Chapter 15:


She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

I stood in the rose gardens behind the pack’s mansion, these gardens backed onto the forest and the wind blew that scent right through it. Caelestis stood beside me and it was difficult to believe that he was actually here with me. Sure a hideous situation had put him here but I couldn’t help but to smile.

“Somehow these have survived the werewolves,” I told him.

“Somehow,” the edges of his lips slightly turned upward, “Interesting I guess.”

“Yeah it’s pretty out here don’t you think?” I asked and took a big breath, the scent of the forest mixed with the roses was wonderful.

“It surprises me that they would have such a thing as roses here,” he said looking around.

“It’s actually quite a lovely experience smelling the roses in wolf form. Maybe it’s the same for you being a vampire.”

“And I’m sure that it's something these guys would enjoy…” A touch of sarcasm.

“Probably…” I trailed off, “How are you feeling?”

“I probably have the worst headache I’ve ever had.”

“I can imagine…” I chuckled, then added on a more serious note, “At least your siblings are safe.”

Caelestis’ voice was stern, “Ensuring the safety of the vampire purebloods is what’s most important to me, so it is a burden I’ll have to carry for probably the rest of my life.”

I could feel the weight in his voice, I could empathise a lot with it. Yet Elvira was to be a leader herself so I asked, “They aren’t accountable for themselves?”

Caelestis shook his head, “Not in a situation like this. In times of trouble, people like to put their hope in a leader.”

“Hmmmm…. Makes sense. And you're the first born I suppose.”

“Yep. Inherited responsibility.”

It sounded like my own mind speaking through a different body, one very tall and sexy. It was strange how little thought I had put into the fact that we would share the same struggles. I had always just seen him as hot. Why had I never recognised that we might have a connection that is somewhat deeper than attraction?

“Well I’m the only young female so… I’m getting some responsibility like that. Any advice?” I asked him looking up into those red eyes.

Caelestis looked down at me and said seriously, “Don’t develop any conflicting feelings.”

“Like?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“... I’m only saying,” he looked away, “you can’t fulfil a responsibility by suddenly waking up one day and deciding that you don’t agree with it.”

I smiled and twisted to meet his eye line again, “Do you have a secret?”

“What makes you think that?”

I smiled at him, “A wolf can smell a liar.”

“I don’t think I have any more than the average person.”

“But you're not an average person therefore making your secrets more important.”

“Nothing that would keep your interest, Varinia. Besides, I’m going inside. I’m exhausted,” he walked back inside the mansion.

I waved him goodbye and watched the sun descend into the night sky.

As much as I wanted to bug Caelestis I knew he just needed some space after the awful day he had. Besides, there would be time for everything tomorrow and likely for many days. He would be here for a while so I could take my time with him, no need to rush into anything. It would be a difficult thing to do, to seduce a prince. I had faith in myself, it’s not like he was repulsed by me. In fact he seemed to be slightly interested and that’s all I really needed.

So that night despite me wanting to spend time with my guests I got some of my lessons from the Luna done. I figured, while they were recovering from the day, I would take the time to catch up so I could have more free time later on. It was a lot of effort to concentrate, not only because Prince Caelestis was in the mansion but I was physically exhausted from all that running.

I was glad to see my bed at the end of the day and despite being tempted to creep into Caelestis’ I didn’t think I would have had the energy to be cute. I probably would have drooled or something.

That same dream haunted me that night. My mate, the one I loved more than anything in the world, he kicked me. Kicked me to the ground. But somewhere in my heart I knew he still loved me. He didn’t mean it, this wasn’t the real him. I reach out for his shadow shape and he steps on my hand, crushing the delicate bones.

I woke up in tears, clutching my hand. But in reality it's fine, I don’t have a mate and I’m not blinded by love. I’m able to make my own decisions.

My heart pounding, I wiped my face and got up.

These nightmares were not going to affect me, they just weren’t. I had something very exciting to do today.

Seduce the prince.

