Chapter 2:

First contact

Another death

"It's been one and a half years since i got reincarnated here, its not that bad i am slowly getting accustomed to living here" Andrej said to himself while lightly stretching after a good night's sleep.

"Olga! Go get Andrej, he still hasn't woken up!" shouted Kiril, Andrej's father who was worried about him to the point of checking if he was still breathing every hour.


Olga opens the door of Andrej's room and sees him slacking off in his bed.

"It's time to get up slacker!" she said and started tickling him while he laughed and tossed around in his bed.

"Okay, okay, i give up!" he said through laughs "Okay just hurry up or breakfast will get cold" she said.

"Ooh i hope its the "special gulash"" he prayed while getting dressed.

He went to get breakfast when he heard some noise coming from the backyard, he looked through the window and saw his friend Katarina floating beside the window looking really happy "Andrej! Look what i learned!" she shouted excitingly before hitting the window and nearly breaking it.


"Oh shit i accidentally thought out loud"

"Hey! It happens to everybody" she said annoyingly.

"I didn't mean it like that!" he assured her "But will you teach me? Please"

"Of course!"

"Andrej! Come already!" yelled his father Kiril loud enough that the entire house started shaking.

"Uhh, i have to go now"

"Okay i will wait for you outside"


Andrej ran down to the table where his mother and father waited for him to eat, on the table was cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables which really excited him.

"I'm here"


"We didn't want to eat without you, especcialy your father"

"He is a man he needs to be strong"

"Thank you, let's eat"

"So, how's it going with Katarina huh" his father whispered to him.


"It's going"

"That should be enough for him" he thought, and instantly went for the food, especcialy the meat and the cheese.

"I'm full!" said Andrej after he finished eating and he runned out of the house not even closing the door behind him.

"Take care! Remember to come home before the night" shouted his mother.

He arrived at his and Katarina's usual hanging spot, a lonely wooden bench where they would spend their time talking about a lot of things.

"You know, i will start going to magic school soon"

"Ooh, thats cool"

"Of course! I want to learn magic so i can become an Adventurer"

"Ooh i am learning some new things"

"What are those?" he asks her
"Adventurers are people who travel to far away lands, slay big monsters, earn a lot of money and stuff like that"

"Very, very interesting"

"I want to become an adventurer too!" he shouted to her

"But first you must learn the basics of magic"

"Will you show me?"

"Of course, floating is the best starting point, so let's start with that"

She said and started gathering mana around her feet, and slowly rising from the ground.

"Let me try" he calmed himself down and jumped but nothing happened instead he rolled down the hill until he hit a tree.

"Whaat why?"

"Ahahhahahahaha" laughed Katarina as she flew towards the tree where he landed.

"No no you have to gather mana around your feet in order to start floating"

"Mana? What is that?" he asked her.

"Basically mana is the life force of all living beings in the form of energy" she started her explanation "all creatures naturally leak mana and it stays in the air around us, but by feeling the mana in the air and controlling it us humans can use it in a lot of different ways, like floating by gathering it around our feet"

"And how do i do that exactly" Asked Andrej annoyingly.

"It's all about focus, by focusing you can feel the mana around you and you can also redirect it if you focus on your feet" she explained "Now you try, its not really that hard"

"Okay, here goes nothing" he said and tried to focus and feel the mana around him, but the delicious meat was the only thing on his mind, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get it out of his head.

"What are you thinking about idiot!" she shouted and hit him on the head.

"Looks like im thinking about food too much"

"Let's try again tomorrow"

"Okay, see you"

"See you too"

Andrej headed home trying to focus his mind on mana and floating.

"Hello son" said Kiril, but Andrej ignored him and just went to his room, all that was on his mind was floating.

"Dear, what's up with him?" Asked Olga, worried for her son.

"It's probably nothing much, leave him be, if he stays that way i will check up on him"

Andrej locked his room and sat on his bed, still thinking about mana and floating.

"Olga, it's been four hours, he still hasn't answered, let alone come down, that's it im going to check on him"


Kiril ran up the stairs shouting Andrej's name, but Andrej still didn't answer focusing on the mana around him he finally gathered it around his feet and he floated above the ground, ecstaic he flew out of the window into the backyard.

"Mother, Father, Katarina! I did it! I'm flying!"

"Kiril dear look! He perfected flying in one day!"

"I knew he was my son!"

"Woo Andrej! You are awesome"
He felt even more happy after being showered in all the praise that he forgot to keep focusing and fell face first into the dirt.


"Ahahahahaahahahhhahah" everyone started laughing at his little fall.

"Congratulations" Olga and Kiril told him.

"You are amazing, it looked so easy with you"

"Ehh ehh now now"

After that they all went to have dinner together.

"You know, i never imagined myself saying this ever again, but my life, its getting better and better!"