Chapter 1:

vol.1 ch.1 unexpected encounter

Black cat witch

When I woke up, I start regaining my sight for the strange feeling

Chisuke: <wait what just happened..... and what is this heavy weight on my chest>

As I look down there was something blocking my vision I can't see my lower half

Chisuke: <this is muscle... Right?!>

As I touch them it did not like muscles at all, they are rather plump and round

Chisuke: <wait is these bre*sts>

my head was heating up in response of confusion as I wasn't able to process it, suddenly I felt

some air brushing by my lower half which is more than usual

Chisuke: <<impossible!!!!>>

Chisuke: << no no calm down there is no way they can make it disappear, I mean I shall be born again in order to do so....... isn't that right!!!>>

as I finally decided to look down there and found nothing ........ you (oh nothing weird then no need to worry but no that was the problem I did not find it and I instead found another thing, a thing that can cancel the fact that I was a man before

Not knowing how to feel I begin crying out of all the frustration, I think it is better to let it all out

After sometime i can feel me eyes drying up, I gather myself to look at what seems to be a small lake of water nearby, then i saw a reflection that isn't supposed to be mine, a cute girl with black hair and blue eyes

Chisuke: <<it is frustrating how this girl resembles me so mush (sfx: sad)..... wait what is this>>

then I saw what seems to be cat ears on my head and they where twitching and moving by my orders not to mention that I also had a black cat tail

Chisuke: <if we think I don't look like anything like a witch, I don't have even a staff or a broom>

then I noticed I am dressed in a small white everyday dress

Chisuke: <I really should give that god peace of mind>(sfx: pissed off)

Chisuke: <maybe if I find a way to return to my world I will regain my old body>

then I followed the path through a small corridor and open the states screen

Chisuke: <just I though>

just like any RPG game your location is written in the states screen eastern (continent - dungeon of kardias - 1st floor - healing square)

Chisuke: <<wait 1st floor doesn't that mean I can escape easily then??>>(sfx: tilting head)

then I walked to the entrance and found it blocked by huge boulder one that I cannot break with my power

Chisuke: <damn it, just what luck do I have?>

As I sit next to the bolder and support my back with it, I open the states screen information tab

(Dungeon of kardias the dungeon made by the god kardias the protector god of the necromancer vocation, and the god of the dead)

(The dungeon is an ancient place built underground for each protector god to protect and give gift rare and legendary items for the adventurers as they clear it each one have a monster regeneration system and a resources regeneration system. At the last floor '10th floor' there is the main chest which contains a piece of armor or a weapon that is made custom by the dungeon god for each adventurer to suit him the most as a teleportation transfer circle will appear that will teleport you to the entrance again, each dungeon floor have healing points which monsters can't approach, and it have a self regenerating clean water lake and food)

Chisuke: <<guess no more information then huh?.... that mean I am safe now, this water is clean, and this fruit on that bushes I suppose is edible, this is the dungeon of the god of dead meaning that monsters here is from the undead type or related to it. But wait wait wait how is my poison supposed to damage the undead monsters isn't they like skeletons and zombies, I am not surprised from my luck anymore'

Then I used witch knowledge one some plants around me as it shall contain a lot about them and used armor and equipment states information

(Dungeon fruit a fruit the look like normal apple with purple color which contains every thing that you body need, it can change its flavor according to the consumer desire, it uses the dense mana in the dungeon to grow and do so. but will vanish in about half an hour after getting out of the dungeon)

(Verca herb a herb can by used raw to heal small cuts but applying it to the injured area with healing a small effect and can be used in various potions)

(Mana Cloth Dress [Lvl 1] - A White dress made of [Mana Cloth]. Can be repaired with mana)

(Witch bag a magical bag that is used to store potions ingredients with large capacity even if it is small)

then I drink water and eat food which kinda taste like pasta I prepare to sleep so I can regain my stamina after all that happened today

Chisuke: <<man, i want to cry again>>(sfx: teary)

Chisuke: <<I hope this is all a bad dream>>

Yeah my wish didn't come true this is the real world

Chisuke: <<guess I shall start as soon as possible>>

I gathered herbs and went on my way to clear the first floor as I walked through various dark corridors that is lit up by small torches which don't need fuel, the wall is cracked with water, some big bugs passing through which look like a 20cm flies without wings, then I found a wooden club on the floor maybe a monster dropped it. It is kinda heavy but it is lighter than it looks like maybe because it's made of wood

Chisuke: <<I am sure that I would be able to swing it easily as a guy, but I am in a small girl body now>>

as I see an old wooden door leading to a room so I decided to open it and peek inside, then I saw some skeletons moving randomly in teams of two

