Chapter 6:


World Break: Shattered Reality

Somewhere In the middle of the southern Johnson mountain range lies Drew. He crashed into the side of a mountain after he got hit by Mr. Leon's attack, he's lucky to even survive. Drew "Damn, how long have I been asleep? (he slowly remembers) O fuck, fuck, fuck, Master X is going to kill me not only did I not show up for training I haven't showed up to work!" Drew tries to find a way down but just ends up falling to the ground face first. As Drew gets up he starts to look around, he can't quite tell where he's at but he knows he crossed the Johnson border. Drew "Maybe I showed go see what's up with city haven't been there in a while." As Drew starts to descend the mountain it starts to rain. After about 20 minutes the rain started to pour. Drew "Damn, where did this rain come from? I should find some shelter until the rain calms down." Drew starts to look for some sort of cave to hide out in until the storm passes over, after about 10 minutes of looking Drew finally finds one. As Drew enters the cave, It's dark and has an odd warmth to it, almost like something is living in here. Drew slowly goes further into the cave, and he finds a spot to sit down and wait. After a few minutes, he begins to fall asleep still weak from his injuries. Drew falls into a deep sleep and starts to dream about Zack and Mr. Leon fighting and who would win, hands down Zack right? As Drew's dream progress the rain continues to fall, showing no signs of slowing down. A few hours pass and Drew is still sound asleep, A voice from deep within the cave can be faintly heard "Wake Up." Drew doesn't move "Wake up." Drew still shows no signs of moving. There is a brief silence, then out of nowhere "WAKE UP! HOW ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING!" Drew woke up, scared to death grabs his melted sword. As soon as he sees his sword he becomes distracted, Drew "What the? Mr. Leon owes me a new sword! How am I going to explain this to King James, he's going to kill me!" The strange voice speaks again but louder "NAH, YOU NOT FINNA IGNORE ME! I WOKE YOU UP SO LISTEN! KEEP WALKING TO THE END OF THE CAVE THERE'S A SECRET CHAMBER AT THE END, ENTER IT!" Drew startled again says "Aye, who the fuck are you? A ghost?" The voice doesn't respond, Drew "Hello?" No response. Drew sighs "Fine, lucky I don't have anything else to do right now." Drew makes his way down the cave, It slowly starts to get warmer and warmer. Drew speaks up "This better not be Mr. Leon playing a prank!" Still no answer. Drew makes his way to the end of the cave and is met by a dead end, Drew "Alright, made It. but uhh, there's no secret chamber." The voice answers "Put your hand on the wall in front of you and the path shall be revealed." Drew rolls his eyes, he puts his hand on the wall. A small click can be heard, and then silence. After about 2-3 seconds a click sound can be heard through the wall after the sound finished a hole opened at Drew's feet and falls below. When Drew hit the floor he quickly gets up and looks around, It's dark but there's a faint purple glow in the distance. Before Drew approaches the light he looks around for a way up, Drew "Before I go any further, Let me find a way out just Incase." As Drew looks around the room, he seems to notice that there are no exits. The only way out is the way he came in, Drew "Well looks like I'll have to climb out." Drew sighs and makes his way toward the dim purple light. As Drew gets closer he can see what's causing the purple light, It's a sword, and a big one at that. Drew stands in front of the blade, he can feel the heat radiating off It. Drew reaches for the handle of the sword, he grabs It. He slowly pulls on the blade, carefully lifting It out of the pedestal. As Drew lifts the massive sword he realizes the sheer weight of the blade, Drew "How can anyone hold this let only use It?" As Drew continues to look at the sword, the floor around his feet begins to crumble and he falls through. After another fall Drew looks up "What the hell." The hole above tripled in distance. Drew "With these injuries I'm not sure I can climb. And with no food or water, I'm not sure how long I can last." Drew slowly starts to panic "Nobody's going to look for me, even Master might give up." Drew takes a seat and stares at the sword "I followed a random voice in a cave and this Is what I get. What a way to go out." Drew looks up at the hole and continues to think, the sword slowly falls out of his hands. The blade glows dimly, and a faint voice can be heard from the blade "The only human to come across this place in over 100 YeaR's and It's a motherfucker with zero Materia! Now I see why you got your ass beat!" Drew looks down at the sword and not even fazed by a talking sword replies "I was born with zero ability or talent for Materia, and I didn't get my ass beat, I just uhh, got sent flying that's all." Silence…. The sword starts to laugh "Wow! I almost feel sorry for you human. You must have had a pretty shit life, and now you die like this! Sheesh, surprised you made It this far." The sword continues to laugh, Drew closes his eyes and says "You're right my life was hard, pretty shitty too! I struggled with everything I did EVERYTHING, sometimes I gave up. But one day I dropped my sword and looked at it and thought to myself Is this even worth It, I put my entire Life into training and improving just to see nothing in return YeaRs spent with no reward whatsoever. Just when I was about to turn around a girl came running out of the forest, she was all burned up, tired, hungry, and scared. She couldn't even form words, I gave her some food and water, and after she calmed down I got a good look at her. She had long, straight black back hair kinda dull. She was kinda tall for her age and her eyes, a nice calming blue-green." The sword almost begins to feel for him, pity. Drew continues "Her clothes were all beaten up almost like she was training herself, I noticed a sword at her waist. I pointed at it and asked If she was any good. She looked down at her blade and back up at me and answered I never wanted to be good with this, never even wanted to touch It either. But then I realized nothing will change now but the actions we take NOW can change the future for those after us. People will suffer during the process but at least make their suffering mean something. Don't let your friends and family be forgotten, cherish your memories with them. As she finishes speaking she goes over and picks up my sword and hands It to me, I look at It. She speaks some more, I have the same problem, I train all day but for what? It hurts knowing that I spend so much time and energy on something I'm not even sure that I can obtain. She looks me In the eyes, I can tell she's suffering, and scared. She continues to talk, I can see that your training to obtain something too, let's make a promise. I nodded my head. She continues, let's take small steps. First, we try and protect each other If we can do that we might be able to make a change, I can see that your fate will be tough, but I'll believe in you. I reply "Promise!" She smiles and hands me my sword again, this time I look at It and remember her smile. I grab my sword and sheathe It, she talks again, thank you for everything! But I must go, I have my own journey to complete. Caught up In the moment I reply "But we have to protect each other!" She smiles again, We have to get stronger first. I know It seems redundant, but that's the only thing we can do. She can tell that I'm sad and she offers me this, a necklace. Drew pulls out a necklace, It's a white scale. The sword speaks "She gave you that?" Drew answers "Yeah, she gave me this and left. After that, I met King James the 3rd, Leader of the Nara Clan, Xavier Nara. I made friends and rivals along the way like Ay, Jess, Mr. Leon, Rik, Gavin, and even Phvies. I choose to fight for them, these people are my family. I can't give up here." Drew starts to stand and he looks up "I have to get out of here, you coming or not sword?" The sword laughs "What makes you think I want to leave here! And with you at that." Drew picks up the sword and looks at it "Cause, you said you've been down here 100 YeaRs. Thought maybe you would like to see the world? It has been 100 YeaRs." The room falls silent... The sword speaks again "Fine, I'll help you get out of here. I have only a little bit of power left, so you have 1 chance ok!" Drew nods, and the sword continues "I'm not going to go into great detail, but basically I have gravity powers. But my power is fueled by Materia. And you have no Materia, But there is a workaround. If you let my energy course through your body, almost like a vessel. I can collect Materia for you." Drew gets excited, he quickly responds "How do I do IT!!!" The sword talks "Listen! (drew quiets down) So you need to find a state of mind in which you can feel my presence and allow It to flow throughout your body freely. After that, I can handle It from there. But afterward, I'll go In a state of cooldown and be unable to talk for a while." Drew puts both of his hands on the sword and closes his eyes. He starts to feel for the swords Materia, he always sucked at that but he had to give It a try. But no luck. Drew speaks up "Aye, uhh, I kinda suck at sensing for Materia." The sword speaks "Now you tell me! Man, what are you good at! (drew gets embarrassed) Well, there is another way to sense for others without Materia. I see It's been lost over the YeaRs. Try to find my very being, basically life essences. It