Chapter 0:

Kouji no B Movie

Kounji No B Movie (Creating a B Movie)

A star is born

This story is written more like a diary were multiple point of view is shown for every story and always starts with Kouji point of view our ever normal part timer

Side A

Day one

Dear mother I'm already at the city everything is OK here I'm looking for dormitory to stay in it seems that there was a vacant near the north side of the shopping district and the price seems to be cheap I'm heading there after I stop at school to register my student ID

After sending his text Kouji started to walk toward the bus going to his new school and there his eyes was fixed on the view from the bus window as for this was his first time at the big city he seem enjoying everything he see but due to his calm expression not a emotion was showing from his face

His appearance was slender and tall for his age and his face was more than average yet for some reason he doesn't even care as high school girls was trying hard to get him to interact with them but as his over the top clueless personality he just gives them a simple smile every time tries to have a conversation with him

As the bus moves a small accident occur and the bus suddenly stop everyone was push toward the front as the people were all yank to ward Kouji he slide on the center area and gave the girls a tap on their back keeping the m from being thrown toward the front saving them from dropping toward the floor.

The reason for this little feat is Kouji vision is little special for every time he is not wearing his glasses his vision becomes too clear to the point that he sees the world from a more than one point at a time giving him to interact in a full area view and able to do things in a different perspective but due to the vast information he receives he always have headache if he doesn't wear any glasses that ships his vision to normal

After saving the girls beside him he pick up his glasses a ware them and before the girls was able to say a word to him he was already out side the bus looking at the accident on the road

The accident was a light post that fallen across the street and as the police was giving instruction to move the traffic to the other side of the road but due to the head to head collision the driver was still arguing on who is to pay for the damage done to their cars

Kouiji: it's just few blocks I guess I'll start walking

He look on his side and saw a old alley and started walking towards it

For some reason as he walk toward that area he seem to feel little bit chilly and was summer it so pose to be hot but now it seems to be more quiet the sudden he can't hear any noisy traffic sounds any more

His instinct was telling his to turn back but he needs to finish his registration today or else he may not able to get any class for this semester

Upon seeing the school tower building from a far he started to walk faster knowing the exit is almost near

Suddenly he heard a cats voice behind him and as he turn took at it a large person suddenly show up in front of him

Kouji: ahhh Sorry..

Kouji was push back upon impact and the stranger reach his hand towards him

Kouji: Sorry I was not looking don't worry I'm fine

Kouji, reach toward the strangers hand and was ready to grab it but in a split second the stranger grab his bag then ran away

Yes he was rob that was a thief

A second later he stand up and started running toward the thief but for somebody with a large round built he was fast Kouji was struggling just to keep up with him as he turn the next corner he saw the school he was suppose to be going to but as he look around the area the thief was already gone the only thing he has on him was his mobile phone his money and ID was inside his bag

So he walk toward the police station to file a robbery and after a hour he came out from the station looking at the sky saying

Kouji: what am I gonna do now?

He is bit down knowing he was going to end up calling his mom and tell her about what just happen

She work night and day just to get enough money for him just to study in a good college now that money is gone his school fee is already paid for but the money in his bag was for his living expenses a whole four years worth he was suppose to open a bank after he submitted his form

So after submitting his form he walk around all day hoping to get a job well at least he needs to try before he calls his mom for help

He went to the a store and look at some ads and started job hunting he started with the waiter job on a coffee shop but as he was doing the interview a water line in front of the shop burst flooded the store the manager started to walk run toward the front of the shop and said

Manager: it's gonna take a while to fix this kid sorry I guess we're gonna need to fix the whole shop so I'll just keep you on hold OK comeback after a we..

The sink just exploded taking out the register

Manager : make that never

With that Kouji said

It's gonna be OK it's just bad luck and started walking toward his need appointment

This time was a delivery service but as he walk toward the place the shop owner was shouting

Owner: I won the lottery yessss!!!! No more jobs for me I'm going to hawaii!!!

