Chapter 2:

vol.1 ch.2 the hammer reaper

Black cat witch

After I woke up I started drinking water and eating food to complete my mana recovery, then I look around as I get a glance of some new plants

(Cero weed: small red weeds used in healing and stamina recovery potions)

(Charan leaves: leaves used in mana recovery potions)

(Charan seeds: can be used raw 'oral use' to raise the user speed a bit for 10 minutes and can be used for speed potions)

(Koru herb: black herb used in status potions)

(Kromaki roots: green roots used widely in attack potions 'earth attribute')

(Kormaki leaves: blue leaves used in strength potion)

(New potion recipes obtained:

'healing potion lv.1'

Ingredients: verca herb - cero weed

Effect: restore 150 hp points)

'my hp bar is about 1000 points by now'

(New potion recipes obtained:

'stamina recovery potion lv.1'

Ingredients: cero weed - koru herb

Effect: restore about 20 stamina points)

'That is 1/6 my stamina bar good enough'

(New potion recipes obtained:

'mana recovery potion lv.1'

Ingredients: charan leaves - bone powder - mana crystal (all ranks can be used it won't change the effect though)

Effect: restore 50 mana point)

'My mana bar is about 500 points'

(New potion recipes obtained:

'Speed potion lv.1'

Ingredients: Charan seeds - clean water - koru herb

Effect: increase the user speed by half for 5 minutes)

(New potion recipes obtained:

'boulder bending potion lv.1 (earth attribute)'

Recipe: kormaki roots - bone powder - clean water - soil, stone or sand

Effect: after colliding with surfaces that is made of stone, soil or sand a 1m hight boulder made of stone grow according to the user well and will vanish after 1 minute)

(New potion recipes obtained:

'strength potion lv.1'

Recipe: kormaki leaves - koru herb

Effect: increase the strength of the user by half for five minutes)

'New achievement unlocked (aprantice potion maker):


achievement obtained: drug maker

new spell obtained (mana potion bottle maker lv.1)(aka glass maker)

Effect: using this skill make the user able to make potion bottles from his own mana one use only[/news]

such a punch of information gave me a huge amount of pain in my head

Chisuke: <<aahhhhhh.... this is a lot of information, i shall sort that first>>

*After three hours*

[news]Glass maker lv.1 --> glass maker lv.4 (the bottle quality increases)[/news]

Chisuke: <<finally I am done, that was a huge amount of potions>>(sfx: sigh)

Chisuke: << then what about that big door>>

according to my experience with the RPG games such doors is the boss room door for sure

Chisuke: <<but how am I supposed to fight a boos with my power>>

I inspected the area before and there is no other way around, think I shall get inn and hope the boss was cleared soon as this is a physical world not a complete RPG

Chisuke: <<please please don't be there>>

As I open the huge door a big dark room come in sight, after I enter it the torches light up and door behind closed in a huge bang as a lot of hanging ropes like the ones used in executions hangs from the roof, then I saw it a large human skeleton soldier (4m tall) with long arms that reaches its knees fully armored in a shining bronze colored armor expect some areas that sperate the armor, its eyes shows a huge black pearl like crystal in its skull

Chisuke: <<!!!!>>

as the skeleton eyes glow a green light then it stands up and holds a big black hammer and started roaring in a very load sound

then the ground started rumbling as skeletons gush out of it, in a panic attack I drunk a speed and a strength potion and started trying to run from the boss, but then it hit the ground using its hammer and the impact was so strong that it sent me flying to the other side of the room, in a matter to survive, mostly logic was absent, as I started running around trying to dodge its attacks all the time no mater what it is, that boss bone and joints are to herd to even break, as I was hit by another impact, while looking at the world around me I saw a very weird scene as one of the rocks that flew from the impact hit a skeleton head, and unlike RPG it died

Chisuke: <the mana stone!!>

just at that moment a very bright idea started forming in my head

Chisuke: <<akomi shield!!>>

as the canis shield appear before me, but that time it is not the shield but a platform foe me, I use it to jump and catch one of the hanging ropes and started using the teeth of the shield to cut the ropes after that I wing to the other rope. repeating such a process I now had a punch of ropes at hand, then I started getting them out of the bag one by one and running on my maximum speed in circles around the boss legs, and after so many tries and getting thrown several times, now I used one of the remaining hanging ropes to swing a kick the boss in the skull using a strength potion.