was passed down from the Dragons to the Wiccans YeaRs ago." Drew closes his eyes and tries again, this time searching for a being, life essence. As Drew tries to search he finds It very hard to concentrate on what he’s looking for. Drew asks the sword a question “What exactly am I looking for? You said life essence but what do you even look like?” The sword doesn't respond at first but after a couple of seconds, It answers, “I’m a Dragon. Now you have probably never seen a Dragon except in books. Picture that.” Drew starts to think of a Dragon, pictures of Dragons go through his mind. After a couple of minutes, Drew says again “I’m sorry I just don’t see It.” If the sword could roll its eyes It would, the sword starts to speak again “This technique was used by people way weaker than you! Clear your head, think of nothing. Hone In on my presence, my very being.” Drew nods his head and tries again. He closes his eyes again and takes a deep breath “Empty my mind. Clear. Nothing.” Drew’s mind goes blank. Drew is floating in a dark space, nothing is around him. But he could feel a presence off in the distance, he makes his way towards this feeling. It slowly got warmer and warmer, until he found It. The being of a Dragon. As Drew opens his eyes a dim purple glow can be seen on his sword now, he yells out "I SEE IT!" I SEE IT!" As Drew happily swings his arms in the air, the sword crashes into the side of the pit, and rocks come falling. Drew dodges them and looks up. The hole Is smaller than before, Drew "Damn I should be careful." The swords chimes in "Yeah you should but good, you found my being. Now channel that throughout your body and we can get out!" Drew agrees, he quickly finds the essence of the sword again, allowing it to freely move throughout his body. The sword speaks "Good, now what I'm going to do Is lower your center of gravity so that you can jump higher. Go off the walls or something!" Drew can't believe It, for the first time he's going to use Materia. He jumps… He goes flying upward, he continues to jump from one side to the other until he makes It out. By the time they make it to the cave entrance, the sword had lost Its powers and fell into a slumber as It said earlier. Drew looks at the sword and notices that It has something carved into the hilt. Some kind of language of old. Drew tired takes and seat, and falls asleep. Bookmark here

A Few Hours Pass
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Drew wakes, as he slowly gets up he looks outside and It’s night. Drew picks up his sword and starts to walk towards the Johnson Estate. Drew starts to think to himself “I can rest up there, and heal my wounds. Maybe even grab a bite to eat. O, I got to call Master too!” Drew continues to walk for a few hours. As he draws closer to the estate border, It gets colder than usual. Drew talks aloud “Huh, I know It’s winter but It’s freezing!” Drew spits, and It instantly freezes, Drew laughs. As Drew makes his way through the front gate, he soon notices how quiet It Is. Drew “It may be the middle of the night, but there’s always something going on around here where everyone at?” Drew keeps walking around the estate looking for somebody, anybody. As Drew makes his way to the center of the estate, he can barely see a figure In the distance standing on the main room roof. Drew yells out “HEY, WHAT’S GOING ON?” The figure looks up, and In an Instant, he disappeared with the winter breeze. Drew slowly walks forward a bit while looking around. He grips his sword, a cold wind pushes In. Silence, nothing, Drew closes his eyes. He remembers what the sword told him in the pit. Search for their very being. Drew tries his hardest but he can’t find anyone. He keeps trying It’s the only thing he can do. It gets colder and colder, Drew stands there waiting. The figure reappears on a building to the left of Drew, the mysterious person talks “So, he’s the last one. How should we end his life?” Then another voice can be heard “No, let me take care of him.” The other voice “O, well then I’ll be sleep.” The figure takes a breath, “You won’t suffer, neither did mom or dad.” Drew still trying to find life essences just about to give up see’s a faint glow coming towards him. He opens his eyes but there’s nothing, Drew thinks to himself “I know there’s something there, and It’s coming straight towards me.” Drew prepares his sword and closes his eyes the glow Is only a few feet In front of him, but nothing happens. Drew’s sword falls to the ground, he starts to feel very cold in his chest. Before he knew It, Drew fell to his knees. The figure reappeared behind Drew. As Drew falls to the ground he gets one look at the man who killed him. Zack stands there crying.Bookmark here

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