Chapter 1:

Paying upward-prologue


Let's see...

Before I go to this damn vacation I should make sure my sibilings didn't jack my stuff again. I got my wallet, says Luto, age 21, male, Asian and, handsome as all hell. Well if only it said that, actually then again it be embarrassing if I did.

I've been busy with work and school and decided that I needed a break. Was online one day looking for stuff to buy into to see if I could get some sweet limited edition merchandise. Somehow after hours of searching I came across a site called Company Dere. Considering me as just a westerner anime fan I was curious and it look like they started funding for this amazing thing and it also looked like there were job openings to. Finally a cure to this horrible slump I'm in which seems to hold me back "the par time job".

Seems they were making an amusement park called Dere land which was to finish construction soon, which would later fund a new studio, and even a theater which is to host a new show to be announced and aired during next year.

It's summer right now and I found funny that this company would choose some private island to host this occasion and their building site. I blew out all my money on this so I hope it's worth it when I get there.

Dammit! It looks like someone took all my recording equipment.