Chisuke: <<NOW!!>>

as I throw a boulder bending potion on the ground just under the boss nick, after that a boulder merged quickly from the ground and break through the back of the boss nick, as that green light in the boss eyes disappear and it body started to wither, the other skeletons started to wither as well leaving a white glowing dust all over the place, witch the place look like a painting of a blessed land

Chisuke: <<huff.... huff.... waaa that's... beautiful>>(sfx: tired)

akomi shield lv.1 --> akomi shield lv.4

New achievement unlocked (free the hammer reaper)

Chisuke: <<Huh?..>>

As a tall ghost with red skin, long arms and big white beard

the ghost: <<Thank you brave warrior I can finally rest in peace>>

Chisuke: <<Huh?>>

the ghost: <<you shall be confused, let me explain brave warrior. my name is Lito, and I am not from this place to begin with, I was a red dwarf we where masters of mining in such dungeons....... wait I have a better way>>

as he touches my head and a flashback started to play in my head

flash back Lito story: -

Nuriq pov: -

there were a rumor of a small village of demon dwarfs that roamed around the demon continent, mining dungeons and all of that was finally told to the public by the first exploration team that went to the demon continent in the name of the main three races, humans, elves, and dwarfs

*in a pup in artia the human capital*

there was a red haired man in his early 20s called nuriq he was a man that was searching for adventures his whole life

cline: <<hey nuriq did you hear about the new news>>

the red haired drunk his beer in one gulp and the responded

nuriq: <<do you mean the new discovery of the animal- folks in the depth of the demon continent, man i hope to see one of these folk girls like the ones in the rumors but I cannot get there>>

cline: <<then how about we register to a party to explore the other continent dungeons>>

nuriq: <<but that is super dangerous, unlike here we don't have any guides on the other continent>>

cline: <<did not you hear the news of the demon dwarfs, the tall ones, they mine that dungeons, maybe we can persuade one of them to guide us>>

nuriq: <<huh? tall dwarves you shall be joking me right now, you shall be drunk my friend>>

cline: <<hey I am not drunk here just see this piece of today newspaper>>

nuriq: <<now I know you are drunk, do I look like a noble to you, you know we cannot read right??>>(sfx: confused)

cline: <<huh? oh then I am a little drunk okay but believe me lets go to the glide tomorrow and tell the assistant to read it for us>>

nuriq: <<fine then, I think I am going to sleep>>

*the following day*

the assistant: <<oh it is the article about the demon dwarfs>>

nuriq: <<for real!! what does it say>>

the assistant: <<it talk about the red dwarfs, the large one with red skin. it says the mine the dungeon, and have the same crafts ability like the normal dwarfs although their numbers are very low>>

cline: <<told ya>>

nuriq: <<really! then is there any missions to clear the demon continent dungeon>>

the assistant: <<well there is one put you will have to join an already formed party>>

nuriq: <<that's not a problem just count us in>>

the assistant: <<then can you go to table number 13 your party members will be staying there>>

there was an elf guy that seemed like a cleric and two human girls which seemed to be an archer and a mage

nuriq: <<hello there I am nuriq a swordsman and this my friend cline a thief we will be your new party members for the next mission>>

the elf guy: <<hope you won't do any trouble>>

nuriq: <man that hurt>

after some conversation it seems that elf name is delan, the archer name is Tia, and the mage name is marine

so we decided to go to the other continent after three days

*at the other continent*

nuriq: <<finally we are here, adventure here I come>>

marin: <<that fool, and his behavior>> said with a hand on her forehead

nuriq: <<hey you know that hurt>>

delan: <<you know she is telling truth>>

nuriq: <<hey cline support me here>>

cline: <<sorry dude that was just to cliché I cannot help>>

Tia: <<now now guys we don't we advance to the red dwarfs village>>

*After some time*

Tia: <<oi guys we finally found it>>

delan: <<I think we shall camp here and start negotiating tomorrow>>

marine: <<that seems reasonable>>

cline: <<okay then I think we shall put our tents, here nuriq you are coming with me>>

nuriq: << hey we aren't going there now>>

cline: <<hey man stop acting like a child>>

nuriq: <<fine>>(sfx: dissapointed)

