Chapter 7:

Reunion and War 1

The Nobleman's Holo

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19 years has passed since lugh’s slumber, and the present year was the year he was suppose to awaken, Rain was planning on relocating back to the Divine forest, Payne already was there, they were all so eager to see lugh awaken, Rain had made a shelter similar to the one lugh put up for her and Payne whenever they come visiting, she and Quinn made it through alot of training, they were both ready to leave when an announcement was made, “ information for one and all, a company of the fifth pillars ark kins and the fourth pillars ark kins would move through the region's of the demons to the boundary of the divine forest and as such a curfew is been put up for the whole of today, no trading outside demon region, enjoy the rest of your day.” There’s been a restriction in movements for the sake of the noblemen, Rains mind immediately became restless “I hope they haven’t found out about lugh’s resting place, I have to leave before the region’s gates are shut.” Rain and Quinn prepared all they needed for their journeys and headed towards the gates, on their way to the gate they ran into two guards and they were told to turn back, Rain then said to herself “can I use it, but am not ready, it’s a fifty fifty chance, but I have to be there in time.” Quinn was confused he asked her “Rain what’s wrong, what do you want to use.” Bookmark here

“It’s a new move I’m working on, I can move in-between places, any where I’ve been before, and anyone or thing i used infinity on before I can go there at will, but if not careful it comes with complications, if I open the wrong portal, we’re lost anywhere in this world and worse if I can’t put up the portal strong, and you go through it you might lose a bodypart, but it’s worth the gamble, I’m going to do it are you going to come with?” anywhere Rain uses infinity a portal is dropped and she can open it at will, but with much concentration, Quinn was scared after hearing the chances of coming out alive but he vowed to stay by Rain’s side because she was good to him, “I’ll go with you, even if I lose a hand or a leg I don’t care.” His mind was set “ okay let’s go, eyes of god – awaken, seven seeing eyes – open, eyes of replication – infinite portal.” Her pupil changed from the normal black color to a white, anytime she awakens the eyes of god, her eyes show seven different colours, which substitute at random, and any eyes she opens stops at one colour so does the substitution of the colours, “your eyes they’re beautiful, you had such an ability, wow, then your master must be a very strong person.” Quinn was shocked, after seeing her eyes, he couldn’t help but wonder how powerful lugh would be.Bookmark here

“nothing happened, eyes of replication – infinite portal, boundless doors.” An oval window with spiral movement of mana open and then “eye’s of foresight – open, clarity.” She then used the eyes of foresight to see through the mana and felt the mana of lugh, she then told Quinn to follow her, they jumped in and in a second they were in a void room with oval windowed spirals everywhere, “it can’t be that portal, it should be this one, it’s a gamble but I’ll still go for it, am not used to this power yet, Quinn this portal.” They jumped into the one she selected and they were at the divine forest, “ahh, we made it through I hope I don’t have to use that ability again, let’s go to Payne now. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the two Kins of both arks were almost close by “Yamato are you sure that the vessel is In this forest, because we were sent here to take him to the first pillar kins.” A voice so intimidating said “yes Saga, the spy I have in his kins group told me, he should still be in his deep sleep.” Another voice said, “Then we should head in.”Bookmark here

“Payne, Payne where are you, where did this idiot go now, let me go check on lugh.” She decided to go check on lugh she entered the shelter “ahh, he’s still asleep, it’s been nine years since I have seen you, just be quick and wake, danger is dripping near i can feel it, please wake soon.” She pictured when lugh was still around and how he helped her and she just thought to her self she wanted to help him, “what is a demi-human doing in the divine forest, you, what do you what with that shelter, move away or I’ll kill you.” A voice said,Quinn was scared that he couldn’t talk, “wait am minute I know that voice, isn’t that Payne, Quinn’s outside I have to go there now.” She rushed out and screamed don’t touch him you fool, I can see you haven’t changed one bit, still into fighting anyone.” Rain was happy to see Payne she ran and comforted him,”Hey, hey, I can see someone missed me, hahaha.” Rain punched him in the guts after he said that,”ooh, the impact, why did you come back this quick what’s wrong.” Rain explained what she heard in demon region and then, Payne assured her, they would fight off anyone who deared come near the shelter lugh was in, meanwhile the kins were already in the forest.Bookmark here

“hmmm, what is this I sense a large mana feeling in the heart of this forest, yamato let’s head for the middle of the forest”. They ran towards the middle of the divine forest, lugh’s resting place, “Rain, someone is coming and it’s an immense mana I feel, I think this will be a test of our strength, get the others we must prepare, I think they are two.” Because of his specialty in mana Payne could feel when a large mana entity was around, he sensed the two noblemen.Bookmark here

“Tatsuichiro, Ryouzou, tooru, shigemi, ryuuichi, five of you go with Rain and the demi-human she’s with, once they are here you guys go to the other half of the forest and take on the other nobleman, leave the first one to me, after this we can exchange pleasantries and names, for now everyone survive.”Bookmark here

The two men suddenly appear in front of Payne, Rain and their groups, “where is the vessel, if you tell us we will leave you without a scratch if not, you all die” the intimidating voice said “I think we’ll go with the second offer but a turn in word, your company will be the one to die here.” Payne replied.Bookmark here

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