I put on some makeup, soft, natural but seductive eyes and lips. He could see me out of uniform so I wanted him to see my figure. I wore booty shorts and a cami, I wanted to show off the shoulders I had worked so hard for. With a dust of shimmer across my decolletage I was ready. I walked down the hall and into Caelestis’ room.

“How are you this morning?” I smiled.

He was already dressed, unfortunately, the pyjamas given to him neatly folded on the end of the bed. He looked over at me, his eyes lingered for just a little on my body before meeting my eyes, “I have a massive headache, but I’m reasonably ok. Yourself?”

“I’m fine,” I lied, “You guys are the ones in trouble.”

“It’s a pain.”

“Anything I can do for you?”

“Nothing reasonable,” he mumbled.

“Hmmmmm?” I lent in, raising an eyebrow, “it better not be de-virgining your brother.”

Caelestis laughed and I was so happy to see him do so after such a miserable experience, “I was kidding. You’re fine.”

I beamed at him and sat beside him on the bed, “There must be something though.”

“No,” his voice darkened once again, “it’s just a pretty hopeless situation we’re in.”

I sifted back through my mind to the classes on vampires. Headache, Caelestis had a headache. What came to mind were the symptoms of starvation for vampires. Dampening of supernatural abilities, fatigue, general weakness and of course headache.

“What about a little blood? To ease your stress,” I offered.

Caelestis perked up a little, “Maybe that might work.”

“Well, have a bit of werewolf,” I laughed.

He smiled in return and moved closer to me. His eyes glowed red, there was a deep hunger within them. I could understand that it would be terrifying, he moved closer and closer towards my bare neck. A hunter's predatory stare. He grabbed my waist, which was bare. His hands were icy and I could feel the tips of his fingernails threatening to tear into my flesh. He pulled me closer so our bodies were pressed against each other. He’s icy like a corpse and mine warm and full of animalistic life. He opened his mouth and sharp fangs gleamed.

My heart was racing a little, I was full of emotion, it was scary but it was also exciting. Further than that it was exhilarating. The danger only made it that much better.

I felt his breath on my neck, it made me shiver in pleasure before his fangs sunk into my flesh. The pain was exquisite as he began to drink my blood.

I giggled in pleasure, “Oh that’s weird…” he kept drinking and I laughed, “and oddly sexual.”

He let go of his bite grip from my neck and looked up at me, a little of my blood was on his pale lips. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him.

“That’s an interesting comment,” he said, his cold hands still on my bare skin.

“Being pierced like that, you know,” I shrugged and smiled, “aren’t vampires meant to be a little sexy?”

Caelestis smiled at me and licked his lips, “Or maybe that’s just your opinion.”

One of his frozen fingers stroked my skin and I blushed, “That’s like a stereotype or something.”

He let go of me and stood up, “Anyway, I’m going to go find my siblings and make sure they’re not in any trouble. You can accompany me if you wish.”

I stood up with him, “Sure, I think Elvira is still asleep.”

Caelestis rolled his eyes, “Typical. Shall we find my brother first then?”

“Sure, but no offering me up ok?” I grinned.

He smiled slightly, “I promise.”

I led him through the mansion following Kayin’s scent. I’m sure Caelestis could have had his own way of finding Kayin, however, as it was my mansion it made more sense for me to lead.

We found Kayin sitting outside in the shade of course, he was watching the roses quietly and seemed to be in deep thought. Probably reflecting on the day before.

Caelestis slowly approached his brother.

“Creep,” said Kayin and turned to look at us, “I smelt the dog.”

Strange because the whole place should smell like dog, I spoke down to him, “Did we scare you?”

“No need to get defensive, I was just curious about that look on your face. Are you in love?” Caelestis asked.

“Fuck off,” Kayin said flat out.

Caelestis prodded his brother further, “I mean you’re at that age, it’s only natural.”

Kayin squinted at him, “What does that even mean? You know I don’t even care.”

“I’m just saying, you’re so obvious Kayin.”

“Why does that even matter?”


The banter between brothers was so cute, yet another layer to Caelestis.

“I think he’s blushing!” I butted in.

“No I’m not!” Kayin snapped back.