Kouji didn't say a word and walk toward his next interview

This was not what he expect "wanted a person to talk to clients for money payment" at the moment he open the shop door he say people with sword and guns

Yup that was a Yakuza and he was going to be asking for protection money

Kouiji: sorry wrong door

He close the door slowly and ran as fast as he can to his next interview

With a heavy heart he look at the notice on the ad

Kouji: it's already dark and this is my last job I guess I have to call back this one doesn't work

The location was bit weird it was a open lot with a small box container office in the middle

Their was a to be sold sign on the side of the road

Kouji: guess this is it

He open the door and it open up to a very furnish office he went inside while looking back at the way he got in its little big inside or maybe it's just my imagination

A large round guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt smiled at him in while sitting on his desk

Round guy: Wellcome

He was wearing a large retro sun glass covering his eyes and from his appearance he is around fifty or six years old with hair only on his arms and chest his head part seem to be almost at its last strands

Kouiji: I'm here for the part time job

He pointed at the sofa and spoke

Round guy: just relax and have a seat please call me Steve I'm the director of this company

Kouji: I'm Kouji Misaki nice to meet you I'm here for the job of being extra on your projects

Steve: yes yes I see you look like you can handle the job yes yes I see

He pointed at my side were a glass of water was place

Steve: have a drink

Kouji: um thank you

He started talking about the job that I was gonna do it was a extra on a movie he is making and as I look around the room I can seen Sci fi posters all around us and the spaceships and costume was amazing yet I never seen any of it came out on any cinema it must be a on video only sale in other words it a B movie production, he said he has a staple fan base so no worry his movie does sell

Steve: so are you interested the pay may not be that good but I'll be letting you live in our crew dorm with transport so you could go to school any time you want to no worry my schedule is flexible so are in?

Kouji: if you willing to add some box much lunch with that I would do any stunt you tell me to do

Steve: yes yes I see that's good so after you sign this contract their will be a bus waiting for you out side

Kouji: we start today?

Steve: yes yes time is money so please hurry my staff is being paid by the hour so if you mind

He place the weird looking pen on Kouji hand and pointed at the document on the table

Kouji: the last panel has a smear of ink to it I can't read the words on it um wait this one seem to read danger?

Steve: oh sorry that was my bad this was a mist print it seem the printer print head is broken and no worry that reads to make sure your safe from dangerous accidents

He smiled and pointed at document again

A sound of horn was heard from out side

Steve: their waiting please

Kouji started signing all four panel of the document up to the last

Steve place the document into his drawer desk and a sound of a text tone came out from his table and the a he took out a card from the other side desk of the table

Steve: yes yes it came out nicely here you go that's your ID card please don't lose it their expensive plus it's your room key now now the bus is waiting please I'll be coming to the site after a hour I'll be setting the armada crew for our first recording

Kouji said thanks started walking towards the door

Steve:break a leg

He smiled waving his hands

As I walk outside there was a bus waiting for me and looks like the crew was already in costume the alien driver looks awesome and the robot look so real and they even started practicing their line cause all I can hear was alien language it was so cool I think I'm gonna like this job.

Side B

Captains log 568K6O

This is Captain S3V DIOU

We are the guards men of this protected system V4U

This is one of the last under develop colony as it local calls it Earth

It's inhabitants has not matured yet to be able to travel to space as one of the rare race that still in its infancy we the guards men are appointed to keep unwanted warlord in en slaving the unprepared earthlings and other planets that has less technological achievements

With our artificial wave form transfer each our base are link to each other giving us chance to guard all protected systems but dire time has come a large armada with undesirable numbers just gate out from Saturn and made a base of operation there but due to a non contact law we are not able to get near the solar system for each planet there is a property of its own first inhabitants so I can't enter their system

We already place a space line perimeter around this system yet they were able to gate out how can that be

This is not good earth is not ready for space yet

I guess this is the time to use the hero protocol

S3V: computer find the most clueless person on that planet and make sure he fits the requested by the Council

Commander: we are ready to gate behind the moon cloak field ready

Main base has detach from the space line belt

Computer: hundred sixty subjects found

S3V: narrow it down to best combatant

Computer: twenty subject found

Commander: generator on full burst open gate

S3V: find one that will look good on a military uniform

Computer: Five found

Commander: Gate in

S3V: find the cheapest candidate



The people in the room look at the captain with cold stare

Computer: One found

S3V: what?

