about dango all the time.”

“I-I do not,” Tenten said as her stomach growled approvingly of the destination.

“Sure you don’t.” Kasai walked over and held the curtains open. “After you—”

“Dynamic Entry!”

Kasai shifted his head back as a boy in a green jumpsuit came flying out of the store leading with a kick. Tenten also dodged the attack and watched the boy smash through the tree behind them. Eventually stopping, the boy with insane eyebrows and a bowl cut smiled, giving a bandaged thumbs up.

“Good to see you’re still in top form.”

“Or shouting out your attack makes it easy to avoid?” Kasai said, shaking his head. I felt him on that. Some ninja just didn’t know that surprise attacks should probably be quiet.

“Then that only means I must train harder to move even faster—Oh hey Tenten.”

“Lee!!!” Tenten may have been in a dress for a change, but she was still a ninja and armed with two scrolls; she flung them out and then did a hand sign. “Unsealing Bladestorm Jutsu!”

Multiple volleys of kunai shot from the scrolls, all aimed for Lee, who—with extreme Taijutsu capabilities—knocked away the first wave and then the second wave with quick jabs that could only be seen by someone with a Sharingan. He continued until they were all laid on the ground giving Lee the chance to wipe the sweat off his bushy brows.

“Thanks for the workout Tenten. Good to see you embodying Guy-sensei words of ‘Be prepared for anything.’ But Kasai, why are you pointing down—Oh.”

As Lee looked down, the threads attached to the scattered kunai were revealed when Tenten pulled on them. Of the fifty or so kunai that laid on the ground, about twenty of them had wires that immediately wrapped around Lee, restraining him. Tenten huffed and puffed as she stomped towards her ridiculous teammate.

“Rock… Lee… Do you have any idea what you’ve done…”

“I greeted my eternal rival Kasai.”

“I thought that was Neiji?” Kasai said, deciding to take part in whatever the hell this was.

“Neji is my on-team rival. You are my off-team rival.”

Kasai facepalmed, wishing he hadn’t asked. “That doesn’t make much sense.”

“Well Guy-sensei said it is good to have someone you can—”

Tenten tightened on the wires shutting Lee up. “That doesn’t matter right now! Lee, you’re ruining my date! You might not get it, but this is important to me.”

“More important than training?”


“I see.”

Rock Lee nodded, which made Tenten relax her hold onto him as she turned to Kasai. Even after all of that, Tenten managed to put on a smile and quickly fixed her hair to look practically as good as before Rock Lee interrupted them. Then she gripped Kasai’s hand.

“Let’s go,” Tenten said, walking with Kasai in tow.

“Sure.” Kasai followed Tenten’s lead and did a slight wave back. “See ya Lee.”


They both stopped in place as Rock Lee appeared in front of them.

“If it is more important than training. I want to join too!”

“You idiot, that’s not how dates work.”

Tenten couldn’t believe Lee. She knew he was clueless but didn’t know he was that clueless. Yet as Rock Lee bowed his head, saying the words: “Please. I beg of you!” With such pure ignorance, Tenten could only think to herself. Oh, why couldn’t she be given a team where her sensei and teammate weren’t blockheads.

“Fine. Fine. If Kasai is ok with it, then I don’t mind.”

“The more, the merrier…” Kasai shrugged his shoulders. “I guess.”

“Thank you very much!” Rock Lee dove towards both of them, presumably for a group hug but—

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Tenten and Kasai said, shutting Rock Lee down midair, followed by them walking around Rock Lee into the Dango Shop.


Kasai immensely regretted allowing Rock Lee to participate in his date with Tenten, which was less of a date and more like a class on explaining what did not count as a date. Tenten couldn’t even enjoy her favorite treat, Goma Dango, which were these three chewy rice balls covered in a sesame paste, making it both salty and sweet because of Rock Lee’s nonstop need to question what was the point. Or if it was some secret to getting stronger when Kasai decided to try and feed Tenten one of the dango. Rock Lee tried doing the same thing only to be rejected and ruin the whole moment.

Suffice to say, Kasai only gave me the rundown as he didn’t even enjoy recalling the moment to which I told him, “Don’t you like the unexpected.” To which he replied with silence ignoring me for a time.

“So that was a date.” Rock Lee said with a smile as he held a bag filled with leftover dango.

“I’d call that a lot of things.” Tenten stared at the fact that Lee was walking in between her and Kasai. “Date wouldn’t be one of them.”

Kasai opened his wallet only to see flies dart out. “Yeah… Rock Lee… Don’t you have someplace to be?”

Rock Lee stopped moving as he realized how late it was getting, and he needed to wake up bright and early if he was going to train with Guy-sensei. “Thank you for the reminder Kasai. I shall be parting ways with you two now. Please do invite me again for another one of these dates.”


