Chapter 37:

Omake Chapter: The Red Comet Part I (Chapter 4.35)

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Omake Chapter: The Red Comet Part I (Chapter 4.35)

Alright, let’s try this once more. I open my hand, gather my chakra. Rotate it counterclockwise and—Woah!

The orange chakra sprang forth, spiraling out of control until it started to reel back in, forming the shape of a palm-sized ball.

“The volume and density seem ok.”

“So does the rotational force.”

“Now, who wants to test it out?”

Kurai asked one of his many clones that were hanging out in their tiny outpost he called a lab. It was practically a one-person tent with a bunch of scattered crates filled with things from important scrolls to lollipops. And thanks to the towering trees above, the place was practically a makeshift hideout even though it was out in the open. Danzō had given Kurai special permission to be out there since he needed the space, not to mention outsiders were a drag for him to deal with. The peace and quiet of the outdoors and—

“Stop chasing me!” A Kurai said, running from another Kurai who had a Rasengan in his hand.

“I gotta test it out.” Kurai number 1 said.

“Use a tree! Not me!” Kurai number 7 screamed.

“Moving targets are the best way to get accurate results. Just stand still. We can reform you later.” Kurai number 1 said, clearly not caring that he was about to wipe himself from existence.

“Wouldn’t standing still defeat the purpose?” Kurai number 6 said, watching the two run around the base.

“Now that you mention it.” Kurai number 1 said as he stopped in place. “It probably does but trying to catch myself is nigh impossible.”

“Why don’t you just use the Flying Raijin—”

“You shut your god damn mouth, Number 9,” Kurai number 7 said, holding onto Kurai number 9’s mouth. “You shouldn’t even be here? Why is he here? Who brought this guy here?”

“I did.” Kurai number 3 said as he created a clone of himself. “You’re Number 36. Don’t forget your number, alright.”

Kurai number 36 nodded as he went off to do whatever Kurai number 36 was supposed to do.

“You’re still making clones!” Kurai number 7 screamed.

“Well duh, it’s my job. I got to make sure supply is kept up with demand.” Kurai number 3 said, making another clone of himself. “Hey, number 27, how was fighting number 4?”

“He-he’s a monster—”

The ground shook as if there was an earthquake and a couple of Kurais scrambled to keep things in the base safe from falling debris.

“So I’m told.” Kurai number 3 said with a smile as he waved. “Good luck out there.”

Kurai number 27 sighed as he teleported off to face Kurai number 4.

“Wait, why is number 4 out?” Kurai Number 7 continued. “Who the hell let him out? I thought we were theory-crafting, not mock battles?”

“Who do you think gave the order.” Another Kurai said, stepping into the scene with a lollipop in his mouth.

“Oh no, not this guy.” Kurai number 7 groaned.

“You know, instead of insulting Number 2, you should probably duck.” Kurai number 3 said, pointing behind them.

“Why—” Both Kurai number 7 and Kurai number 9 said before turning into smoke as a Rasengan drilled through them.

“You know Number 3… You shouldn’t warn them.” Kurai number 2 said, watching as Kurai number 3 sighed.

“Easy for you to say, I have to make them, and number 7 is a pain since I know he’s going to complain to me about why he wasn’t made sooner and what a drag that is. Also, is that one of the original’s lollipops?”

“No…” Kurai number 2 said, looking away. “It’s a clone of one.”

“I can assure you that’s not possible.” The Kurai number 1 said, staring at the lollipop. No one seemed to bat an eye that he just killed two clones of himself but then again, I have no idea what’s going on.

“Number 1, go somewhere else. I’m busy having an actual conversation that doesn’t concern the likes of you—”

Kurai number 2 stopped talking as Number 4 appeared in a flash of red and blew away Number 1 with a Rasengan to the chest.

“Nuh-number 4, why are you here?”

“Got bored, and Number 3 took too long to bring the others back. Thought that maybe someone was distracting him. Turns out it was you.” Kurai number 4 said with a killer gleam in his green eyes as he began making a Rasengan by molding the shape with his other hand.

