Chapter 1:



Being born with such a curse is not easy. It seems impossible to believe that someone would believe when a kid says he receives back the pain he sent to others, right?

You specially wouldn't believe someone like a seven year old kid who was in his second year of grade school. Unfortunately that was happening right now at this precise moment. You see i'm being bullied by some of the kids from my school. They say i pretend to be hurt when i hurt them even if indirectly but it's the truth and it hurts so much that i can feel my insides gushing out.

"It hurts so much" i thought to myself. Is this what it feels like to be impaled? No, that's not the word I was looking for... I thought of many forms of torture but none of them fitted the description of this bullying.

"Maybe induced torture would be a better term for it... Although it would only work with me"

Another punch. My knuckles felt a shock of pain even thought they weren't hit. My arm felt a bit stiff just like the kid with short brown hair behind me who was moving it around to get it ok. I felt like crying just like the girl with dark hair in the left conner of my eyesight who was already drowning in her tears. My whole world was shaken up in this hurricane of pain. I fell to my knees after the next punch and then they started kicking me.

More pain. This time it was in my feet even though i wasn't the one kicking. I felt a urge to cry but i held it in, unlike that same girl in my left conner of my eyesight who had reached her breaking point long ago.

This was my daily life. It kept hurting and hurting. Pain and more pain. I felt like a sea of pain but i kept moving on. I knew if i waited a few minutes the pain of being kicked and the pain of the kicked would certainly go away after a few minutes. On the other hand, the pain those girl felt after seeing some like me, defenceless and unharmful, that was the kind of pain that wouldn't go of in one go. It would take a few hours or maybe some days. Sometimes it came back suddenly and sometimes it simply disappeared from one minute to the other. Some of them just stopped having those feelings as if I wasn't a human anymore.

I had to live with this everyday of my life since i was born and i will probably continue to feel this.

i'm sick of it. This pain and this loneliness. i'm just as helpless as they say in the insults they are shouting at me.

Suddenly it faded away. All the pain accumulated after those years was going away. i didn't feel it anymore, even thought i was still getting kicked.

I turned up and looked at the sky. Somewhere along the way it stopped being the beautiful sky I had always admired. it's colours weren't as lively as they were a few moments ago but were now of a light blue that almost seemed as the whole thing was grey and that colour reflected what i felt now, numbness.

A word from the writer:
Hi my name is Ryu, i wrote this novel since i have this ideas frequently.
i hope to balance my writing (please bear with my bad english, english is my second language) and maybe make some better works.
Since i'm a new writer and I am not a very descriptive person but i rather have a personal view that helps me write this somewhat depressing stories and please don't feel bad for me or pity me. Some of the experiences portrayed in this novel have my feelings mixed in them and some personal grudges.
Anyway getting back on topic and leaving the past behind, i hope you enjoyed this prologue.
Critics are always well accepted. Also i might update it every week but since i'm in high school i might leave for long periods of time.
Thank you very much.