Chapter 48:

A6P2: Envoy of Frost dwarfs

From Assassin to Demon lord

That evening Lizzie left for Dulitor with escort of ten level 90 elvish warriors from jungle and Crimson tribes. Their group was followed by one of assassin maids in Lizzie’s shadow.

The fact that Lizzie is pregnant made a lot of people happy. And some, like Miira and Yuki, started trying to get closer to me. People like Fia, Tomiel, Kyoko and Haba were luckier then anyone else ‘couse their job was closely tied to mine.

Tomi, shadow elf, whom I saved from being raped by ork, was keeping every woman who tried to get too close at bay.

I was just going to my alchemy lab when Tomi jumed from my shadow.

„My lord. We have visitors.“


„Group of twenty dwarves. They seem to be mixed group of mostly Frost dwarves and Silver dwarves. We also spotted some Coal dwarves between them.“

„Do you know what they want?“

„Acording to Greg Yu they are here to form friendly relationships with us.“

„I see. I allow them to meet me. In one hour time we will meet them. Also call Yiko Ox’rugro to came here. I want her to stand on my side with her new sword. Another thing, the audience will be hold by Miira this time.“

„Understood. I will tell the dwarves to wait for an hour and call miss Miira and miss Yiko.“

„Good. Go.“

With envoys from dwarven council state behind the doors I started preparing my gown.


The name is Zalum Mid Glasser. I am but a simple glasscutter. A month ago I got order from noble of Astenna kingdom to make crystal glassware set. That order was so crazy not even best of the best of our people couldn’t satisfy the noblemen. At that time one of the boys offended the noble and he declared that if we don’t give him what he wished for he will destroy the city.

When leaders in the council find out about it, they gave order to surrender the instant the army arrives… we, the dwarves of Amas city, can not overlook this. Open gates to the army and surrender? Never! Humans of Astenna kingdom only respect us as artisans and tools, but not as equals.

In moment of by greatest despair a young boy from elvish village to north from us brought marvelous items of extremely high quality. When we asked the boy where he got those beautiful items he simply answered: „My lord, whom I serve, send me and my friends to sell our ware which we made.“

Later I found out that the boy served Demon lord who destroyed northern Ork kingdom and founded Demonic kingdom Zaruul. The one who made those items was True fire spirit named Kaen, one of the first servants of the demon lord.

With all informations I had, we hold a meeting with leaders of the city and we decided that if we can’t make the absurd request we should request help of the demon lord, who took in many different kinds of people. Humans, elves, beastmen, demons, Orks, Ogres. They all lived side by side with little to no conflicts.

Our only chance of survival was to swear loyalty to the Demon lord. Living under Astenna kingdom would be same as living as slaves and our nation abandon us. Right now, we were alone.

„It’s time for you to meet the king of Demonic kingdom Zaruul,“ shadow elvish woman said from shadow she was hidden in.

„Thank you, miss Tomi.“

„Save your thanks to lord Zaru.“


We walked through dark gray metal doors. On one side of the door was picture of angel and ont the other side was demon. I was sure that I can’t displease the Demon lord. If I did, our city would be destroyed for sure.

Our group entered the Throne room. Works of magic always fascinated me, since I could not use it.

The throne before us was empty but two woman stood by it’s sides. One was undead type with a lot of flesh on her, she wore armor and giant black broadsword was stuck in ground before her. From her pose I could say that she could kill us before we would even blink. The other woman had black dress with glittering stones fixated into them. She had two pairs of black bird-like wings and black halo behind her head.

„Kneel,“ the black haired beauty said with cold glare.

All of us fell down to one knee.

„Our king is entering,“ the black haired girl spoke again.

I, in front of all our men payed close attention to everything around me, so when I heard light footsteps I got chills. If he could walk this silently that even I don’t hear him… then… he must be extreemly well trained.

„You are perrmited to gaze upon our king.“

I looked up and saw embodiedment of terror. From black mist, only pair of golden eyes and crown from gold and magic stones was gazing upon us.

„Welcome to main dungeon of Demonic kingdom Zaruul, my humble home. What brings you here dear dwarves from Amas city?“

Totaly frightening. Those were only word I could use to describe him. His gentle gaze and his nonchalant demeanor in combination with his pure power leaking from him send shivers to my back.

„M-my lord, we, the representatives of Amas city, came to you with plea.“

„What do you wish from our king?“ the black haired girl spoke.

„We would like to seek protection.“

„Hm… from who?“ the demon lord asked.

At that question I shook of my nervousness and told him the whole story. With fear that he would took my head instantly I looked at the demon lord on golden throne before me.

„I understand your situation, sir Zalum. We, the Demonic kingdom will aide you.“

„T-then please let us swear our undying loyalty to you!“

„Loyalty you say? I see… Fine, from now on you shall be my vasals.“

I looked at the demon lord, who now looked like normal human male, only with two pairs of black bat-like wings on his back.

I see, so this is his true form only those loyal to him can see. I will serve you with all I have!

„Lord Zaru! A messanger came!“

„What is it Filona?“

„Here. Read it!“

„What? Gurem kingdom? … …hm… I see. So they offer their vassalization? What did that kid wrote them?“

„Well she is the oldest princess after all.“

„I will give reply later. Give the messenger a room where they can spend a night.“

A vassalization of a country right before my eyes. What a sight to see. Yes the kingdom in question was the Petty kingdom of Gurem, but it was still a country of it’s own that was never conquered by any of the surrounding nations. I truly am amazed my king.

Tony Raven