Chapter 1:


Another death

"Despair, paranoia, sadness, life has no meaning anymore" the boy named Andrej thought to himslef, recalling his melancholic life, before jumping off the balcony of his apartment in an attempt of suicide.

"Maybe this is for the best, its not like anybody would miss me" these thoughts ringed in the boy's head while he was falling to his death, "Just a little more" he repeated as faint images of a empty parking lot, then the sounds of an ambulance rushing, then the screams of the doctors as his pulse was slowly fading away, "Just a little more and this hell will finally be over" he repeated as his heart beat less and less, until his heart had stopped beating and he closed his eyes for the last time.

His body floated through a infinite black void, "Maybe this is hell" "Is this my punishment for taking my own life" are just some of the thoughts passing through the boy's head, he continued to float in the emptiness, until a bright flash of light opened his eyes...... "Huh!! What is this, why am i alive suddenly? why cant i die like normal?" he thought, awakening in the body of a three-year old child in a small backyard full of lush green in what looked like a typical seventeenth century village backyard.

"Wait what is all of this? Why am i here?" the boy, now child thought, for a moment he felt afraid, but that was replaced with curiosity as he was looking at his surroundings and his soft, small, child hands. "Is this real? No i must be in some sort of a coma" he convinced himself, until he heard a soft woman voice calling a name.


"W-what is happening, who is calling me?" he got on his little, unstable feet and walked towards the source of the voice, there he saw a beautiful figure of a young woman with white hair and blue eyes like the sea.

"Oh there you are" the woman exclaimed.

"I guess she must be.."

"I am here mother"

"Ooh how cute you are!!" Mother exclaimed as she hugged me.

"Heeey Andrej!" shouted a man with a really developed body and long black hair

"Then he must be my father then"

"Your friend has come to see you, you go and play a little with her heh"

"Really father, you are alluding that to your three year old son"

"Okay" he exclaims as he heads towards the house with his mother, there he saw a girl around two years older than him in a black coat with brown eyes and with long ginger hair

"Ooh she is preety, okay you can do this you had a girlfriend before all the things went wrong"

"Katarina hey!! here is Andrej!" his father shouted.

"Oh god could you be any louder" he thought "Okay focus! remember all the tricks about girls you used before everyone shunned you away"

"Hey!" he called to her.

"Here i am i want to show you something awesome!" she exclaimed taking him by the hand as he got red as a tomato, he didnt expect things to go this fast.

"Woah what is that" he said looking at a scarecrow at a neighbour's farm "It's a scarecrow how do you not know that" at that moment he felt a little embarased and said what first came to his mind.

"What now?"

"Lets break it down!"

"You know i kinda like this" he thought while kicking the fence and the scarecrow until it fell down and then both of them sat on the scarecrow and just talked, Katarina was really open and talkative while Andrej was just red and nervous and barely managed to spill out two words at a time

"Dont be afraid nobody will find out" she told to him "Just relax Andrej"
After some time they both returned home all dirty from messing around and playing.

"See you tomorrow Andrej!" she exclaimed, Andrej nodded before storming inside of his house.

"You know... maybe this is not half bad, whatever this is i kinda like it, maybe i should enjoy it a little more"