I leant forward and planted a kiss on his cheek. He blushed bright red and was completely shocked, unable to get anything out.

“Ha!” I exclaimed.

Caelestis seemed to be pleased with my actions, I was nervous that he would disapprove but messing with his brother seemed to be the right call. He asked, “Is it Varinia? Or shall I begin listing names maybe?”

“As if it’s Varinia…” he crossed his arms.

“Oh?” Caelestis smiled a little.

“Shizuka?” I asked.

“Come on, she's Katsu’s,” he pointed out.

Caelestis said, “That doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

“What, you think you could win her heart over the kid who defended her since she was a baby?” Kayin asked incredulously.

“Most definitely if she starts to view Katsu as family, or perhaps she already does.”

Kayin rolled his eyes, “Sure, sure. Why are you always so interested in my love life anyway?”

“Because it’s pathetic,” I offered.

Kayin snapped at me, “I didn’t ask you.”

Caelestis said coolly, “Just curious.”

Kayin admitted, “I’m not in love with anyone.”

“If you insist.”

“I’m just worried.”

“About what?”

“Everyone back home.”

“Don’t be silly, everyone you need to worry about is here. Unless you still love you-know-who.”

After Caelestis’ last comment Kayin stormed off back into the mansion. Caelestis really must have touched a nerve there.

“So yes?” I asked.

“Of course,” Caelestis answered.

“How do you feel about that?” I asked, softening my voice.

“Nothing really, it’s not my problem.”

“He is your brother.”

“We’ve never gotten along.”

“You’re the cute one and the tall one,” I smiled up at him.

“Let's just go find my sister and hope she’s less annoying,” he walked back into the mansion. I followed him inside, “Isn’t her favourite thing annoying though?”

Caelestis sighed “Yes.”

We found Elvira asleep in her room, as a werewolf, it smelled awful in there and she had only been inside for one night.

Caelestis opened the door slightly, “Elvira?”

Elvira was asleep and her make up smeared over her delicately beautiful face… and the pillow. Caelestis sighed and opened the door fully, light poured in and Elvira opened her eyes slightly.

“Huh...” she mumbled.

Caelestis said softly, “Morning sleepy head.”

Elvira sat up, pulling the blanket so it covered her, “Morning.”

Caelestis asked casually, “Fun night I suspect?”

Elvira nodded and gave us a big smile, “What about you did you?” she asked, looking at me. Caelestis smiled slightly, “Such an active imagination you have.”

I blushed, stepping back a little so that he wouldn’t see. Oh don’t you worry Elvira I’ll be sure to, I’ve just got to play it right. A man like him is worth taking your time to seduce.

“You can do what you want Cae,” Elvira offered.

Caelestis smiled and said flatly, “I don’t need permission.”

“You never do anything though,” Elvira said exasperated. She then leant over searching for something but let the blanket slip. I averted my eyes.

“What on earth are you doing?” Caelestis asked.

“Trying to find my clothes,” Elvira said, annoyed.

With my eyes planted on the ground I noticed a thong which I assumed was Elvira’s. I kicked it off the ground and it soared through the air. It ended its flight by crash landing on Elvira’s face.

“Thanks,” She mumbled, taking the underwear off her face and putting it on.

“You’re a mess,” Caelestis growled.

“And you’re always perfect after a big night,” she pulled on an oversized T-shirt.

“I can’t help being perfect. By the way, Kayin’s acting weird.”

Elvira looked at Caelestis like he was stupid, “He is weird, he can’t help it.”

Caelestis muttered, “I wish he were a bit more normal.”

“Surely he can’t be too hopeless, he’s a pureblood… right?” I asked.

“Allegedly,” Caelestis mumbled.

“Someone is bound to fall for it,” I exclaimed.

Caelestis didn’t look convinced, “I wonder what Shizuka and Katsu are up to. Shizuka has kind of kept to herself a bit lately, even seeming to avoid Katsu a little.”

I smiled, “Yeah ok let’s go find her.”

And so we left Elvira to her own devices, in retrospect, probably not the best idea.