Chapter 0:


Curious Green - Mysteries of the magic tea café

“Do you know the answer to this riddle Lulu?”

“Hmm I think it’s… hmm I don’t know.”

“Shall I read it to you again?”


“Alright, now listen carefully Lulu”, he said calmly while holding the book. He took a deep breath before reading the riddle aloud.

We all need me to thrive and grow,
I make your bad days brighter;
and your grim pain go,
Without me life is dull and colorless,
Life becomes a bitter mess,
But with me you are reassured,
A heartfelt act I am for sure,
The bonds I make are stronger than stone,
A meaningful life I bring as is known,
What am I?

“That was it. Want to take a guess?”

“Um… I don’t know…”

“It’s okay. You’ll figure it out soon enough. But oh! Look at the time! It’s time for supper. Let’s finish the riddle later shall we?”

“Oh… okay!”


Deep within twisting branches and rustling leaves - in the forest of the witches - lies a tiny cabin. From its window you might spot a magical fox or a frog inside. For this is a truly curious cabin indeed, visited by magical and mythical creatures, witches and shapeshifters and the like. But ‘how come’ you might ask? Why do they visit this cabin in the middle of the witches’ forest? Well, even magical foxes, frogs and witches need to rest, and what is better than a heartwarming café surrounded by astonishing nature? The café is a place to relax and enjoy good tea and pastry. What more could any magical and mythical creature need? Oh yes, of course, books! The café also has a tiny library from which you may borrow books and read while visiting. An utterly delightful café indeed, don't you think?

So, if you’re ever out on a stroll and happen to come across a strange frog jumping around a cabin, don’t fret, because you might just have reached the magical cabin café known as Teabreak Twinkle - and if that is the case, why don’t you spare some time to enjoy some great tea?

But who am I telling you what to do without introducing myself? My name is Lulu Alvun, a newly graduated witch working as a part-timer at Teabreak Twinkle. At first, I wasn’t planning on working at a café after graduating, but I was never too good with magic either, so I figured that I should get a part-time job while thinking about my future. But don’t get me wrong. I love working at this café. It’s just that I might want to try out some other things in life as well. But enough said about me, I could probably go on all day. If you ever feel like visiting Teabreak Twinkle, I’ll gladly serve you our best selling tea! And don’t worry about the frog at the counter. He isn’t actually a real frog but a shapeshifter. It’s just that he prefers that form over his human one for some reason. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to your visit!