Chapter 10:

Side Story: Vula's redeployment

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Entanian HQ - Central Front Bookmark here

In a luxurious hall, someone was walking down the hall. Bookmark here

The person then stopped at a door and knocked. Bookmark here

Knock Knock. Bookmark here

"Colonel Juke, you there?" the person asked. Bookmark here

A reply came from inside the room. 
"Yeah, I'm here. What's the matter?"
Bookmark here

Opening the door, the person walked in. Bookmark here

"Oh. Rare to see you here in the Central HQ, Lieutenant General Vula." he greeted. Bookmark here

"Hm. Let's cut the chit-chat and go straight into business." Vula replied. Bookmark here

Colonel Juke had a serious face now, replacing his previous cheerful smile out of existence. 
"What's up?" he asked. Bookmark here

"Well for one thing, from our recent data reports, it looks like that Ashten is preparing for war." Bookmark here

Colonel Juke was surprised.
"Ashten? But why?" 
Bookmark here

"We still do not know." Vula responded "But our main reason why Ashten would go to war is probably the split of the Sagen Republic. It is very clear that Ashten and the Sagen Republic were allies for many hundreds of years." Bookmark here

"So then if the new country of the Eastern Sagen Republic being in the Entanian Alliance's sphere of influence, and the Sagen Republic being so weak now..." Juke started. Bookmark here

"Obviously, Ashten will feel threatened." finished Vula.Bookmark here

This only left Colonel Juke even more confused. 
"But isn't the Dusmoru Kingdom protecting their northern border and the neutral country of Armidilon is protecting half of their eastern border and oceans both in the west and south, only leaving most of the other half of the eastern border left to protect?" Juke questioned. "So why-" Bookmark here

Vula cut him off. Bookmark here

"That's where we have been struggling to figure out. Oh, I forgot to mention that they have been beefing up their northern border, not the eastern border which is weird because do they see the Dusmoru Kingdom as a threat?" Bookmark here

"Hang on... isn't Ashten in the UWC?" Juke asked. Bookmark here

"Yeah, they are, only as an observer member but it's still adding to this mess." Vula replied, checking the clock on the wall. "Well I'll leave some more information to you, and I'll be off." Bookmark here

Vula gave Juke a yellow envelope and left the room. 
"Sheesh. I better get to work then." Bookmark here

After Vula left Colonel Juke's office, she exited the Central Front's HQ building and called a self-driving taxi. Bookmark here

"Where to miss?" a robotic voice asked her. Bookmark here

"The airport thanks." 
Bookmark here

She was ordered by General Haira to be deployed on the Northern Front, against the Sagen Republic and the Pravlo Empire. Bookmark here

"The Northern Front was it?" she said to herself. "I've heard stories and rumours that one particular city near the frontlines is going become a massive urban battleground. What a front to be deployed to." Bookmark here

Lieutenant General Vula is a person who rose up from an orphan to the second-highest rank of the entire Entanian Alliance's army. Of course, to achieve and maintain this rank, she is very resistant to both physical and mental attacks, has nearly perfect aim, and has experienced real conflicts. 
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She has been in many conflicts like the Conquests of West Ruovil, the front against the Federation of Dotirioga and Calcaneum, and many more. Bookmark here

She turned her head and faced to the window, staring at the outside view of the urban capital city of Vanga, Ruovil. Bookmark here

"I wonder though why I am getting redeployed to the Northern Front." Vula asked herself. But it was left as a question, stuck in her mind. Bookmark here

"Dear passenger, we have arrived at Vanga International Airport." Bookmark here

"Thanks." she replied, getting off the taxi. The payment was free due to her high rank in the army. Bookmark here

There was a tall and purple-haired man standing in front of her. This was Brigadier Leika, a friend of Vula. Bookmark here

"I clearly didn't expect you to pick me up, Leika." Bookmark here

"I clearly too, didn't expect this, Lieutenant General Vula." he replied. Bookmark here

"Drop the formals, please. We are pals aren't we?" I asked him. Bookmark here

Leika looked around him and looked scared. He got closer and whispered into her ear. 
"You see, even if we are pals the soldiers around us are in the same division as I'm in so it would look disrespectful if I dropped the formals. Just bear with me for a while until we get into the airport." Bookmark here

"Hmm. Alright." Bookmark here

"Thank you for understanding. Now please follow me, Lieutenant General." Bookmark here

Vula followed Brigadier Leika into the modern airport. The white marble floor was clean and tidy with garbage cans every now and then. Large 5-meter white pillars made out of concrete were acting as support beams. Bookmark here

They walked across the airport, reaching the other side. Planes could be seen through the large glass windows with their colourful tails up high in the sky. Bookmark here

"So? Which plane I'm getting on?" Vula asked. Bookmark here

"Well... it's a bit complicated so just showing you would be faster than trying to tell you." he answered. Bookmark here

Now, Vula was a tad confused, but she remained quiet. She continued to follow Leika until they reached Terminal 5. Bookmark here

"Just go through this terminal and you will reach your plane assigned to you. Please have a good flight Vula." he said, bowing. Bookmark here

"Sure do." Bookmark here

Vula turned her back to Leika and walked. When she finally reached the other end of the terminal tunnel, she saw the plane. Bookmark here

A white body, with weapons under the wing both for offence and defence. Each wing had 2 engines. Furthermore, the plane had blue LED lights running across the plane but Vula figured it was blue plasma. Bookmark here

"What a beast." she said. Bookmark here

She was greeted by the pilot, a cyborg, a rarity these days. What surprised her was that she had the entire plane to herself. No one dared to or wanted to be redeployed to the Northern Front for some reason, so the planes that actually fly there and back are among the least used. Bookmark here

Vula sat in the back row, most left seat. The sounds of the mighty 45,000 horsepower engines were quickly nullified and the plane took off. 
Bookmark here

Pejene, Eastern Sagen RepublicBookmark here

In the air, she dozed off. But when she woke up, the plane had already landed. Vula quickly grabbed her belongings and headed for the plane's exit. Bookmark here

"Many thanks." she said to the pilot. Bookmark here

"No problem, it's my job." the cyborg replied. Bookmark here

Vula was now in Kartlon Airport, Pejene, Eastern Sagen Repbulic. She was now in the Northern Front. Breathing a lungful of the cold and cool air of the area, 
"Let's see what the infamous Northern Front has prepared for me!" Bookmark here

And with that, she walked off. Bookmark here

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