Chapter 14:

Chapter 14: Fatherhood

OFW: Billionaire's Life Story

I was accepted as a waiter through the recommendation of Michael Luna. We were together throughout our jobs and leisure hours. We became close to each other; my new best friend. But we separated from Luna's house and rented a room near the bridge of San Francisco, Del Monte in Quezon City. It's located near the famous restaurant, "Australian Chicken & Ribs", with multicolored neon lights signage and kangaroo as a logo, not far from Mike Luna's house. The room was not so spacious; we lived on a meager subsistence.

"Pareng Marc, after our duty hours, we're going to Ermita district. Isn't it you want to see this beautiful place?"

"Okay my friend, beautiful huh?"

"Ohhh, yeaaaahhh!" Mike said with sarcastic action.

We traveled from Frisco up to Quiapo, then, from Quiapo to Pasay City near Harrison Street; entered a small road going to Roxas Boulevard. We stopped at the damaged building with red lights all over the place. Mike talked to a man and gave him some money.

"Come, Marco, my friend said, in a minute, the show will start."

I nodded without a word, followed Mike inside, and we seated near the ring. I thought at first, this was just a boxing bout, like my job before, I remembered those days. I patted Mike's shoulder and said, "What show is this?"

"Just wait and the show will start now. Just focus my friend..." Mike said without moving his head.

The place was filled with the male audience, willing and eager for the show to start. The dimmed red lights started to blink in a different direction, including the two searchlights positioned at the corner of the ring. The music began to a slow tune when a woman appeared from behind the curtain. She must be in her early twenties, with white skin, long hair, and a slender body structure. She's wearing a transparent robe, which her naked body showed in full. She danced to the tune of the music making her movements more pronounced while enticing the audience with her gyrating actuation.

She approached the metal pole at the center of the stage. She clamped her left leg to the pole and started to undress. Again, the beat of the music changed from slow to a more rapid routine. She released her body to the pole and lie down on a covered bed. A male counterpart started to approach her at the bed, wearing only a brief. But, he went to the pole facing back to the woman in bed. He held the pole tightly that exudes his manliness through his muscles. After half an hour of heightened passion, I looked at Mike beside me; his focus was truly devoid of distraction, "Mike the show's finished."

"Marco, you like the show?"

"Very much my friend, but we need to release this...,."

"Well, we'll drink first before going home, okay? We have to release this with our lovey-dovey for more satisfaction. This time of the year, my urge rises to its peak!! Wheewww, the best!! Okay, let's go, Marc!"

We took a taxi cab going to the Ermita area and find a beerhouse to drink. We entered the small bar and ordered a case of beer and two orders of beef steaks. We settled at the corner table and waited for our food and beers. A beautiful woman approached us asking if we liked to be paired with ladies while enjoying the night.

"No, thank you," Mike answered flatly.

Mike started his usual antics, telling me stories about the show, about some beautiful girls, and anything that came to his mind. He's such a talker, a salesman, a mediator, a joker, a playboy...the lists were endless.

Around eleven in the evening, we went home quite groggy with a case of beer. We stopped at Mike's house first, "Love Lina, open the door please...." Mike's calling Lina. Nobody answered. "Love... Lina, hurry, open the door!!"

Lina opened the door, and greeted us, "What happened Marc?" I carried Mike to his room while Lina prepared hot water and a hand towel.

"Mareng Lina, I'm going home...bye....bye...see you tomorrow...."

"Bye Pare, thank you."

I walked home alone, but I vomited when I reached the bridge, got my handkerchief, and wiped my mouth. I really had to exert my remaining energy to be in the house. The darkness of the night came nearer to my vision exploding in all directions, everything within my vision kept on moving and I didn't know what happened next.

I felt the warm hand towel on my face. I opened my eyes. Ayah's face lightened my feeling of assurance that I was still alive.

"Marc, are you alright now?"

I nodded and took a deep breath, "Can you give me noodle soup?"

"I already cooked some, I'll get it." Ayah stood up, went to the kitchen, and came back, "Don't move, I will be the one to feed my baby."

"Oh, come on...give me the bowl, I'm so hungry...."

I gulped the noodle soup in an instant and drank cold water, "Ayah, love, kindly give me a cup of coffee....extra strong. Ayah, what time is it now? What happened to me?"

"You know Marco Fernando; I went to the restaurant and asked about you and Mike because Lina was worried that you two will spend much time and money drinking again. So, I waited for you, to tell you something....and one of the Barangay watchers brought you home. Marc, we need money for...our future."

"And, what you want to tell me?" I said in a serious tone.

"I went to Barangay clinic for a check-up because I have doubt about my monthly menstrual cycle. It's positive Marc, I'm pregnant!"

The sudden excitement within me flowed like wildflowers blossoming under the moonlight, slowly opening their petals to say, "I am what I am! I'm a father now!"


In my mind, being a father was the greatest gift from God, a love that you can extend your innermost feeling to your son or daughter and your loving wife. It's not a responsibility but an obligation to care, love, and provide for their future. Nevertheless, as a father, you conformed to your maturity, determination, knowledge, and your whole personality to embrace your son or daughter, or children into the right path of living. If you're lacking the sense of discipline to sacrifice for them, then, and only then, you have no right to be called a father.

I worked so hard to earn more than what I received from my employer; controlled my vices, learned new things about my trade, and even learned new ways to interact with people. Ayah's pregnancy brought a new life for me, to be a good father, and motivated me to dream some more.

We forgot my friend Edward in Bacolod City, even Danielle, my family, and even the wrath of Governor Gustilo. Ayah's family too, she never asked me about them. Our past was buried underneath our hearts together, never to be opened; just our new life was the center of it all.

We bade goodbye to Mike and Lina, hoping that our lives would change for the betterment of our new family. We transferred to Baclaran, part of Paranaque City, Metro Manila where my new job's situated, along Roxas Boulevard. I transferred to another line of business, but this time, it was an international fast-food chain of restaurants. I started as a Management Trainee, trained so well by experts, and above all, excelled in so many ways about managing the food business and the people.