Chapter 9:

Chapter 8: North Touimai Arrival - The Fall of Touimai (Part 7)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

As we just finished crossing Greygor Bridge, I heard the clapse of thunder. But this time, it had more of a deeper metallic thud to it. Bookmark here

"Heodia. Here they come." I said. Bookmark here

She nodded back and we began running as fast as we possibly can. 
The familiar whistle sound could be heard soon after that. Bookmark here

"Prepare for their impact, Void."Bookmark here

Sounds of explosions and the screams of residents covered my reply. 
Yup, these are all the 28cm shells I'm very familiar with. I thought as we were running through wide 2-metre alleys with raging fires behind us. I didn't get those unknown memories that happened to me back in West Touimai but we were right at the start of the shelling, so I thought it would come sooner or later. Bookmark here

"Hey Void, you okay?" Heodia suddenly asked me. Bookmark here

"Hm? Yeah, I'm okay. If you're talking about the memories, I'm not getting them. Though I can't confirm it right now, I do have a theory on it." Bookmark here

She was scanning me, head to toe, which I thought was pretty dangerous since she was in the lead and was running at high speeds but she IS an android after all, so she should be fine. Bookmark here

Finally convinced, 
"Alright, I'll trust your words for now. But when you DO get those strange memories again, ask me for help." She said. "I'll be glad to help. Deal?" Bookmark here

Looking straight at her eyes and nodding a bit, I agreed. 
"Deal." Bookmark here

"Good. Stand behind me. My calculations predict that this whole alleyway will collapse soon. We need to get out of here ASAP." Bookmark here

I looked at my surroundings. Heodia was right. Sooner or later the alleyway we were running through will collapse. But there was a slight problem - or what I thought. Bookmark here

"Huh? Stand behind you? There's no opening... unless..." Bookmark here

"You guessed it!"
Heodia then stretched out her arm. A gun instantly appeared in her hand. A rather large one in this time and era but as they say, usually the bigger the weapon, the more firepower it has. Bookmark here

It took some time I but soon recognised the weapon that she was holding in her hand. While the shape wasn't the common plasma-powered weapon from what little books I read about the plasma topic, Heodia's plasma weapon did have plasma's unique soft glow. Bookmark here

"Interesting. Is that Uto's design of a plasma weapon?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Not sure. The design may be Uto's but the features and other capabilities of the weapon may be designed by other members of his team." She replied while charging the gun up. Bookmark here

Oh okay. 
While waiting for the weapon to charge up to the desired strength, I first looked behind us to observe the fires and then checked out the weapon in finer detail. Rather than a plasma weapon, whose shape looked like more of a beefed-up sniper rifle with fancy LED lights, Heodia's weapon looked more like the weapons produced and designed during the 'Ancient Era' (Around 60,000 years ago and 120 generations if each person lives 500 years each).Bookmark here

It had a cool shade of black, a classic colour but what makes the weapon stand out at a first glance is the soft glow of a hellish red flowing through small clear tubes and into the weapon. Bookmark here

"Alright. It's done. Void, you may wanna cover up your ears now." Bookmark here

A massive sound echoed throughout the alleyway while the weapon fired out a blackish-red ball, probably at around 50m/s (which is pretty slow for a projectile fired from a gun), and once it came in contact with the buildings in front of us, it melted. The glowing ball of plasma continued to melt everything in front of us until it slowly disappeared. Bookmark here

"Alrighty, let's go." Bookmark here

"Yeah." I replied to Heodia. Bookmark here

Since the ground is still several hundred degrees celsius and everything I have with me right now, including the backpack, stuffed with food and other materials will just melt when it comes in contact with the heated ground, so I asked Heodia to carry me through the tunnel. Bookmark here

"You want me to carry you through the tunnel?" Heodia repeated what I just said to her. "No problem." Bookmark here

"Oh! Thank you." Bookmark here

But it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my whole entire life. Bookmark here

Though I did ask her to carry me... I expected it to be a back-carry or something like that, but not a princess carry! 
Yes. Heodia decided due to my feminine features of mine, she thought that I deserved a princess carry instead of any normal carry.Bookmark here

"Listen Heodia... I appreciate that you accepted my favour, but does it really have to be a princess carry?" I asked a wide-smiling Heodia. Bookmark here

"I don't wanna hear any complaints. It's just like that you just deserve a princess carry you know!" And some other weird reasons (most likely excuses) for me to be in this position. Bookmark here

I can practically just hear Heodia's thoughts since she was just releasing them everywhere. But it was soon gonna be all over. Bookmark here

Oh! Is that the exit right there? That's good!Bookmark here

"Hang on tight Void! I'm going to speed up since we need to get out of there right now! The fire is spreading faster than I'm running currently!" Bookmark here

I clutched my hands even more tightly onto Heodia, and as she was about to speed up,Bookmark here

"Please wait!" someone said out of nowhere. We both looked at the area where the voice came from. 
I wasn't able to react; same with the person but Heodia turned around sped up, crossed the distance from us to the person in a flash, carried them on her back and continued running like nothing had happened all within 2 seconds. Bookmark here

"Heodia turn around-" I started. Bookmark here

"No problem already got her." Heodia cut me off. Bookmark here

I was confused but then I saw another person on her back, sleeping. Bookmark here

"What's going on?" Bookmark here

"I'll explain to you a bit later, once we find shelter." She answered. 
Bookmark here

We finally exited the tunnel, and in the nick of time as well, the moment we left and ducked fire blasted through the tunnel like a bullet when being fired. The fire was able to extend its reach up to several houses across the street but only caused minor damage.Bookmark here

  Heodia ran down the broken concrete street and into a fairly large building. Bookmark here

"We're safe here. Uto has created a strong barrier around this building for us. I'll explain some things and rest here for the artillery rounds to end." Heodia said as she made the bed for the girl sleeping on her back.  Bookmark here

Uto made a barrier just for us? But how- wait. I'm thinking of a cheeky god here so... Bookmark here

"Hey, who's a cheeky god?!" a voice said from behind me.Bookmark here

I turned around to see a blue transparent screen, just a bit over my head. 
"Ah... Uto... I was joking of course..." I replied. But sadly he didn't buy it. Bookmark here

"Hmph! You got a real attitude on how you treat your god you know! Shall I take back some powers of yours?" threatened Uto. "But moving on, you, the android and another figure laying in the bed?" Bookmark here

"Oh yes, uhh, I have now given a name to the android, Heodia, and about the girl in the bed right now, we got no clue." I answered Uto. Bookmark here

He looked surprised to my answer. 
"No clue? Did you just kidnap her from somewhere?" Bookmark here

"Of course not!" Bookmark here

Uto now had an annoying grin on his face. Clearly, he was making fun of us. 
"Well jokes aside, Void, I'm going to tell you how to use your powers with and without the curse." He said. Bookmark here

"Wait what?" Bookmark here

"Yeah, you heard me." Bookmark here

I was extremely confused at this point. It was around a day after my first meeting with Uto but I was 100%, no- 110% sure that he did not say what he just said right there. But I decided to continue the conversation to learn more. Bookmark here

"You can use supernatural powers with the help of the curse? How so?" I replied to Uto, being very interested in the topic. Bookmark here

"Yeah so the curse allows you to use powers with much greater extent but at a cost, while if you learn how to use powers without the help of the curse then you will get much weaker results but no cost for using it at all." Uto explained to me. "Here let me show you in a clone-copy of mine later on." Bookmark here

If Uto is personally teaching me how to wield my powers then something very big is going to happen. And I personally don't like big events. Bookmark here

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