Chapter 21:


The Ballad of the School Hallways

While everyone was busy with the preparations for the Christmas parties of both students and teachers, Mister Ed, the school guard, watched the noon time entertainment show through his phone. It was his way of killing time for, aside from the mischievous students, everything was peaceful. The ‘interesting’ events, like robbery, or vandalism of school properties, often happen at nighttime. And, since it was halfway into afternoon, he had nothing else to do.

However, his attention was piqued when he noticed that a girl was standing outside the school gates. He knew she was not a student, for her red hair screamed that she’s a foreigner, backed up by the complexion of her skin. She also wore civilian clothing, as compared to the white blouses, and checkered teal-green skirts of the female students.


Mister Ed watched the foreigner first, as she tried to peek inside the school, as if looking for someone. Then, he took his notebook, made an entry under ‘Reports’, and decided to asked the girl for her purpose.

“Good afternoon, Mam!” he greeted in English. “May I know why you are here?”

The girl stared at him from head to toe, which annoyed Mister Ed for a bit. Then, she said, “This is Garcia Annex, right?”

“Yes, Mam. What can I do for you?”

“Can I enter?”

“I’m afraid not,” he shook his head. “Unless you have someone to meet inside?”

The foreigner then took a glance at the papers she had in her hands, then asked, “Is the teacher, Mister Seth Gilles, employed here?”

Ah, yes, Mam. However, Mister Gilles is not inside as of the moment.”

Hm? Why?”

“He was involved in an accident last month, and had to rest,” Mister Ed was getting annoyed by the questions. “If you need anything from him, you can talk to our guidance and leave a message.”

The foreign lady was silent for a few minutes, obviously weighing her options. When she reached a decision, she shook her head and said, “No, it’s okay. I’ll just come back when he’s available.” Then, she left towards the direction of the neighboring church.

Mister Ed could only scratch his head. Nevertheless, he was relieved it was not something big…


Meanwhile, the foreigner lady approached a black sedan parked opposite the church. When she stood beside one of its doors, someone inside opened it for her, and slipped in.

“Chief, did you make contact?” the young man in the driver’s seat asked.

The woman shook her head, “Mister Gilles, the Time-Traveler, seemed to have been involved in an accident a month ago, and is recuperating from his injuries. I guess we have to come to his house to talk to him.”

“But, Chief, isn’t his place inside an exclusive village? The guards at the gates would surely stop us from going in, unless there’s a permission from Mister Gilles himself.”

“Yuna’s working on it,” the lady confirmed. “We need to talk to Mister Gilles, or his ability will kill him in the end.”