Chapter 1:

Wing men

Kounji No B Movie (Creating a B Movie)

 Side A

Dear mother I have finish my registration everything is find here I'm now working on a film studio as a part timer were doing a Sci fi movie and the costume are amazing even for a low budget production it seem they have talent in making props cause this space station look so real it's so big as if I was really inside the real thing the pay is so and so but they are willing to let me use the set as my real room I can see space from my window it's awesome the only downside is the food kinda looks like frozen ice cream bars they do taste like pork and some like chicken in most of the time but every one is nice to me and for some reason calls me leader or lordship the actors here are to into their character some of them doesn't even take off the costume man talk about dedication it must be hot inside those rubber suit and my assistant is a RC control flying brain he's cool but I haven't meet the person controlling it and his voice over is so real that it feel like I'm talking to a real flying brain bye for now oh before I forgot I got rob on my first day in the city everything was taken from me except my registration card phone and my student ID but no worry with this job I'm OK now

Kouji now is on the bus with the other actors and he seem to be having fun just looking at their costume

Tentacle alien: Waka Waka wuma err gua?

Kouji: I'm sorry I don't have my script yet

Tentacle alien took out a metal ball from its pocket and gave it to Kouji and it bust like a bubble upon skin contact

Tentacle alien: So now do you understand me man

Kouji: um yes

Tentacle alien: oh that is good man your our main boss man please call me ¥€$£€¥ ah wait scratch that just Joe is OK for me oh the other boss man told me to give you this

Kouji: tablet thanks so my scripts are in here

Joe: oh the orders yes all there we kept the whole thing to earth standard tech just for our boss man

The robot guy beside us started to speak

Robot guy: what lovely curves you have there such simple operating system it so innocent it feels like a crime to interface with it

Kouji was bit weird out but the guy inside the robot costume cause he felt like the guy was trying make moves with the tablet the he is holding

The other robot beside him some with a girl voice while giving the other robot guy a whack on his abdomen

Robot girl: please forgive my husband he is bit of odd ball a likes to cheat by interfacing with other AI

She gave him another punch on his abdomen again

Robot girl: hey dust for brain stop dis respecting his lordship ah by the way I'm Mary and this one is Colin we are from the Irian nebula system

She punch him again

Colin: please stop punching me my casing is delicate my self repair can't keep up with your punching

Mary just shut up and just blow up already

The two couple started arguing again while Joe beside me started laughing

Joe: these two Crack me up by the way Kouji do you know these two use to be famous comedian three hundred years ago before @&$# empire enslave their world now they work as hired guns

The two stop arguing And spoke in unison

Idiot couple: what do you mean "use to be" were still famous!!! We did a come back just a year ago!!!!

Kouji just laughed with Joe after that, he seem to be having lots of fun by talking with the people around him

After that the every person on the bus started to start conversation with Kouji even thou they mix their live with the script of being a alien he learn their back ground and hardship they went thru while working with the film industry and the most amazing background was armour knight robot that claim to be once a ruler of a planet with he pointed out as like Kouji

Kouji: I'm nothing special there is a trillion of me every were in this world and no better that you guys

As he said this world everyone became silent for few second and Joe spoke

Joe: boss man I happy to see a person that see me as equal I'll gladly sacrifice my life for you

The armour knight look back and whisper

Armor knight: my existence may still be needed

Kouji: thanks I promise to work hard for the success of this produ...

And as he was finishing his sentence the bus stop and they wear on location already

As the door open Kouji tablet turn on and there Steve was on the camera waiting for him to response

Steve: hey hey can you hear me?

Kouji: yes but we're is my script?

Steve: there is no script


Steve:there is no script

Kouji:I heard you but why?

Steve: have you watch a reality show?

Kouji: yes you mean Big sister

Steve: yes yes something like that this Sci fi show is like that everyone is just give a role and the actors need to act as they please and my crew will just create scenario for you guys to act on

Kouji: so I'll just go with the flow and hope to make everything go as you make it

Steve:yes yes that's my boy you got it so there is no main actor your all the stars in my show so the better your rating is the bigger your pay is so work hard and by the way that speech inside the bus was epic your point went up by ten already

Kouji face became red

Kouji: you were watching?

