Chapter 2:

Generic protagonist number 13- the unlucky one


"kita your gonna miss the plane darling!"Bookmark here

"I'll call you when I get there, O.K!"Bookmark here

Finally got on the plane. Looks like everyone around me is getting ready to snooze, I probably should hit the hey, girl needs her beauty sleep aren't I right. I began pulling out my pillow and suddenly my elbow bumbed some guy next to me and I heard a loud crunch sound as the food cart passed by. Bookmark here

Oh geez I must be in for it now. I turned to the guy next to me, he looked at his phone on the ground from his aisle seat. Good thing I bought a window seat cause I wouldn't want that happen to me. Guess we all can't be lucky.Bookmark here

I tried my best not to laugh in this situation cause that's what I usually do to solve most of my problems. He turned around to me and I apologized then conveniently said I would pay for it, even though I'd hope he'd foreget so I wouldn't have to, and he sat there and sulked in his aura of mixed feelings. I sighed.Bookmark here

"My name is Kita lylze, and you would be?"Bookmark here

He looked at me in disgust and begrudgingly said his name was Luto. He should be genuinely happy I'm decent enough to apologize, most people would've been a lot less decent as I am. Screw this guy.Bookmark here

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