Chapter 1:

Ch 1: I'm human

The Incorrect

Dreams are caotic, they show a world where you have an ability that doesn't fit you, that doesn't belong to you but dreams are dreams... or well, that's what I would like to think.

My name is Als and I'm a normal 17 years old boy who doesn't even know what to do with his life but I've only one special thing: I'm considered a computer genius; one with the power to hack every single bank in the world, every single goverment account and four sure every single hentai paid game. I used to spent most of my time watching anime and some other internet trash I found but when I discovered what my talent was I decided I wanted to be like that anime character with girls and OP power that comes from my friends but in that moment I had 2 issues: I don't have friends and I'm ugly like somebody with a melted face.

But I thought that I could create whatever I wanted and I tried to code my 2D favorite character but that didn't happen, to be honest most of my first attempts to do something with my ability weren't that good and most of the times I ended up trying to stop the fire from electronic pieces, I realised that I was horrible with my ideas, with my vision of what I wanted to create, this ability isn't mine, this can't me mine, I'm not good with this and I'm not happy with this. Why would I be blessed with such ability for such an idiot head? I would rather prefer to be a good swimmer or an animator but this is fucking ridiculous.

I don't like this and I probably won't like it never, but now I only have to search for a way to make this thing work, to make something out of this ability of incredible speed and accurate programming skills without trying to make a 2D real or a robot that plays anime openings for me. Yeah, this is the incorrrect ability for me.

A.A. James

The Incorrect

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