Chapter 1:

The Contract

The Nobleman's Holo

It was a very sunny day today and colleges were having sporting activities, with students rushing down to the stadium to support their teams, "oh, boy", voices a guy, black haired, black eyes and 6.4 ft, a second year student who openly doesn't like the idea of participating, Jin Daisuke, Jin hates the idea of participating in anything at all, one can even say he hates everything, just because of a past he doesn't want to disclose, "why does this life and God hate me so much, why do i exist." Jin thought out to himself, Jin apparently had a shitty life and he blamed it all on God, so without a second thought he grabbed the book he needed from the library and headed home, on his way home, he kept on cursing and then he stumbled and fell, on getting up he notices a bright light, he approaches the light and gazed upon something that looks like a person in it but he was confused because he couldn't see the persons face, Jin turned and wanted to run, unfortunately the figure slashes his throat and said "curses be made, vessels be chosen, nobleman's blood for another man's blood, destinies replace for the Holo's desire'' Jin felt pain, he knew he was dying, he was more concern about what the strange image said to him, he knew he was going to die sooner or later so he accepts his fate, ''killed by the same God i curse, befitting death he says.'' Jin's eyes finally shuts. "Where am i, what is this place, how come I'm floating" and an abnormal presence appears, "fright not your only in the presence of the soul collector, Tsukuyomi, your soul has been requested in a parallel realm, am only the mediator delivering a package". Jin was scared, "why would someone request my soul, am just a loser from a family of losers, just let me die" now Jin begs for death, but he was denied death, the soul collector says that Amaterasu required the presence of Jin, Jin didn't understand what a god needed from a self-proclaimed loser as himself, finally they got over the discussion and another presence was felt, but unlike the soul collectors presence this was much stronger, "Jin Daisuke, you are about to be taken to another realm, where you might place a useful pawn for me, in this world you won't be normal, there's been division among humans, noblemen and demons, you would be birthed, and the form you'll take indecisive, make your stay in this world worth it and also take pleasure in this rebirth, for not many have such spoon at their disposal. I took pity in your life, don't make me regret it". Jin questioned the god about the things he said but not a response given back, "what's a nobleman, why demons, let me be, i don't want it" the god swayed away the questions and immediately he vanished "ahhh, a nobleman's curse mark, this should be intriguing, so a vampire, lugh, a very fine name, fresh start, Lugh Adreal. Enjoy your new life and fight to become strong, the days ahead will be rough, this contract is seized. Tsukuyomi, send out words to other gods this soul is mine." Jin has been reborn as Lugh in another realm taking on the form of a vampire, vampires have rapid growth and it's said that in ten to 15 years he should me matured .