The Incorrect

When you're kid, you dream to be like your favorite superhero: Wanting to be the best and greatest hero that ever existed. People always say that everyone is born with a special ability, a unique form to represent what they are and what they will be in the future and that's the reality for almost everyone in the world. Having unique talents, maybe for cooking, maybe for driving or even maybe for negotiations but what is something for sure is that every single talent fits its owner... Or maybe not. The story surrounds "Als", the best of the worst. Als is a boy around 17 years old with a unique skill for programming even tho he is horrible at maths and logic but with the mentality that he was born with an ability that isn't the one he was mean to have. What are talents in this world?

GenreActionGameMysterySci-FiSlice of Life
UpdatedJan 20, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count344
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