Chapter 14:

The conversations of Vampires

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

As we walked back to safety I listened to glimpses of their conversations.

Elvira was talking to Kayin, “I’m going to bang the alpha.”

“Good for you,” He said, not caring.

“No really I’m going to do it. Just because I want to know what it will feel like.”

“I can’t imagine it being any different.”

“How the fuck would you know?”

Kayin just sighed in response.

I chuckled softly and listened in to Katsu and Shizuka.

Shizuka asked Katsu, “Do you think we’ve left behind any other teenagers who need help? I know we rushed because we were in danger and didn’t have too much time to think, but I think we should have thought harder.”

Katsu shrugged, “Probably but honestly my other brothers and sisters are there. The purebloods are defenceless even if they don’t like to admit it.”

“That’s true…” Shizuka sounded as if she were in deep thought. What a headache she must be feeling.

Katsu sounded tired, “Maybe we should have taken more of the vampires. I guess these three are enough though… They certainly are a lot.”

I smiled and I had to agree the purebloods were all so different and were such big personalities. I picked up on Elvira teasing Kayin about being a virgin. It was funny but when I looked back at Kayin I couldn’t see it. Sure he wasn’t as beautiful as the prince but he wasn’t ugly that’s for sure.

“Come on Kayin isn’t that ugly, surely he’s been laid,” I butted in and looked to Caelestis for back up.

He had an amused expression on his face, as if somehow, without saying anything, he had caused this whole conversation. Kayin was angry, I guess it had been a long day for him too and this was the last thing he expected to be dealing with.

“‘I want a meaningful connection’ ‘sex is love making’ you sound like an old woman,” Elvira mocked.

I couldn’t help but giggle a little, maybe I had similar values to Elvira without even knowing.

Katsu crossed his arms while he walked, butting in to defend his fellow nice guy, “Don’t you guys have anything better to talk about right now?”

“Let them,” said Shizuka, “It’s better than being grim.”

Katsu shrugged, “I suppose.”

Elvira kept teasing her brother. I took this time to walk up close to Caelestis. “Do you think you are more like your brother or sister?” I asked, trying to be subtle.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Is it something you do for fun or is it super important?”

He took a second before responding, “Both.”


“For fun but it can have its purposes.”

“Purposes being love or…?” I titled my head to the side.

“Mostly no,” he said sternly.

I said nervously, testing the waters by being honest, “Hmmm… well I’ve only ever had sex for fun not for any … other reason.”

“That is fine,” Caelestis’ tone was so neutral I didn’t know what to make of it.

I looked up into his eyes but I couldn’t get anything out of him. If he was judging me I couldn’t tell, I guess that is how royalty judges. Without showing their true feelings. Or he was interested, maybe even impressed. It could have really been anything.

“So mysterious aren’t you?”

Caelestis didn’t look down at me, “If you want me to be.”

I squinted at him, “You’re so hard to read.”

“Like a Shakespearean play,” Caelestis said melodically.

I giggled, “See, always changing, you’re serious and villainous then you're funny. But always you give away little information. You just want people to ask for more huh?”


I smiled, “Maybe I talk too much though.”

Caelestis’s voice softened, “Not at all.”

I clenched my fists tightly to keep the nervousness from my voice, “You sure? I don’t know. I just never know how to talk to vampires so I just keep saying everything.”

Caelestis said calmly, “We don’t speak a special language or anything, just say what you like. The response varies from person to person as it does with any other species. Don’t be so overly nervous.”

It was hard to not to be nervous considering how much I already knew about his family and how amazingly powerful he had the potential to be. It was very humbling.

“It’s just kinda weird sometimes considering that vampires are so rare.”

“I guess I can see it from your point of view,” it seemed I hit a sore point for him there. It was painfully aware of how few numbers he had I guess.

“Right now I’m like hyper aware because I’m transporting you guys across the forest and I know what it would mean if you were killed.”

Caelestis looked around, “Best we be careful from here on.”

“Don’t worry these guys will protect us,” I told him.

I looked around at the wolves running in formation around us. They were doing a good job and I knew they were using their ears and noses so that they would be aware of everything around them. I also noticed Elvira poking Kayin at random times and Kayin just accepting his fate and enduring the poking.

“I guess we'll just have to see how it goes,” Caelestis looked back at Elvira and Kayin and sighed.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Fine. Just amused at how quickly everyone has recovered.”

“Your sister seems on edge and is taking it out on your brother,” I reassured him.

“That must be it…” he said softly.

I held his hand, “She’ll be ok.”

He didn’t react much to having his hand held but I hoped it was a comfort.

“How much further?” he asked.