“Shouldn’t you be using the new method?” Kurai number 2 said as he created a clone named Number 2.5, who molded the Rasengan for him.

I’m not kidding. The guy has a list of numbers for all of his clones, and the .5 lines are the clones of a clone that doesn’t come from Kurai clone number 3. I-I really want to kill him. But back on topic.

“Too complicated. This way is much faster!” Kurai number 4 said charging number 2.

“God damn it. You’re ruining my snack break.” Kurai number 2 and 2.5 both ran together with a larger Rasengan in hand. “You can’t win against the both of us.”

“Like hell, I can’t. Did you forget I’m the Red Comet! Rasengan!

Another Rasengan formed in Kurai number 4’s free hand as h tried out the new method of forming a Rasengan without the need of a helping hand. And both met Kurai number 2’s Rasengan, where the two opposing orbs of red chakra collided, kicking up dirt and grass.

Kurai number 3 watched the display of force and immediately knew he had better get the original or else the base would be destroyed. So, taking out a trident-shaped kunai, he stabbed himself and poofed into a cloud of smoke.

Immediately taking his place was the real Kurai—I think—as he went into his pocket to find that the lollipop he stashed there was missing. “Man, I can’t take a break for five minutes without the entire command structure falling apart. And being robbed by myself is a low even I wasn’t expecting. What a drag.”

Kurai did a couple of hand signs, and soon enough, twenty shadow clones of him appeared. “Half of you handle the evacuation. While the other half, take mental notes. I’m going to go find us a new spot.”

“Got it!” All the Kurais said as they ran off in various directions.

And soon enough, the three Rasengans colliding together created a chain reactive bang that blew apart the small encampment and the surrounding forestry. It was safe to say that the idea of two Rasengans clashing wasn’t thought of—let alone 3—especially by the Fourth Hokage, so Kurai didn’t expect the blowback.

On one hand, he had expected the equal forces to collide and explode as that made the most sense. Or for one to overpower the other, wiping his clone. But what happened exceeded his expectations. Yes, he was right that one would absorb the other since they were just balls of chakra—his own chakra, mind you—and that forced both of his clones to have partial control over a much larger Rasengan, something they couldn’t stabilize.

Basically, the three Rasengans merged, created a really big one, and went out of control. Splitting back into much smaller ones turning the place into a big bang battleground. Sorry, but I wasn’t going to sit here and try to figure out the nonsense that Kurai described.

“That was… happily unexpected,” Kurai said, lying flat on his back as he had received the information of about 30+ versions of himself dying. “Man, am I tired.”

Kurai closed his eyes while lying in one of the craters. He’d been working nonstop since the moment he returned from his mission. He was always a hard worker, so it wasn’t a problem for him to pull all-nighters and keep going until his body collapsed, but after approximately five seconds of peace, he heard a voice.

“Get up.” They said.


Kurai opened his eyes, realizing there was more work to be done. Inside of his pocket, he pulled out a backup lollipop, One red like his hair and popped it in his mouth then bit through it. With a crack, Kurai got on his hands and knees, wanting to throw up.

The taste was so disgusting, like biting into a pill instead of swallowing it whole. He hated those things, but without them, he’d burn out. And he couldn’t, not yet. He still had so much to do where if he stalled, it meant more would die, and his head couldn’t take any more residents. Thankfully he felt the warm embrace of hands calming him down, and he was able to stand up.

“Nice chains you got there, Trash.”

“Chains?” Kurai said, staring up at a girl with red hair like his.

“So you caused all of this damage without even being able to see.” The red-haired girl laughed. “And Danzō said something about you guys being the best the next generation has to offer.

The red-haired girl spat on the ground. “Nothing but trash littered around my feet. Enjoy hell filth!”

The girl pulled out a flute and began to play, but Kurai couldn’t make sense of it as he heard nothing. Though when a little monster with bandages on its face came at him from his side, Kurai figured it out as he dodged the monster’s claws. Then one of the hands that held onto Kurai shot forth and gripped the monster restraining it.