Steve: everyone was we got the galaxi er mean the fan site screaming your name already even my staff adored you

Kouji: you


Kouji: just make sure that your paycheck doesn't bounce back

Steve: no worry I already has four years worth


Steve:sorry I was just talking to my self


Steve:ok everyone is ready go break a leg

There was a toilet in the back of the bus were Kouji chance into his movie costume

Kouji: this is well make it has light and sounds and everything as if the all the prop that came with the box was all real

He was curious on what the touch screen panels around his arm but he was reluctant to touch them due to the reason it may already free program for the show

Kouji: OK I can do this let's work hard no to get fired

As he walk out the bus door he saw a majestic seen unfold around him it was a space dock as big as a stadium and as he look around he saw a large number of large and small space ships around him the detail was amazing everything look so real

Kouji: I guess I better do this right

As he look back he notice the bus he was riding on was already attached to a drop ship prop and he said to him self they did all this just to ad realism to the story I guess they might have a lot of sponsors

Everyone in the bus was already in line waiting for him were he saw Steve wearing a captain uniform

Commander: salute

They all salute as I walk down stair and there Steve was in the center with his commander and a lady robot beside him

Kouji was surprise to see the producer acting in his own movie but as it seem the camera is already running he went with the flow and acted on his role

Kouji: I Kouji representative this system race and all its planet welcomes you

Steve: I S3V DIOU the captain representative of the United council guard men welcomes you to our battle base and we here to ask this system representative to give us permission on entering your system and as does permission to counter strike the incoming invasion

Kouji: permission granted

Steve: shall I guide to your quarter were we shall view the these brave soul fight for your territories safety please come with me

Kouji: Sorry my dear captain I to shall fight please allow me to borrow one of you fighters so that I could join the battle

After I delivered that line the whole station seem to have stop

People around me pause and started to look at my direction

Kouji was thinking ah was that to dramatic please stop looking at me I'm already trying so hard to keep a steady expression I know that was to cheesy

Kouji look at Steve and he could see a lot of perspiration coming out from his head it was the same with the commander beside him

Joe: that our boss man he is the real deal glory to Kouji!!!

Ah thank you Joe for saving me I was about to cry soon you may look like a Tentacle alien but I feel in my heart there is a great guy inside that thing

All the other people that in line cheered my name and in that moment the armor knight walk towards me and kneel down and spoke

Armor knight: you have broken my resolve I Noir shall accompany you even in the after life

This guy is good I bet inside that thing is a old veteran actor OK I need to do this right this was the what Kouji was thinking

Kouji: please stand up we are all brothers in arms as I say race or authority is nothing for us

Kouji turn around to Steve and spoke

Kouji:Captain please show me to my ship we need to make haste the enemy is still gathering their forces in front of the gate so if we act now we might able to close it before they could get all their forces in this system

With trembling for he said

Steve: yes s er

we started the briefing at the command room were they gave us information about enemy forces at first the formation that they chose was all guard fighter will be place on a reverse cone in front of my attack vessels but I ask the to change it to arrow formation with me in a fast fighter solo light armour with pulse active torpedo with twenty my of the people on the bus will do a blitz attack and do bombard on the gate rings for one right attack will permanently close it

Kouji got this idea from one of his favourite Sci fi movie that he watch when he was a kid

Joe: boss man you are the most fearless being I saw in my entire life if you say is true that you have a trillion more of you in your planet I'm scared to say your race may one day own the universe

Kouji: there is something much better than owning the universe

Kouji stretch his hand toward Joe and shake his tentacle

Joe: what this?

Kouji :This is a hand shake that extends my friendship to you

Joe: friendship

Kouji : friendship

Joe look at my hand and then my face after that he snap off one of his tentacle and gave it to me

Kouji: you are you going to get in trouble for that

Joe didn't speak and walk toward his ship while humming a cheerful tune

I place the small piece of tentacle inside on of my pocket this is so just in case he needs to glue it back again

Now walk toward my prop ship waiting for the director to say cut

Side B

Pilot : Valerie ship is ready the package is in board ready to gate in

Commander: mission control here it is a go sending you transfer coordinates quantum gate online ready to gate in three two one now

Pilot: Valerie ship gate out successful error dislocation is just my ten millimeters please advice free sync adjustment on next jump

Commander: mission control here thanks for the info please dock at gate twelve so how was the package?

