Chapter 6:

This Whole Chapter is Just a Short Flashback, Yet That is No Problem at All, Because Everything in it Happens After the Previous Chapter Anyway!

I Die Crushed by Catgirl Pillows, Yet My Total And All-Consuming Love for Catgirls was Rewarded and I am Reborn In Another World, as a Princess! Then I Find Out My New World Has Catgirls, So I Will Aim to Create a Harem With All the Catgirls in The World!

The next day, I found myself on a carriage on the way to… Actually, I didn't quite know yet. I kind of just went along with whatever Violet told me to do.

What about the cliffhanger from last chapter, you may ask?

This is what Lim… Rim… Rin… Lin! No, Linn. What Linn proposed to me.

First of all, I would do her a favour. It didn't have to be now, nor even any time soon. She said she was fine with waiting until I had a couple more catgirls on my side. The second condition, though?

She cast a spell on me just like she said she would. Tiptoed over and lightly tapped me on the chest, after which sparkles appeared around me.

"So, what does this spell do anyway? As long as it doesn't interfere with my ability to seduce catgirls, I guess I kind of don't really mind, but on the other hand it would be nice to know exactly what magic you just used on me."

A strange tugging sensation ripped through my chest when I said the word catgirls. Was it just me, or was Linn always that cute? The way my heart ached every time she took a breath, at the sight of her slender shoulders, and her enchanting eyes.

"Sure, I don't mind explaining it to you. It's a pretty simple spell, really. Most of the time it does absolutely nothing. In fact I suppose you could go about your everyday life without ever really carrying. Most people could, at least. It only ever activates when you say one specific word. Care to guess what that word is? Catgirls. Each time you mention catgirls, you will grow ever so slightly closer to falling madly in love with me."

"You really need a spell for that? Maybe you haven't heard yet, but I kind of love all kinds of catgirls, without them needing to use magic on me…", I closed my mouth and placed my hand over it when I realised what I just said.

"Sure that might be the case, but consider. If I relied on that, I would have to share. This way I will get you to myself in case you can't shut up about catgirls for a few hours, and even if you do manage to pull that off somehow, I still get a piece of your love. I see absolutely no downsides in this for me."

"If all I have to do is avoid saying the word cat —"

Violet covered my mouth with her hand before I could put my foot in it. She shook her head in disapproval. Rinn… Linn, the catgirl maid I definitely knew the name of, continued outlining her little challenge.

"I take it you found my little challenge a bit more difficult than expected. Well, you just have to last 25 hours, and your emotions will be your own again. Assuming you last until then, at least. If you don't, the effects will become permanent and you will forever love me, and me only."

"I won't let that happen!", Violet shouted while clenching her fists.

“Yeah!”, I shouted and pointed at Linn in a manner reminiscent of a certain famous attorney, finally letting my kind-of-but-kind-of-not little sister go from the embrace I’d been holding her in since the conversation started.

And that was about all for that particular random flashback. Back to the present, which it wouldn’t be too surprising if you forgot the contents of by now, considering it was only described a single time in the first paragraph. So let's repeat everything once more.

We were in a carriage, on the way to who knows where. Violet and Linn were with me, and both of them knew where we were going. I hadn't bothered to ask, at least not yet. Because, you know, catgirls. Good at distractions and always worth trusting, and so on and so on and so on. No need to be suspicious about where a little sister-ish catgirl you just met the day before but also kind of knew all your life, as well as a maid catgirl you really did meet just the day before were taking you.

My intention was, however, to find out. But before that, let's make this boring little chapter a little bigger and more boring, just because we can… or nah, let’s just end it here.