“So you can control those chains like arms. At least you’re not complete garbage.” The red-haired girl said as Kurai popped the Doki, sending it back to wherever it came from.

“To think even my own blood sees them as chains. Very interesting. Possibly concerning. Sad, really.” Kurai said as the ‘hands’ receded back into him. “Hey, can you not tell anyone you saw those? Danzō will be pretty pissed if he finds out I lost control like that. I’m supposed to be a raven, cool and calculating without emotions, the perfect tool. A tool like me can’t be losing control, especially since he’d probably throw me away if I broke.”

Kurai took out another lollipop—this time it was pink—and popped it into his mouth, slightly irritated that Number 2 took his blue one. Though his face didn’t show it as he put on his raven mask. “I’m sure a fellow Uzumaki could understand my plight.”

“First, don’t talk to me as if we’re related.” The red-haired girl then placed the flute to her lips as blood dripped down her hand. “And second, never compare yourself to me. Trash!

Two more little monsters appeared, lunging at Kurai from both sides, to which he simply sighed as two shadow clones appeared, grabbing hold of them. Seeing as she could play the flute and could summon Doki—demons for hell—Kurai summed up who that girl was. Another puppet, like himself, just with a different puppeteer. They were practically cousins.

“I’m glad to have finally met you, dear cousin. But you’re here quite early. Why is that? The Chunin exams aren’t for months. Or did Orochimaru grow impatient, so he sent one of the Sound Four to expedite things?”

The girl didn’t say a word. She just played her soundless flute, and the monsters opened their mouths where spectral chakra worms with razor teeth came out, drilling into the Kurai clones. And for some reason, the clones didn’t disappear; rather, they were chewed through piece by piece until all their chakra was gone.

“Th-that’s a little rude Tayuya. The least you could’ve done was let them disappear. I let your Doki live; why not let my clones?”

“Shut up! Stop talking! You fucking worm! Just die!” Tayuya blew into her flute, commanding her Doki to kill Kurai.

“Man, I wonder what the Fourth did when words didn’t work.” Kurai then bit through his lollipop, feeling the surge of chakra as he remembered the stories of his hero and rejected the bile that wanted to come out of him. “Oh right, he killed them.”

Kurai threw out three trident-shaped kunai, one to his left, one to his right, and one straight forward. The one that aimed for Tayuya was immediately knocked away by her flute. At the same time, the other two struck the Doki in their forehead, killing them instantly as the spectral worms couldn’t quite eat through the kunai. And instead of disappearing into smoke, the two Doki sunk into the ground, surrounded by bubbles of black blood-like tar. Kurai couldn’t help but think that he had finally found someone who may have had it worst than him—

“Wh-what is that sound.”

Kurai hadn’t heard music in decades. Things like that were luxuries for the peaceful, and most sounds bothered him. His head was already filled with noise, so adding more to the chorus disrupted the seal placed on him. The seal he placed on himself to keep more from coming in.

“It’s the sound of your end, scum,” Tayuya said, playing her flute. “Now sit there and die—”

“Turn it off!” Kurai appeared at the kunai beside her in a flash of red like a comet with chakra gathering around the palm of his hand. “Rasengan—

Kurai stopped moving, and his chakra dispelled in the wind. He was fully in Tayuya’s Genjutsu, but little did Tayuya know it was less of her Genjutsu and more of the fact that Kurai was trapped in his head. Something that he doesn’t even want to talk about.

I didn’t pry, for we all had our demons, but I hoped he’d eventually trust me enough to tell me. Though from the little I pieced together from our encounters and with how we found him that day, choking himself.

Well, I just hope he’s better now because Tayuya’s Genjutsu can’t make you harm yourself.

A/N: Heyo! ( ̄▽ ̄)/ T.K.月狐 here. So it’s been a long time, and I apologize for that been extremely busy lately, haha. Not to mention my beta reader never got back to me when this was first made the nerve of that guy. But yeah, this Omake will be the last one for a bit since I’ve been participating in a Web Novel writing contest hosted by HoneyFeed.

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