Chapter 8:

Reunion and War 2

The Nobleman's Holo

The two noblemen looked at each other and noded, signifying they were down to kill anyone they had to, “Yamato go after the others leave this one to me.” The intimidating one said “sure thing Saga, as you wish.” The second said obediently and rushed at Rain and her group, “okay here it goes, eyes of god – awaken, seven seeing eyes – open, eye’s of foresight – open, evasion,eyes of replication – open, Nature’s predation – wind blade’s, double edged twin chains, he’s a kin he’ll be strong, I’m not taking chances am going all out.” Rain went with her usual technique but this was different, this time it was a chain, formed with air element, with sharp blades attached on the double sides, “a nature magic so it’s true you have the seeing eyes, a very rare ability, only 4 people in this whole world have this very ablility, plus you, make that five my mistake, now shall we go, Nature’s predation – earth blade, executioners axe, let have a go at it then.” The kin had the same Nature’s magic as Rain but he used an axe made out of mud, after the summoning the men Payne came with rushed at the kin without second thought he slashed their throats, “you monster, you’ll pay.” Rain attacked with her chains and he anticipated every of her moves, he attacked her and she avoided them with her evasion abilities, she told Quinn to go hide, she attacked with her chains attacked precise parts of his body taking out his knees, but he healed immediately, he laughed at her and told her the whole of nature sees her attack before she releases it, she thought of many possible strategies but none could help her against him, he took advantage of her idleness “Nature’s predation – Nature’s chain, vines and branches came at her and pinned her arms and legs down for the first time her eyes didn’t see an attack, meanwhile, when Payne noticed Rain was caught and tried to interfere but Saga pushed him back, “your match is with me not him, light and darkness wavers not my souls, death be the goal of they who go against me, I curse myself and I curse thee, if thou shall smite me, death shall be on our souls,I summon thee death scythe, weapon of the soul forged from my bones.”Bookmark here

After Saga chanted that, a demon brought forth a scythe and as he collected it the demon vanished, “I’ll just have to trust that Rain can take care of herself for now, Hellflame Mjollnir come forth.” Payne summoned his elemental weapon as usual, “ohh an element weapon, its oozing with blue flame and has sparks on it I’m guessing it’s fire and lightning affinity based, well it won’t matter since you’ll die.” They attacked at each other immediately the scythe came in contact with the Mjollnir it shattered to dust, “I can’t believe you broke my Mjollnir, but its no time to waver, mana overload completed – limitless.” He came on with his limitless and went at Saga, he broke the death scythe in Saga’s hands, “I can’t believe he broke Saga’s death scythe, this is trouble, well it doesn’t matter Saga already won from the beginning.” Yamato said, Rain already broke out of his trap and their fight had taken a very drastic turn, “but in this form Payne can’t be beaten, he’ll kill Saga, I also have to kill you.” Rain and the nobleman yamato stopped battling and started looking over at Payne and Saga’s fight, “it doesn’t matter whatever form he takes on, saga is the strangest kin in all pillars, he’s even stronger than the fourth and third pillars Supreme, he and the second supreme should be on the same level, your friend lost from the moment the fight started, Saga is a child of a kin from the first pillars kin and the sixth pillars Supreme, light and darkness, In between is life and death and Saga has the ability of death which means he cannot be killed unless only by a light user which is you, your seventh eye is the eyes of angels, which has light attributes, as you are now you are weak, you merely unlocked two eyes so the seventh is far, your friend is dead.” Rain felt a painful sensation in her chest, as she revised everything the kin told her and she thought to her self, “if what he’s saying is true, then Saga is only waiting for an opening for him to kill Payne, Payne’s limitless has no weakness but it has a limit and once it runs out he’ll be done for, as it is four hours are up, I have to finish up now, I can’t kill him, I’ll have to hinder his movement, I just need to stab the two ends of my chains into him.”Bookmark here

Rain was ready and her fighting stance changed she had just one thing on her mind restrict his movement, “there’s nothing you can do we’ve beat you clean.” Yamato said, convinced that they’ve won “I don’t remember our fight ending, I can’t drag this fight any longer.” Rain held her chains in the middle and pushed forward one end of the chains,yamato didn’t understand why she did it and so he just let it hit, it stabbed him on one of his shoulders he still went for an attack, she threw the second end,it hit the other shoulder and then, “I have you were I want you , wind affinity – hurricanic prison, compressed retaliation.” A replica of what she used on Payne appeared on the Nobleman, and she ran towards Payne, leaving the nobleman in the spiral prison, just as she got to Payne, she was far and she stood and saw Payne’s limitless fading gradually, “my limitless is fading,no matter how many times I kill this man, he just keeps coming back, I’ve lost movement in my legs this is my last strike, I’m sorry Rain and lugh I failed you, i use my last move, lightning affinity - judgement strike, the devil's punishment.” He aimed the punch of lightning straight at the heart of Saga, after that strike, his limitless faded completely, Payne fell on his knees, while Saga was on the floor, Rain ran to protect him but Saga stood to his feet again and straightened his hands, “you have entertained me well, now your death.” Saga was about to kill Payne and suddenly, “no, infinity wall, don’t..... harm..... him, you monster.” She put up a wall and even the wall couldn’t stop his strike, he broke through the defence,and pierced through to Payne’s heart, Payne coughed out blood and fell, seeing this sight Rain screamed in Pain and suddenly her all seeing eyes activated she vanished and appeared right were Payne was lying, “No, Payne, no, why did you do this.” She lifted him and put him on her lap, “No..... Don’t...... Cry...... I’, you......awakened........another........eye.......strong.........woman........indeed............” Payne passed out, Rain cried and cried and screamed, she went after Saga but he pushed her aside, Saga reached out for the door at lugh’s shelter and suddenly a strong force tears his hand away, he backed out and said “no worries I’ll just have to come back, for now I’ll need to meet someone.” Saga left without his fellow kin and rushed out of the divine forest leaving all in sorrow.Bookmark here

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