Chapter 5:

Chapter 5

Killing demon as a deity

The demons aura had definitely grown in potency, most probably from what it had taken from Kiramaru.Bookmark here

It was enraged, hastily looking around for other sources of mana to consume.Bookmark here

It put its attention on Date and began creeping up to him, limping on the burnt leg that had been crisped up.Bookmark here

“Where do you think you’re going-” Kiramaru said while falling over to the ground.Bookmark here

He caught himself by planting his palm over his knee, barely remaining up.Bookmark here

‘I can barely feel my legs at all, shit! I need to move… just move you, damn legs!’Bookmark here

The demon towered over Date’s collapsed body and was about to ravish into him, when an object came flying in to view.Bookmark here

A massive silver sword with a thorn pattern wrapped around the hilt flew from the distance and penetrated the demon; then burst out from its chest, escaping out of its body.Bookmark here

The swords attack left a whole through the body that was accomplished in one blow.Bookmark here

Green and dark brown liquids squirted out, dripping down from the large wound through its body.Bookmark here

‘A sword?’ Kiramaru pondered.Bookmark here

The sword remained floating in the air close to the demon, resting upright.Bookmark here

“Do you plan on killing it, or were you letting it kill that man?” A man said.Bookmark here

Standing on the head of the damaged house was a man dressed in baggy white pants that were tied up by a kimono around his waist. His hair was a solid gold colour but the main focus went to his eyes, that seemed to somewhat glow.Bookmark here

They resembled emeralds that pierced into his eyes when Kiramaru saw him, without talking to him he was able to realise just how powerful a man like this could be.Bookmark here

He jumped from the roof onto the ground without making so much as a thud, only the sound of his wooden geta clacking onto the earth.Bookmark here

When standing up close his physique became apparent to Kiramaru, this man was rather lean but still had an incredible amount of muscle definition.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry; I don’t plan on taking your kill.” The man laughed.Bookmark here

His entire demeanour was childish and relaxed, which completely contrasted the situation around them. His mood brought a sense of light to the darkness of the demon.Bookmark here

“Who are you?” Kiramaru asked cautiously.Bookmark here

‘He’s in good condition, not to mention that sword of his. If a guy like this also wants to attack me then I’ll be screwed. My best chance is to see if he wants my head or not.’Bookmark here

“My name is Moto.” He said while curling his gold hair between his fingers.Bookmark here

“Well Moto you’re right, I plan on killing it. Are you planning to stop me?”Bookmark here

Moto dropped down to the ground with his legs crossed and rested his chin on to his fist. He displayed an interested expression and simply observed Kiramaru's actions.Bookmark here

“Well go on then, I won’t keep you.” Moto said casually.Bookmark here

The sword blocking the demon from Date lifted into the air and out of sight.Bookmark here

The demon frantically swung its head around and noticed Moto but instead of running to him like it had with Kiramaru, it turned back to Date and attempted to bite him again.Bookmark here

“No don’t!”Bookmark here

Kiramaru flared his fire but wasn’t able to keep it lit, causing him to fall over completely.Bookmark here

The sword that had disappeared into the sky dropped down again, decapitating the demons head off and killing it.Bookmark here

The demonic aura that it emitted vanished along with its life, causing the body to slowly crumble away into a purple husk before completely vanishing.Bookmark here

“…why did…damn it!” Kiramaru stuttered.Bookmark here

He buried his tears into his fists and wasn’t able to stand.Bookmark here

“I gave you the chance to kill it yourself; it meant something to you didn’t it? Even though you had the advantage, you weren’t able to move onward.” Moto stated.Bookmark here

His boyish nature had shifted and been replaced by a stern and brutal tone. It was as if he had become a new colder person.Bookmark here

“I needed to make it pay, for the hell it put us through!”Bookmark here

“Then why didn’t you?” Moto asked.Bookmark here

Kiramaru struggled to realise a single word and simply sat there with his mouth open in awe.Bookmark here

‘He’s right, I am weak.’ Kiramaru thought.Bookmark here

“You’re not like the demon, you’re still in control right? Does that make you a demon?”Bookmark here

“I am me; to you I am nothing more. See-ya!” Moto greeted.Bookmark here

He walked away casually and paid no more attention to Kiramaru or Date.Bookmark here

Kiramaru swallowed deeply and raised his head.Bookmark here

“You’re strong, stronger than what I thought was possible…could you make me stronger?”Bookmark here

“Oh-ho! Why would I do something like that, I’m only a stranger and you have nothing?” Moto asked.Bookmark here

“You’re right, but I don’t care. I don’t care how I have to do it but I will get my sister back, and kill that fucking bastard.”Bookmark here

Kiramaru's eyes had no trace of fear but actually managed to impress Moto, as the flame and emerald made bounced off each-other.Bookmark here

Moto smiled,Bookmark here

“Fine I’ll give you a chance. Say bye to your friend first and we can be on our way. If you really want to beat Ko then you won’t be coming back here anytime soon.” Moto said eagerly.Bookmark here

‘My friend? Oh he means that guy… He did try and protect me, when he should have stayed out the way. Is he stupid?’Bookmark here

Kiramaru took date back into his house and rested him on the floor.Bookmark here

“Thank you…Kiramaru.” Date whispered.Bookmark here

His eyes flickered open.Bookmark here

“You’ll be fine; just don’t jump in front of demon again if you want to live.”Bookmark here

“I take it that you can trust me then?”Bookmark here

Date smiled with a coy expression as he awaited Kiramaru's next words.Bookmark here

“You’re annoying…I guess if I don’t say I trust you, you’d decide to go with me.” He said as he walked out the house.Bookmark here

“So you are leaving, I guess it would be foolish to think you would want to stay. You’re strong enough so I know you’ll be able to stop that monster eventually.”Bookmark here

“I don’t plan on stopping him.” Kiramaru muttered.Bookmark here

Date looked up at the terrifying expression displayed.Bookmark here

“I’ll kill that thing with my own hands.”Bookmark here

Kiramaru summoned the strength to stand up and walk out of the house towards Moto.Bookmark here

He had just barely enough strength to walk up to Moto before his vision began to fade,Bookmark here

“Alright then, where to-” He said as he collapsed.Bookmark here

Moto caught him with his one arm and pulled him closer. A large sword, twice the size of a regular human appeared out of thin air, comprised out sparkling gold substance that resembled aura.Bookmark here

He stepped onto the sword and flew off into the air, riding it through the sky like a board.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Kiramaru opened his eyes and noticed a large amount of trees towering above him from every direction, clearly in a forest.Bookmark here

‘There isn’t even a glimmer of sun from above, how old is this place? Wait a minute, for the trees to have grown this large they would need to be flourishing!’ Bookmark here

He got up off the large log he rested on and rubbed his hand over the dirt he stood on, picking up a handful of dark soil.Bookmark here

‘This area is thriving in nutrients; this can’t be anywhere close to Sator then.’Bookmark here

“You seem to be rested, great! That means we can start right away~” Moto greeted.Bookmark here

Hovering in the air above Kiramaru was Moto, resting on a large white sword, decorated in beads and material. It resembled the same style of a Geisha girl but over the large sharp sword able to float in the air.Bookmark here

“Those swords, you have the power to make them float?” Kiramaru asked out.Bookmark here

“Tisk; Tisk! So you don’t even know this much?” Moto remarked.Bookmark here

Five small swords formed from a flash light that appeared around Moto, each one pointing towards Kiramaru.Bookmark here

They flew through the air, raining down on him without hesitation. He managed to dodge most of them but two cut his arm and shoulder, releasing a trail of blood.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Let’s begin”Bookmark here

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