Chisuke: <<so this is really a fantasy world then>> I said while siting by the door on the ground

Chisuke: <<Yeah by logic how is poison supposed to hurt them, I think it is only club work from here on, better drag them than trying a head on attack>>

as I stand and hit on the skeletons with a stone, then it started coming my way, so I hid behind the door and when it crossed the door I just smashed the club through its body breaking it spinal cord, then it withered away leaving a dark stone and some small bones as their information flashed in my head

(Dark attribute mana crystals a crystal full of mana, can be found in dark attribute monster it is considered to be the source of life of the monster and super sensitive to direct contact with attacks, can be used for mana potions and magical devices)

(Skeleton bone a bone dropped by a human skeleton monster can be used for weapon - forging - and used as dust for potions)

Chisuke: <<nothing isn't useful in my situation I think I shall keep them, maybe making some of that dust, I can store it in that cloth then fix it with mana right?>>

then I started to bait and kill the remaining 7 skeletons

Chisuke: <<even small fights are tiring now huh?, but I think it less tiring than I imagined, maybe it is thanks to high agility>>

*rattle* *rattle*

Chisuke: <what was that sound!!!>

as I turn around to a devastating aura of blood lust

there were standing a huge canis skeleton, with eyes glowing red and a pumping black heart in its torso, but it did not seem to attack me

Chisuke: <maybe it is still investigating my danger level, then what to do think think THINK>

Chisuke: <maybe I can walk back slowly and when I get to the door I can run that distance quickly>

as I just try tha__

but at that instant that monster decide that I am not dangerous at all and tried to scratch me. in a try to survive I barley avoided that attack and unintentionally casted poison spore on it

but to my surprise it made it more hostile as blood started to gush out of it heart and eyes spelling everywhere and leaving a pool of blood behind

so I got that opportunity and ran away, but it was faster than we, as it headbutted me throwing me in a pool of blood

Chisuke: <<ouch>>

its eyes glowing red color in the dark, roaming in circles around me so I don't have such and opportunity again

fear, is a primal feeling that helped human survive all that ages ago. but that one word can explain what I was feeling at that time, as i close my eyes in wait for my...

then something flash in my head

(Akomi blood ' rare ingredient ' a crimson flammable blood charged with some fire attribute mana highly used in attack potions)

( All ingredients in hand for a potion new potion recipe obtained 'explosion potions lv.1attack potion'

Ingredients: bone dust - akomi blood - mana crystals 'any attribute and that will change the type of the explosion' - verca herb

Effect: When the potion collides with a solid object. It will spontaneously combust, generating a small explosion)

Chisuke: <that's it !!!!>

as I get several ingredients from the bag and start throwing it in the pool as a portion of it turned purple, then the monster charged at me again but that time I hit the ground with my leg, creating a black explosion, and then I jumped back getting a small amount of the impact

Chisuke: <<ouch>>

but that monster did not even try to stop so made the same move again again, whatever it is jumping of walls or ground

Chisuke: <this is never gonna end, but what about..>

as I some ingredients in its face and it mixed with the blood in its nose capacity turning the same purple

Chisuke: <<this is gonna hurt>>

as I throw a stone to it nose while it is charging towards me creating a huge explosion cause of the huge amount of flammable blood coming from it eyes, as finally that orange lights fade from that black cloud

Chisuke: <<it.. it is dead, really dead>> (laughing)

it wasn't a laugh of delightful or a lough of madness it was just how glad a creature can be to survive for another day

as I lay in the pool of blood talking rest for some time

(Akomi 'dark attribute' the pre evolution phase of the hell hound 'fire and dark attribute' the skeleton wolf monster, its red claws - skull and bones is as hard as copper -hardness lv.3- was called by flame crier in old stories of a sad wolf spirit crying flames and blood everyday on its family)

poison spore lv.1 --> poison spore lv.2

the achievement unlocked (akomi hunter)

new spell obtained (akomi shield lv.1)

Effect: summon the upper skull part of the akomi as a hovering shield 'hardness lv.3' can't be used again while its still active last for 5 minutes

Chisuke: <<wait what is this, as i took a glance on a black piece of leather

(Black magic glove D- tier leather glove armor lv.2 used to increase the power of the black magic spells for its user)

As I wear it take the shape of my hands

Chisuke: <<think i shall.... continue>>(sfx: tired)

as I open the next door a garden of fruit bushes and clear water pound come in sight as I go next to the pound and just collapse there sleeping

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