*at night*

nuriq: <<I cannot sleep, maybe I will go for a stroll>>

then I walked a little into the surrounding woods

nuriq: <!!!>

but after that I saw a huge back of a humanoid creature it was pure red color

nuriq; <a red dwarf!!, wait this is my chance to hit a conversation with them>

nuriq: <<hey there, dude>>

as he turn around I saw a tall white beard figure

the dwarf: <<who are you?>>

nuriq: <<I am nuriq and I am here to ask for your help>>

the dwarf: <<what are you saying>>

nuriq: <<I need your help to navigate through a dungeon, and I will give you whatever you ask for>>

the dwarf: <<I think you shall search for others I wasn't even able to go to the second floor>>

nuriq: <<don't worry we only need to clear the first floor>>

the dwarf: <<we?? I am sorry but I think I will decline your offer>>

nuriq: <shit i think f*cked up again, why don't work like that novel I read>

nuriq: <<p... please help us, I will give you anything>> said in a dogoza position

the dwarf: <<fine I will do it>>

nuriq: <<thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu>>

after that we had a conversation he seems to be called Lito and he is only 15 years old with such a beard, and what he wanted was just some knowledge of the world behind the forest, the reason behind their low numbers seem to be how their flesh emit a very poisonous gas for about an hour when they die causing a chain of death even skeletons and ghosts cannot resist it, then we returned to the camp at dawn

nuriq: <<hey guys I guess I have our big ticket>>

cline: <<wow! nuriq when did you.... you bastard went there without me>>

nuriq: <<now now there cline, I was just unable to sleep sooooooooo, marine-san what do you think of me now>> said puffing my chest

marine: << a fool man, we went to a dangerous leaving the party behind, and behaving like a child>>

nuriq: <<ouch..... cannot you say...... a good thing for once>>

as we parted to the dungeon

lito pov:

that night I encountered a strange man he seemed like that creatures that visited us weeks ago called human he seems clumsy but kind and I felt the need to help him

today I met his friends they seemed like good friends but I started to fell that I am casted away from them like they are afraid or ignoring me

we spend a lot of days in the dungeon because they said they have to loot everything even rocks according to the mission, to me it is not a big deal but I think it is not the same for them

nuriq: <<hey cline where is my fruit I am so hungry>>

cline: <<sorry man i was very hungry>>

nuriq: <<thats why i told you to pick more friut what am i going to eat now>>

tia: <<there there nuriq you are consuming so much food we need that>>

nuriq: <<what are you even saying>>

that's how every day was

*day number 20*

we finally reached the boss room but it was the reaper, a strong boss that only appears her once every 1000 times, we were tired and on edge of death, then I found the switch to escape the room back

lito: <<NOW!! run from the door don't left anyone behind we need to run together as also the monsters of the reaper might follow us>>

it is a hard situation but we can manage it together but then the reaper hit the ground with its weapon causing the door to close

lito: <<hey nuriq!! hold it for me>>

but then I saw him making a very strange grin

nuriq: <<did not they say red dwarfs corpses are poisonous, think you have to kill that boss that way. don't worry about your stuff, but sorry dude nothing personal it is just my job>>

they say such events extract the real selves of leaving creature, how was I so foolish to trust him and after that all I remember was sheer pain and the sound of the door opening after about an hour

nuriq: <<noooooooooo lito, that reaper I swear I will kill him>>

tia: <<I cannot believe the reaper did that>>

as they leave and my soul is just there desiring to cut them into pieces kept collecting negative feeling. fear, anger and madness

end of flashback

lito: <<so that's my story hope it did not trouble you brave warrior>>

as he touches my head again a new notification appear

new skill obtained (forging materials)

Effect: gain ability to forge your armor and weapons with other materials in hand using mana 

lito: <<don't ever trust a person to the fullest until you see their true colors>> as he started to fade away

Chisuke: <<wait there.......>>

As he leaves some small tears come out of my eyes

Chisuke: <<old man I will always remember you, and you advice>>

As I use a stone stairs to go down to the second floor but I am not alone anymore I believe this old man is watching over me

(Monster journal:-

New entries

(The hammer reaper '1st floor boss': a skeleton of a dwarf craftsman abandoned by his party '4m tall' with full copper armor and hammer))


Status screen

Name: kawashima Chisuke

Gender: female

Race (folk): cat folk

Job: witch

Passive skills:-

Isekai language

Poison resistance

Disease resistance

Which knowledge

High agility

Obtained skills-

Tier one:-

Akomi shield lv.4

Glass maker lv.4

Forging materials lv.1

Poison spore lv.1

author: end of chapter 2 hope you liked don't forget to comment and share the story to your friend if you like it and bye bye (˚௰˚ づ

Black cat witch

Black cat witch