“Definitely not.”

Rock Lee obliviously ignored the two as, in his mind, things went as if he was the main character, so much so that he practically heard Tenten and Kasai beg him to stay. Yet he could not, for rest was as important as action. A balanced lifestyle was one of the notes he had written, so he planned on achieving it with all his might! So Rock Lee left with a quick ninja jump into the trees. Leaving Kasai and Tenten alone.

“Sheesh, I thought he’d never leave,” Tenten said as they approached her house’s door. “I’m sorry he ruined our time out.”

“It’s cool. I learned something new thanks to him.”

“And what’s that?”

“That you considered our time out to be a date.”

“Well…” Tenten’s cheeks became flushed with red. “You did ask to go out, and it wasn’t to train. What else was I supposed to think.”

“I made it easy to guess huh.”

Tenten let out a soft chuckle. “You did.”

Things may not have gone as planned, and fate had a weird way of doing things, but as Kasai expected, things just worked out in the end. The moon was high, and its light showered the two in silver. The moment present was better than in the forest, and even Tenten felt it as they leaned into each other. Kasai had held back for a long time, but finally, he was thinking of committing to a relationship, something that went outside the scope of his own destiny. Yet moments away from sealing the deal, they both felt a presence as a flash of light caught the corner of both their eyes. The flash of a camera.

“I just can’t have nice things,” Tenten mumbled as she saw her parents trying to be ninja as they snapped photos through the window.

“We can always try again another time?”

“Same time tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Kasai said with a slight chuckle. She really wanted this to work out. “I don’t have anything planned.”

“Great! See you tomorrow Kasai.”

“Night Tenten.”

Kasai simply waved as Tenten walked back into her home, where he heard her yell how embarrassing it was to have her parents eavesdropping. Which was something we both were envious of even as a passing cloud blocked the moon, darkening the street.

Kasai, with his fox mask on, appeared above an eavesdropper, his kunai out, only to be met with a clang! As their blades clashed. The sparks that flew showed Kasai that the one in question was a boy in purple named Yuki Uchiha, target named Joker.

“To think the kid who insulted my teammate was also an eavesdropper.” Kasai hopped back, sheathing his kunai, gauging how aware the kid was as Kasai made sure to let his intent be known. If he really was a joke, then he’d die right then and there. But Kasai smiled as Joker’s eyes became red. So it wasn’t a fluke. He has control over them. “Good.”

Kasai dashed towards him with his own Sharingan active, watching as Joker prepped a fireball Jutsu. The hand signs are right but way too slow. Disappointing. Kasai shook his head as he ran circles around this joke who Danzō had high hopes for. Mostly misplaced hopes as this couldn’t even be considered a warm-up. The only thing that joke managed to do was give Kasai a laugh as Kasai stuck his hands into his pockets away from the child that still fumbled around with his fireball.

“You still need both hands to do a Fireball Jutsu? Sad.” Kasai didn’t even want to look at the waste of space. To think Danzō compared him to me. Disrespectful. “You know I heard the stories about the genius Uchiha, Itachi. With how they speak of you, I thought, ‘well, maybe you’d be close enough.’ Turns out the Joke of the Uchiha is just that. A joke.”

“Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! You talk too damn much.”

A bright orange ball of fire came burning towards Kasai, who was at the very least impressed by the purity of the fire that joke used. But if he thought that would land, he’s not only a joke but a fool as well! Kasai easily dodged the attack with a flicker of his chakra cloak and kicked Joker in his stomach, sending him flying into the fence line. Only to stop him before he crashed through with a grab at his throat.

“No hesitation. Even against a member of your own village. Maybe you are ANBU material.” Kasai said, holding a kunai against the Joker’s eyes.

For a moment, a thought ran through his mind of how useless that joke would be without them. Yet that moment passed, as did the clouds lighting them both up. To where he noticed dangling from Joker’s hand was an eyepatch. Kasai shook his head before dropping the Joker onto the ground. To think he held onto it even as he fought me. Definitely an idiot.

Kasai watched as Joker coughed and spat on the ground, realizing that it was time to take his leave. He didn’t want to be the one blamed for arson, but before leaving, he made sure to make his intentions known. “Oh, and Yuki, before I go. If you ever insult my friend like that again. I don’t care what the orders are. I’ll kill you.”

“Ha… Who knew Kai needed a babysitter?”

“You’re right. I do baby them too much.” Kasai laughed as he thought of how often he went out of the way for them, but this moment was just another one of fate’s calls. “I’ll see about working on that. Ciao.”

Kasai then performed the hand signs Ox → Snake → Ram. Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu! Covering his tracks in mist as he left the area. Excited for his date tomorrow, hoping it would top todays. Long story short, it didn’t.

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