Pilot: the supporters already acknowledged him as their leader and commander can I ask for a special transfer

Commander: I see I know it's gonna be war soon so you want to move to another station

Pilot: no sir I wish to be part of this war please update my status to fighter pilot

Commander: but you could die if you fight

Pilot: I know sir

Commander: wait till you bring the package here I give you a response after that

Pilot: thank you sir

The staff at mission control already know the reason why cause they were monitoring everything that was happening inside the Valerie ship

S3V: OK OK his here everyone get ready make sure to put more humanoid staff on the dock and everybody act normal we don't want to scare him

The captain was already sweating all over cause the base set up was obviously real he's already thinking of excuses just in case Kouji starts asking questions

He ask the commander to accompany him and the other was the less scary battle automata

S3V: OK everyone smile smile please don't let him know this is a war that be taking a lot of people's lives so the plan is simple we just need his authority to gain access to this system then after that we place him in a room were he could watch the battle from a safe distance

After that three went to the docking area were the ship safely landed

One after another the warrior representative of the free race came out from the ship

Noir: were fighting a armada and all they have is this you got to be kidding me

Noir walk with anger as it salute the captain before going into the line

Colin: Mary look look one our home world ship is here

Mary: how old is that thing

Colin: maybe same as you

Mary punch his guts

Mary: your older than me moron

Colin: oh really

Stupid couple started arguing while giving a salute and going to their line

S3V: is this the only people we could afford

Commander: shisss their doing this for free

Mission control staff: he's a moron

Joe: wa Wai this is boss man base little small but it is ok

S3V: ark a Baknoid I really don't want to talk to it

Commander: that's racist sir

With a force smile the captain salute him

Joe: ah the other boss man nice to meet you salute

S3V: yes yes please go

Commander: captain!

S3V: what?

Commander: captain!

S3V: salute

Joe: he he your not to smart other boss man

S3V: why I at ta

Commander: captain!

Joe: bye not smart boss man

Joe went to his line

The last one was Kouji

He stop for a while and look around him

S3V: we are so busted time for plan B

He took out a rod that sparks

Commander: what is that?

S3V: a stun rod

Commander: why are you holding it?

S3V: to stun him before he panics

The commander open his hand and spoke

Commander: please hand the rod to me and just do what the manual say

S3V: but?

Commander: no buts

Then the automata spoke

Automata: these soldier are already under his authority if you do any harm to him they be force to subdue you resulting in your death

S3V:but your here to protect me right?

Automata: one of the is a void knight

The Automata pointed at Noir

Automata: my chance of protecting you is negative fifty percent it far to strong for any of us in this base

S3V:ok I'll be good

The captain gave the rod to the commander

Kouji: I Kouji representative this system race and all its planet welcomes you

S3V: I S3V DIOU the captain representative of the United council guard men welcomes you to our battle base and we here to ask this system representative to give us permission on entering your system and as does permission to counter strike the incoming invasion

Kouji: permission granted

S3V: shall I guide to your quarter were we shall view the these brave soul fight for your territories safety please come with me

Kouji: Sorry my dear captain I to shall fight please allow me to borrow one of you fighters so that I could join the battle

After I delivered that line the whole station seem to have stop

What the heck did he say please someone help me with this as the captain look around in panic the whole room was flooded with cheers from all corners

Wait wait I can still salvage this S3V your the captain for a reason

So at the battle room S3V as the computer to advice a plan to make sure to keep Kouji safe

That was giving him the slowest and most sturdy ship they have and placing all the combatant in front of his ship and if the all the other ship fails he could gate out Kouji before the enemy could get near him

But as he explain their formation Kouji stand up a gave a orthodox idea were they will be using arrow head fighter for the mission and worse Kouji will lead them in front

Arrow head (Light fast scout fighter)

It's casing is ultra light metal nearest to the metal called aluminium in earth that has it fitted with one of the drop ship engine giving it speed beyond normal fighter ship only draw back is it fuel reserve is bit small due to its size plus it armour is so weak that a normal hand pistol can penetrate it's outer shell only good thing about it is its turbo plasma cannon that could easily disable mid size battle ships and it's special payload compartment that could carry one mid size torpedo

The veteran often call them the warriors coffin for it high chance of never coming back once you use it

Now what do I do now the Council gonna have my head for this

S3V: commander

Commander: yes

S3V: remember the house on planet 645H12

Commander: yes

S3V: cancel my payment

Commander: yes sir