Chapter 2:

Chapter 1 - The beginning of his story


That day was long gone even thought the feelings i lost didn't come back after.
After that day I isolated myself in class but i continued to be bullied for a full school year.
After that I started being shunned on, not that it mattered to me everything was still the same.
The school was still the same, my classmates where the same, everything was the same except the fact that no one bullied me anymore.
Yet somehow i still felt that pain like the one girl who was crying that day. I wondered if she was still sad. When i scanned the classroom and found her she seemed normal and maybe, just maybe, it was all my mind making it up.
I though maybe had never felt the pain of other but it was a lie. I had felt it and it wasn't just my mind making things up so i tried making a mock test.Bookmark here

I let my rubber fall on the floor. I knew for certain that no one would pick it up. I got up and put my feet around one of my classmate's chair legs and pushed it has hard as i could.
From the unexpected pull he went forward a little falling to his knees as his chin hit the edge of the table. I felt a pressure in my chin. It was not pain but at least it was a confirmation that i still had that curse.
Luckily i wouldn't be blamed.
They all started asking to the one who feel why he fell like i was some kind of mythical creature they could not see.
The teacher that was writing some difficult english sentences gave me a unpleased look that was soon replaced with a look of pity as he turned back to do his job.
That how things kept going until the end of grade school nothing changed and that started being my everyday life.
who would have thought that in two years time the world itself could see change it's view of people like me. Bookmark here

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