Chapter 49:

A6P3: March to the south

From Assassin to Demon lord

In early morning of the next day we departed. As I never was in Amas city, I had to go with them to show me the way. And as we went I was turning the area around us into Dungeon area. The party was consistent of me, Yuki, Zalum (rest of the representatives stayed inside the dungeon), Kyoko, Tomi, five Tundra-wolfmen warriors, and ten Dragonnewts. Everyone in the party had storage slime on them, except Zalum, who is newbie.

Of course we did not walk. For this trip I summoned mounts. As most of my group used Prixens (unicorn-like monster with mane of fire) or Hell hounds, I rode a Fenrir.

As to why I summoned a Fenrir. That was decided with Yuki and Miira the day before.

„So we will ride there on magic beasts?“

„Yeah. I already summoned Prixens and Hell hounds, but it would feel weird to ride same beast as my subordinates.“

„Yeah, we need to show them that you are SUPERIOR Demon lord,“ Yuki said with a smile.

„Well, let me show you what we could summon.“

„So the DP… wow… we could have army of goblins in size of western nations population… still it’s not even half for a dragon,“ Miira chimed.

„Hey, how about Fenrir?“ Yuki sugested.

„That sounds good, but the DP will be just barely enough for one.“

„Then do it!“ Miira chimed again with smile on her face.

„Well, the thing is that there isn’t just one type of Fenrirs. There is white fenrir, which controls ice, black fenrir who controls lighting. Red one controls fire, Gray one can use darkness or light atributes, rarely both. And lastly there are yellowish fenrirs which controls earth and green ones who control wind.“

„Wait, wait, wait. Color?“

„Their eyes. The furr is usually white or black.“

„I’m for gray one. Darkness and light are pollar opposite, let’s test our luck,“ Miira smiled again.

I really should tell her that she’s not going…

„Okay. So gray fenrir it shall be!“


„My lord, are you thinking about something?“ the fenrir asked me through it’s skill called [Telepathy].

„Oh, it’s nothing. Sorry for worrying you partner.“

„You should. We Fenrirs make pacts with mortals only rarely. But I do suppose that you showed something incredible.“

You went stright for kitchen the moment I summoned you, you glutton! And when I tried to pull you off, you fired [Beam of anihilation] like’s nobody’s bussiness! We barely survived that! This gray eyed fenrir is really handful.

„Remember sausages when we return, yes, master?“

„Fifty kilos, I know.“

„Sir, we are getting closer to the city.“

„Thanks Zalum.“

The city before us was completly white. Not just by snow, but the color of walls was also white. The gate before us was three meters tall made from wood and coated with metal alloy. The city itself was actually a cover, used only by surface living creatures, of real city underground where the dwarves lived.

Zalum took out a medallion made from mithril and filled it with magic.

„This is… the best… I can do… with… magic… huff.“

„Take it easy, Zalum. You don’t have a lot of magic so try to keep it together until we get through the gates.“

„Yes… Your Majesty…“

As we get through the city walls, I got to see many different races. Elves, humans, dwarves, Shadow-walkers, wolfman, Kenkus and lastly Lionins from beastfolk and Blue-scale lizardmen, Cobraman and Snakemen from scalefolk.

We proceeded to the main castle, which served as town hall.

I went right to podium. As I was looking around the people, I could see that they were really tense. Except for wolfman whos eyes were glued to the fenrir sitting behind me.

„Fair people of Amas city. I heard plea of your leaders, and I promised them to protect you. Your own Head of state was willing to sell you to the human supremacist nation, the Astenna kingdom. As someone who lived there I can guarantee you that you would live there no better then slaves!“

Only humans could became nobles in Astenna kingdom, that is well known fact. Lizzie’s being receptionist of the guild was only thanks to the guild master. About 98% of all adventurers were humans as well and remaining 2% were adventurers from different countries.

Durell dukedom was probably the worst case of all. The current duke was regullarly attacking beastmen settlements on his borders with Wolfman Principality Valor to the south, which is the biggest nation of eastern part of small nations.

Next biggest state there is Primal dragon Theocracy, which is to south from Demon Spider Queendom, between the two are two nations, Scalefolk marquistate Wil and Carmen kingdom, which are on friendly terms with most of the smaller nations.

„I, Demon lord Zaru, king of Demonic kingdom Zaruul promise you to live freely under my leadership. I accept everyone no matter how you look!“

With that I had every member of my party to lower their hoods to show people our diversity.

