Chapter 107:

Volume 2 Summary

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

As they leave, Gwyn quickly decides that he has been too passive with the prior events. He makes a declaration to himself to avoid fighting.

The team quickly finds that their vehicle was defective. They manage to get it to the next town for repairs but will need parts usually kept at a mining town in the mountains. They decide to take the detour and head to an unnamed mining village.

At the village entrance, the team is attacked by some unexpected foes and split up. Fiona, Gwyn, and Harlan escape into the mines while Hal, Rheba, and Odell are captured.

In the mines, Harlan believes they should flee the village and get support. Gwyn struggles with leaving their other team members behind, and Fiona wants to charge in. The trio discovers that the town's miners are being forced to work for harsh quotas. They meet Mamie, who has been leading the miners after her husband, the late mayor. The other miners are fired up by having Princess Fiona and the Nonpareil in the town. Mamie explains that they were planning an uprising since the enemies' abilities prevented them from escaping. The presence of the team moves the attack timetable forward.

The captured trio meets the bandits' leader, Grimes, who took over the village. They devise a plan to escape by taking advantage of the cell bars being made with physically weaker species in mind.

The free trio meets Mamie's daughter, who reminds Gwyn of his sister when she was much younger. Fiona struggles with the miner's belief in her as a leader for the attack and wants to charge in alone.

The invasion starts at night with the captured trio breaking free about the same time as the free trio and miners attack. The fight breaks the team apart as many of them face off against some of the head subleaders of the bandits. Gwyn finds himself face to face with the leader before anyone else.

Faced with his foe, Gwyn decides he needs to fight, and the battle ends on the roof, where the leader falls to the ground in defeat.

The team attends a festival in the village and, per Aqueenian custom, gives the town the name Horizon.

They are told of a shortcut through the mountains and head off to the next destination.