Chapter 7:


World Break: Shattered Reality

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Narrator- It’s been a few days since the killing of the Johnsons. All of the bodies have been collected from the country and taken to Leon’s second capital Kinshi Toshi. Once there, the bodies are then dumped into a large room and used as sacrifices to create more soldiers like Zack. Drew’s body, along with his father and mother are nowhere to be found among the bodies. I guess we should see what Zack’s up to.Bookmark here

2 Weeks After The IncidentBookmark here

Snow falls peacefully on the beach outside of Kinshi Toshi. The ocean slowly freezes over, in the next few days It will become completely frozen. Zack stands at the edge of the freezing ocean, looking toward the horizon. He clenches his fist and can’t help but cry, so many thoughts run through his head but he can only think of one “Why?” As he stands there memories of his father and mother come flooding his mind, then Drew. Zack falls to his knees and cries even harder, he begins to talk to himself “Why? I’m so confused, there had to have been another way. Father, why did you leave this up to me. There’s more to the story, I just needed time.” He smashes his fists into the ground over and over and over again. He stops, both his hands a bloody mess. He opens them and stares at the blood dripping into the snow, each drop brings back vivid memories. His eyes dry out, unable to make tears. He stands, unsheathes his sword, and drives It into his chest. He slowly pulls It out and with It, Frost appears. Frost still half-asleep speaks “At least give me a warning next time…” But before he could continue he looks into Zack’s eyes and a small smile formed on Frost's face. Frost “I’ve seen this look countless times and It never gets old. So what It Is, you lost the family? Maybe your girl died? Ooo, wait lemme guess… I got nothing, HAHAHA!” Zack emotionless thrust his sword into the ground and turns back towards the horizon, Frost follows. After a few minutes of silence, Zack starts to talk “None of those, what I lost was something far greater than you can imagine.” He closes his eyes and continues “What I lost at this point doesn’t matter. What I seek does.” Frost chimes In “What? Power? Come on, that’s basic as fuck. You're better than that Zack.” As Frost turns and looks at Zack, Frost can see It. The same look that OG had before he took the Old Demon King’s head. Zack opens his eyes and faces Frost “Power. Nah, what I want Is to crucify every last government official including OG, then once that’s done I’ll collect all the bodies just like he had me do. After that, I’ll sacrifice them just to summon OG again so I can kill him once again. That’s not the end, even after I’ve killed all the government officials there will still be followers, I’ll hunt them down murder them, and summon OG again and kill him again.” Frost felt a chill go down his spine, he thinks to himself “Damn, he means It. What did OG do to this kid?” Zack takes a deep breath and speaks “So, I’ll ask you this Frost. Who’s side are YOU on? Mine or OG’s?” Frost can’t help but laugh “Well I see you grew some balls. OG was like a brother to me, but he lost sight of what he was really fighting for long ago. That’s the OG I fight for. So I guess I’m on your side until returns.” Zack grabs his sword and raises It to the sky, he starts to think of Drew. Zack “OG might feel like a brother to you, but that’s a lie. A real brother doesn’t need to be recognized.” He then plunges the sword into his chest again and Frost disappears. The snow stops falling, and the sun begins to set. Zack turns his back on the frozen ocean and walks to the elevator to enter Kinshi Toshi.Bookmark here

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