„Whooo,“ cheers rose from people, mostly the beastfolk and scalefolk, not so much from humans.

„Of course I will not hold anyone here. If you want to leave this city, then do it in next three days.“

With that in those three days, around fifty people left the city. All of them were humans. Half of them headed east and half south.

„So messenger to capital was send last night?“ I asked Zalum.

„Yes, I send them with the group of humans who decided to leave.“

„I see. Could you tell me where I could find the group of elves I send here?“

„They were told about your arrival and will see you shortly,“ Zalum answered.

At that moment a knock on doors sounded through the room and Ruzu with Marco entered the room.

„Congratulations on your ascendent to the throne my King! It’s good to see you again,“ Ruzu said.

„Same to you Ruzu, Marco. I belive I send Jiiro and Ult with you, are they out?“

„No, I send them to city named Glu to west from here. It’s little worrying, becouse they didn’t reported yet.“

„Really? That’s not like them… I will go there to look into it.“

„Please do, I’m really worried about them.“

Next, I took from my magic bag a set of coins. One was golden, one silver and one bronze. All of them had on one side crown with bat-like wings and on the other were pictures. My profile on gold coin, skull with halo on silver coin and axe with sword on bronze coin.

„Zalum. Take these coins to metalworkers and have them made.“

„I assume these will be our new currency?“

„Yes. The exchange rate is 1 to 2 for Astenna gold mark.“

„I understood. I will report it to the metalworkers.“

After this conversation I left with my Fenrir for city named Glu. Thanks to the fast Fenrir, the way that normaly took few days took just few hours to us.

With sunrise, we made it to the city. And there, I felt anger like never before.

Jiiro and Ult were hunged from walls of the city.

I stopped controling my anger and the earth shook.

„Come to me my gnolls! Your summoner calls upon you! Destroy everything in your way and kill mercillesly!“

With that more then one hundread gnolls jumped from shadow of me and fenrir.

„We heed your call Your Majesty!“

„That city over there. Destroy it, don’t leave anyone alive. But before you kill all of them, bring the lord of the city here. Gnodo!“

„Yes, my lord,“ the leader of gnolls, the capitan of Near guard and leader of first group of gnolls I summoned, answered.

„Those two bodies on the walls. Bring them here we will cremate them and bring them to the mausoleum on lowest floor.“


The gnolls turned around and went against the city moving like shadows they destroyed barrier on the walls and stormed the city.

Before lunch time the upper city was in flames. All inhabitants dead.

The lower floor was constantly flooded with Blue magic and soon the people tried to escape with the mayor in lead.

„You are the mayor of the city?“ I asked.

„Who’s asking?“ he said angrily.

„I’m asking questions here!“ I barked at him.

The mayor backed off a little.

„Why did you order to kill those two young elves?“

„You mean those spies!? Why would I not kill spies of demon lord!“

„I see. They came to do bussiness and you killed them… Now… know despair. Your actions lead to destruction of your city! The death of your people is on your hands!“

„Wh-who are you?“ the mayor asked frozen with fear.

„You’re asking that now? I am the demon lord who send them here to do bussiness. You killed my people… and for that you will feel pain of thousand deaths ‚Soul chain eater‘!

I activated the spell and watched the man cry in agony.

„All units! Destroy the city and don’t leave anyone alive!“

„Yessir!“ The gnolls answered in union.

After two hours everyone in upper and lower cities was dead.

The gnolls returned with their amphoras full of blood wine. After cremation of Ult and Jiiro I took their ashes in urns I created with earth magic and put magic seal on them.

„Now, rest my brave warriors. Your time is over, return to your ancestors and drink wine and beer with them until the end of time. We who stay here in this dirty world will never forget your bravery until the day we meet again on the other side.“


„It’s okay now…“

The fenrir put her head on my shoulder and licked my cheek.

„With the seal their souls will not be trapped here and will not become undead.“

„Yes. They can rest now.“

With that I took the urns and put them to the magic bag.

„Master I have a request for you.“

„What is it?“

„Would you gave me a name?“

„You want a name? But that would bind you to me for eternity you know?“

„Yes. But I belive that you will need your mount longer right?“

What is she trying to do?

„Fine, when we get back to the city I will give you a name.“

„Thank youuuuu! I will finally get to eat like a civilizied person!“

So it’s all about food in the end!

Tony Raven