Chapter 6:

Chapter 6

Killing demon as a deity

‘Those were meant to kill me, he didn’t hold back even a little bit.’Bookmark here

The reflection of Kiramaru played off against the edge of the blades, wedged into the ground behind him.Bookmark here

“Hey are you crazy-”Bookmark here

“A beings mana takes the form of something that is personal to them, for me it is my swords. I have the power of blades not floating.” Moto stated calmly.Bookmark here

As he talked, more swords continued to rain down, leaving Kiramaru to dodge them as much as he could. Each sword seemed to be the same type of make, a mass collection of identical silver blades.Bookmark here

“You freak, come down here if you want to explain all that!” Kiramaru screamed.Bookmark here

“You’re not the one teaching here, so keep quiet already~ you seem a little edgy right now so I think it’s best if I stay up here for a little bit okay?” Moto snickered.Bookmark here

“Like hell, get down here so I can fight you!”Bookmark here

Kiramaru gritted his teeth and began releasing a small amount of flames around his body without control.Bookmark here

His flames scorched the dirt around him and grew to twice the size of his body.Bookmark here

“I don’t care how strong you are, I’ll burn you to a crisp! Fight me!!” He continued to scream.Bookmark here

(Snap)Bookmark here

Moto snapped his fingers and the scattered swords he had been firing for the last few minutes, raised up into the air to his command. Each sword shifted its aim to him and surrounded Kiramaru within less than a moment, covering every direction of his view.Bookmark here

‘He wasn’t just throwing them at random, he was setting up a trap- this guy is a monster…worse than the demon.’ He thought nervously.Bookmark here

“Don’t think that you became strong just because I humoured you for a minute. I could easily kill you without lifting a finger.”Bookmark here

Moto’s eyes peered down on Kiramaru like daggers, causing a crushing weight of fear to push him down to his knees.Bookmark here

Moto clapped his hands together once,Bookmark here

“Tell me everything you know about the being Ko.”Bookmark here

‘That’s right, he mentioned Ko when we first met as well.’ Kiramaru thought.Bookmark here

“How do you know Ko?” Kiramaru asked.Bookmark here

Moto pulled out his cold stare once more and scared Kiramaru.Bookmark here

“I met him after I had died…”Bookmark here

Kiramaru explained everything that had happened when meeting Ko and expected Moto to ridicule his actions. It surprised him that he was rather understanding and even sympathised with him.Bookmark here

“The situations far worse than I expected it to be at this stage, I suppose there wasn’t much we could have done though.” Moto sighed.Bookmark here

“What do you mean by far worse, did you have an idea that this would happen?”Bookmark here

“Ko has been around longer than any living creature, his one goal has always been to enter the living world but he needed a way out and a living body. It seems you and your sister was the first to have met those requirements so perfectly.” Moto explained.Bookmark here

‘Requirements, so we really were tools to him from the start? It feels like it just happened to me again…damn it! Makes my blood boil just sitting here.’Bookmark here

“With everything that had happened to you by Ko, what lead you to trust me? Was it that villager guy that saved you?” Moto asked with a coy expression.Bookmark here

“Your eyes.”Bookmark here

“My eyes? Aawww you’re going to make me blush~” Moto grinned.Bookmark here

“Stop being a child, aren’t you like twenty or something! Your eyes were telling the truth, I can see when people are lying normally. That’s why I’m to blame…”Bookmark here

Moto stared at Kiramaru’s enraged face and couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. He knew how fast Kiramaru had lost everything and couldn’t tell him why.Bookmark here

“Alright then Kira I did promise you some training, so don’t cry now about it alright?” Moto said jokingly.Bookmark here

“Kira?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, it’s your nickname. Your regular name is way too long~”Bookmark here

Kira stared at Moto with a heavy look of disapproval,Bookmark here

“How is it that someone so strong can act so childish?”Bookmark here

“You’re one to talk kid~ I’m over a thousand years old you know, learn to respect your elders!” Moto said as he stuck out his tongue.Bookmark here

“Over a thousand years…that’s probably the worst joke you have made.”Bookmark here

Moto held up his hand and created a plain wooden sword, no larger than a person’s arm.Bookmark here

“This will be your opponent from now on.” He said seriously.Bookmark here

‘My opponent, does he mean that he won’t attack me with a real sword-’Bookmark here

The sword swiftly smacked Kira over the head and returned back to its previous position.Bookmark here

The sword had no one controlling it manually but its movements seemed exactly like a person’s swings.Bookmark here

“I wouldn’t get too comfortable around it, it is always ready to take you on~” Moto laughed.Bookmark here

“What about me, I have nothing to fight it with?” Kira asked.Bookmark here

“I thought you could burn anything to a crisp?” Moto laughed.Bookmark here

“Tisk! Fine then, for how long?” Kira asked impatiently.Bookmark here

“When do you think, until it is unable to beat you of course!”Bookmark here

Moto held a large smile on his face as he walked away.Bookmark here

The sword flew over to Kira, moving erratically with its slashes. After five hours of constant attacks the sword had left countless bruises on Kira’s body. Bookmark here

“Damn it, what’s the point of all this?! HE left me with some stupid training sword that whacks me with no remorse.”Bookmark here

Kira laid back on the ground while the sword hovered over him, waiting for him to return to his feet. This was the only way the sword would stop attacking him. When he laid on the ground or conceded then the sword would allow him to rest.Bookmark here

‘I thought he was going to train me, I guess it was too good to be true. How does he expect me to fight this thing bare handed?’ Kira thought as he stared up to the stars.Bookmark here

The sky glistened with hundreds of stars that all varied in size but remained similar when stared at as a whole.Bookmark here

An endless litter of blazing sparkles hovering thousands of miles over his head, resting gently in-place. Bookmark here

“I thought that having this power would make me strong enough to beat Ko but am I using it the right way?” Kira wondered.Bookmark here

‘It’s difficult to summon those flames on command, every time that I have it has been from anger or when I was about to be hurt… Kind of like an instinct.’Bookmark here

Kira held his hand up and grinned angrily at it hoping to see a burst of flames but instead was disappointed by his failure.Bookmark here

“Screw it then, If I can’t use it then I don’t have any use for it!” Kira stated.Bookmark here

Moto sat high up in the gigantic trees that made up the forest, pretending to sleep. He had his eye closed while the other was faintly focused on Kira, never leaving him.Bookmark here

The next day Kira went through the exact same trials, he would end it off with a swollen face and more bruises than he had teeth.Bookmark here

This ritual continued for a week until in the middle of dodging attacks from the sword he felt a tingle of heat flare inside his leg.Bookmark here

‘What was that, I’ve felt that before somewhere though? It’s like when those black flames surround my body- did I…just use my mana?’ Kira wondered.Bookmark here

The sword closed in on him while he seemed distracted and nearly plunged itself into his chest but missed by a hairs length.Bookmark here

‘I definitely wasn’t wrong; I felt my mana surge through me like a pulse. The same way a muscle pulses when you use it; I’ve figured it out!’Bookmark here

“That seemed close, is that piece of wood too hard for you after all?” Moto laughed.Bookmark here

He would often watch Kira while eating apples or occasionally train by himself when he wasn’t eating.Bookmark here

Kira closed his eyes and pictured his mana flowing through his body, soon after he was able to feel it surging and continuously growing. He pictured it racing through his body and filling his muscles like water through a river.Bookmark here

“I’ve got it-” Kira celebrated.Bookmark here

The sword drove itself into his stomach and knocked all the wind from him, sending him flying onto his butt.Bookmark here

“Bwahahahahaha!!” Moto laughed.Bookmark here

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