Chapter 15:

Chapter 15: Applying As An OFW

OFW: Billionaire's Life Story

I was determined to be promoted by my performance, and educational status, and by making friends with the management people. Then, easy as the wind blows I was in for the managerial responsibility. We were very glad about my job accomplishments. Our hopes regained their course knowing where to land, as long as we were together, loving and living together.

I was on duty when Ayah's friend, Maria, telephoned me that she was having pain. I hurriedly posted a note to my logbook in case some important calls for me, told my assistant manager about the emergency, and, assigned him to be in charge of the restaurant.

I hailed a taxi cab going to Dimasalang Street, Baclaran at the back of Redemptorist Church. Ayah and Maria were ready for the baby stuff in the bag. When I arrived, they hastily moved outside the house where I helped Ayah to the taxicab back seat. Maria's in the front seat. I instructed the driver to speed up at once going to the Hospital ng Maynila. My fear increased a hundred folds when Ayah felt the pain. Her crumpled face cannot be explained why, who, what or how? I didn't know what to do, I just told her to calm down and pray. The taxi cab driver speedily drove to Roxas Boulevard way, not minding the traffic lights and the policemen.

"Marc, Marc, the baby's coming's coming, get the hand towel...quick...inside the bag...quick Marc...!!!" Ayah commanded me.

I opened the bag, and got the towel, but some of the baby's clothing was scattered because of my nervousness. Ayah's edged a little at the back seat and told me to put the hand towel on both hands in front of her. Instantly, the baby was in my hands...that I panicked; shouted at the driver to full speed. Ayah instructed me, to invert the baby, holding both feet, and slightly tapping the body to make it cry. I did it! The sight of the uncut umbilical cord made me squirm!

"Marc, hold that way, careful not to slip in your hands," Ayah instructed me. I shouted again to the driver to full speed, or to fly…if possible!

When we arrived at the hospital, a doctor and two nurses came to the taxi cab; checked the baby, cut the umbilical cord, and brought it inside. Ayah gave me a present that I cannot forget, a baby girl. The joy of having a baby erased all the hardship that I had gone through. I realized that I have my own family now. I am a father, now.

"Are you happy love?" Ayah asked me while still in the hospital bed.

"Very! I have a beautiful little angel! What's her name love?"

"A beautiful name for a beautiful dreamer like you, Anne Rose Fernando?"



Life in Dimasalang Street, Baclaran, was full of gladness and joy. We stayed there for three years and each year Ayah gave birth. My family was growing bigger with two boys and a girl. I prayed that I could sustain them for their growing years. I kept on working hard for my job, treading the right path of living. I had quite higher pay than any ordinary staff, and I was able to provide my family well enough, not enough for me, but not enough for us.

I did not have much time to find a job that fits my educational qualification. I was gearing up for this management stuff job than cultivating my Chemistry knowledge. Ayah and I were occupied with our three children. They were the motivational force that entwined inside my heart...our hearts.

We're living at the back of the Redemptorist Church wherein we found peace with our innermost souls when trouble came. We prayed together inside this church; the church that gave us much power to hurdle the gloomy moments of our lives. We were still finding means to move forward. I talked to Ayah about working abroad. I persuaded her once and she agreed. We blended our ambitions for a fresh brio hoping that working in a faraway place could give us the life we were aspiring for our children. I couldn't endure seeing them stagnant in the inadequate way of living, while they're growing older.

Every time I faced in the mirror, the scar on my forehead reminded me of my past, and Danielle, "Where is she?" I asked myself. "Still...I am chasing my dreams."

I called up Edward Ramirez at the Riviera Café and Restaurant in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

"Hello, hello, long-distance call."

"Yes, can I help you?" answered the voice from the other end.

"Want to talk... to Edward please."

"Moment please thanks," said the voice over the phone.

"Edward Ramirez?" I asked with excitement. "Yes, who's this?" Edward answered.

"It's me friend, Marco Fernando from Manila. How are you now? I missed you, Edward!"

"I'm fine Marco, how's life with Ayah? It's been almost five years now, but you didn't call me, or write a letter?"

"Sorry my friend, it's a long the way my friend, could you help me with my Transcript of Records and Diploma? Just copies each from San Jose College. Approach the information people in the controller's office and ask. I'll give you my address now and send money to you through the courier. Friend, please, I need those documents...I'll tell you the whole story when we meet someday...."

"Okay Marco, give me your address."

"Edward, my address: Number 3477 Dimasalang Street, Baclaran, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines."

"Marc, I got it. Friend, please remember this; I love you and your family, also, I want my two sons to have a bright future."

"My friend, you're the best ever! How are your two sons? You remarry someone special?"

"I'm still single and my two sons are schooling now."

"Best friend, any news from Ayah's family? The Gustilo family? He's still the Governor, I read in the newspaper."

"Marc, you know what happened to Ayah's family; only Bryan was alive. He's here in Bacolod City, got his own family now."

"You know his residence?"

"Yes. And Joel Arevalo too, he's planning to work in the Middle East."

"Me too, that's why I need those documents."

"Ahhhh, I see. Okay, then, I'll send it to you."

"Okay then, Bye my friend!"

"Bye, my best friend."