We had crossed over onto our lands a while back, “Not too much further.”

He nodded and we walked quietly. I was nervous, oh so nervous, to show him my pack. I hoped he would find it as impressive as I wanted him to. The mansion was modest in comparison to the Hirasawa mansion though I’d argue that we accomplished a lot more. Still aesthetics were very important to a vampire.

Slowly but surely we made it to the mansion, rustic with it’s vines and red brick. The wolves that were with us dispersed, being as exhausted as I was. I looked nervously at the others as if to ask, what do you think?

“Surely this place is inhabited by myth hunters,” Shizuka said with a judgemental tone.

I was completely insulted by her. How dare she, I was taking her in, giving her refuge. What was she trying to say about the place that was offering her safety? If she didn’t like it she could go back home, or right it was actually her home that had been overrun with vampires, not this place.

“Fuck no,” I said trying to contain my rage, “this is my home.”

I opened the door for them and caught Shizuka saying under her breath, “Well our home basically has been.”

What a stupid bitch, I had half a mind to toss her back out but Caelestis had brought her for a reason. Did she think that I couldn’t hear her dumb comments, I’m a werewolf I can hear everything for better or worst.

Trying to ignore her I tried to gage Caelestis’ reaction. He looked pleased to be walking inside the mansion, maybe grateful though I doubt a vampire could ever fully express gratitude.

As we walked into the hallway Luna Racheal was standing there, “Varinia where have you been?”

She looked extremely worried, I started to explain, “Sorry Luna I-,” but she cut me off looking at the others, “Why hello … vampires and,” she looked at Shizuka and Katsu, struggling to get a read on them, “other myths. Welcome, I'm Luna Racheal.”

Caelestis stepped forward first and bowed respectfully, “I am Prince Caelestis and we are grateful for the refuge.”

I was shocked by Caelestis words, he had always seemed like he had a superiority complex at school. He was so polite, like a true prince. I was even more intrigued by him. Showing respect to werewolves after the wolves he had been surrounded with that was a feat.

The Luna bowed in response, smiling at his manners, “You’re more than welcome, the Blue Star pack is always open to you. Varinia show them to the guest rooms.”

Caelestis smiled politely in response.

“Yes Luna,” I led them further into the house.

Caelestis followed, close behind me, “How many people reside here?”

I looked up at him, “In the mansion, about 20 wolves … and a few of their mates which are minor myths.”

He sighed, “That is fine.”

“What do you mean?” I asked looking at him curiously but as always he gave away nothing.

“Nothing that should concern you,” he replied.

I couldn’t think of what would be the matter with the amount of people living in the mansion, maybe it was something culturally different. We walked past a living room where a bunch of the young males were hanging out, playing video games and mucking around.

“They’re so hot…” Elvira was positively drooling at the sight of them.

I laughed to myself casting my eyes across the room, I supposed they were attractive but I was too close with them to think that they really were. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Shizuka was trying to hide the fact that she was intimidated by them. I could have laughed at that too. I smiled to myself instead, finally understanding why Caelestis treated her the way that he did.

I led them up stairs and down a hallway, fresh bedrooms were made up just for guests in this wing of the mansion. “Take your pick of the rooms here, we will get some fresh clothes for you as soon as possible,” I told them.

They picked out bedrooms for themselves except Elvira who turned to me straight away, “Introduce me to the Alpha!”

She grabbed my arm and held it tight. I looked to Caelestis, raising an eyebrow at him to ask permission. He sighed and nodded, walking into a room and crashing on the bed.

“Ok then,” I muttered.

As I was walking to the Alpha’s office I supposed that it wasn’t weird that he met one of the vampires who were staying. Elvira, after all, was the pureblood Princess. I just found Elvira’s enthusiasm unnerving.

Technically speaking Eliva had already met an Alpha. Luna was just another name for a female Alpha, and in these times Lunas did have more power. Though I knew traditionally speaking what Elvira meant was the male Alpha. Honestly I barely interacted with him, I spent so much time with the Luna she was probably the one I saw as truly leading.

We arrived outside his office and I knocked on the door.

“Yes,” a low voice from inside said.

I opened the door to Alpha Minato. He was a very large man, more than a few scars present on his skin. An intimidating force. He looked to Elvira and I snapped into action, “Alpha Minato, this is Pureblood Princess Elvira.”

He nodded at her and looked to me.

“She and her brothers will be staying with us for a little while,” I said nervously.

“Nice to meet you,” Elvira bowed to him.

“And you,” he dipped his head, “I hope you enjoy your stay here and you are comfortable enough.”

I smiled, wishing for the same thing.

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