Commander: nothing sir um ..... gate out

S3V: computer link to the earth satellites and find our chosen hero

Computer: target found

S3V: On screen

Computer: all information of the subject is now loaded into your brace fiber

S3V: Nice he fits the role well .. computer ready me a scenario that will allow us to recruit him in a minimum budget

The staff look at the captain with cold stares again

S3V: OK now the hero protocol was not give a budget by the Council cause they never think that anyone could past thru the space line so this special protocol will be deducted from my pocket money

Girl staff: cheapskate

S3V: OK fine computer find a way to add more budget to our hero protocol

Computer: Adding captain cheapskate program to protocol

Commander: stealth drones ready protocol commencing

Computer: drone fire

The drone fired a super heated plasma snipe at a light post dropping it on the middle of the street

Computer: target has left the vehicle and now on route to the learning facility opening a stealth gate subject is now on the training ground on the ship and is now set to mimic street area that the subject was taking route and now place on a loop

S3V: OK that a good start now what's next?

Computer: now the captain will go there and steal his bag

S3V: huh why me?

Computer: we are using the cheapskate hero protocol

Before the the captain could react the staff gave him the cold stare again

S3V: Fine don't expect any bonus this year

Commander: but you never give us any bonus pay

S3V:but what about the cake?

Staff: that was from your ex wife

S3V: and the chocolate

Commander: that was from me

S3V: Wine?

Computer: we confiscated that from a arms dealer

S3V: I didn't know that aaaaah fine but why do the captain have to do grunt work

Commander: cover your body with this please

S3V: it feel weird

Computer: gate in captain in janitor suit

S3V: Eh what?

Commander: good hunting sir

S3V: wait why em I on the air aaaah !!!!!

He drop on front of Kouji bumping him to the ground

S3V: nice even with such impact he still OK we got a winner now for the bag

Kouji: ahhh Sorry..

Kouji was push back upon impact and the captain reach his hand towards him

Kouji: Sorry I was not looking don't worry I'm fine

S3V: sorry kid this is for the sake of your race

He grabbed the bag started to run away

S3V: computer hurry gate him out

Computer:Kouji gate out gate in captain

S3V: so what I miss

Staff Girl: this fell wrong somehow

Commander: sir permission to punch your face

S3V: it's not my fault the computer made me steal his bag

Computer:, don't blame the AI I'm just using your cheapskate hero protocol

S3V: hey I'm the one gonna be paying him

Staff: sir why are you holding his wallet

S3V: well to tell you the truth we don't have any earth money so

He turn around spoke

S3V: OK time to finish my task ready the room computer

The captain gate out while whistling

Commander: the cheapskate is on route ready the combatant on the drop ship equipment delta configuration OK let's finish this

After they fired few more rounds and use transfer to stop Kouji from getting any jobs

At the last stop they place a drop ship clock in for of a small container box office and there the captain in costume was waiting

The room was a hologram created to look like a producer office and there they made him sign the hero protocol contract with a special DNA pen that confirm the following contract.

Fist sign

With this sign I pledge my loyalty to the Council of united planet and now become part of the guards men

Second sign

With this sign I have become the sole representative of my own race and will become it permanent benefactor and guardian our species

Third sign

With this sign I am now the owner of this system and any legislation on event that unfold to its shall need my approval or it shall not be valid

Fourth sign

With this sign I shall depend this system to my almost being from any dangerous entity that wish to harm it

Upon signing this the hero protocol is approved

Kouiji was given the authority badge disguise as a employee card and now with the representative from other world he get on a gate ship disguise as a bus going to gate out on the ring of Saturn and it's final destination is the guards men battle base on one of its moon