Chapter 1:

Crow of The Wasteland

The Broken World

January 12 2422Bookmark here

A caravan is driving through the desert, although it looked like a normal desert it was once the Atlantic Ocean. The caravan consisted of two cargo vehicles, a passenger vehicle and two escort vehicles, one at the front and one at the back.Bookmark here

The cargo vehicle has a mounted turret firing lasers. and on its side there is a logo of a pyramid painted in yellow paint and a text saying 'Triton'. Triton is a powerful organization that creates weapons, without their help the humans might not win their fight with the Invaders.Bookmark here

"Hey wake up!" the voice from the car's radio woke them up.Bookmark here

"We just entered the danger zone, get ready for combat."Bookmark here

As the man was saying that an explosion can be heard outside the vehicle. They were ambushed by an unknown group.Bookmark here


One of the mercenaries opened the upper hatch of the vehicle and started blasting. while the rest readied their weapon and opened the side windows firing from the sides. The Triton's personal army also started firing back with their mounted turrets.Bookmark here

Bullets and lasers can be seen left and right. The attackers number is still unknown but there are about 5 vehicles that can be seen currently from the radar of one of the mercenaries.Bookmark here

Although the enemy's number started to dwindle they are still not backing down.Bookmark here

BAM!Bookmark here

"One of the attacker’s vehicles is to close the cargo, someone quickly destroy it!" the man from the radio said. "Tch! if the cargo is damaged I'm surely getting demoted." he mumbled to himself.Bookmark here

"Dammit... I better get extra pay for this." One of the mercenary tied himself to the vehicle with a long wire and climbed out of the vehicle.Bookmark here

After getting out of the vehicle he can see the attacker trying to break in from the side of the cargo vehicle with a laser cutter. He quickly took out the one holding the laser cutter and then the driver second. sending the vehicle spinning out of control hitting the other vehicles.Bookmark here

Bzzzt...Bookmark here

Being out in the open with no cover he was quickly full of bullet holes. His body fell off the vehicle and was run over by one of the attackers.Bookmark here

The chaos started to die down as the attacker retreated. But then a large vehicle emerges from the sandstorm in front of the caravan crashing into the front escort car and toppling one of the cargo vehicles and itself.Bookmark here

"Agrh! stop the car!! Q-quickly recover the cargo!"Bookmark here

as the caravan turned back to recover the cargo it was already surrounded by the attackers. With the sand storm died down the attacker can be identified. They were the infamous Atlantis, a group of bandits who hunted in the Atlantic Desert.Bookmark here

They quickly blasted the bandits that's not in their vehicles and parked besides the cargo vehicle. Having more than half of them dead they finally retreated for good. They then started to tow the cargo car back up. and decided to camp there for the night.Bookmark here

January 13 2422 Bookmark here

Having the cargo vehicle back up and running they continued their journey.Bookmark here

They have been driving for almost a day and they haven't encountered the bandits again.Bookmark here

January 14 2422Bookmark here

The caravan stopped at a nearby settlement and restocked, still no bandits on sight.Bookmark here

January 15 2422Bookmark here

They are now closing in on the location.Bookmark here

"Alright, you heard that men! Get ready for the ambush."Bookmark here

"Good work there Crow."Bookmark here

"No problem, tracking them is quite easy." He said as he put out his hand.Bookmark here

"huh? oh!" The man went to shake his hand.Bookmark here

He quickly pulled back his hand, The man seemed confused.Bookmark here

"My pay."Bookmark here

"Oh right! wait there." The man quickly ran towards his office. He came back with a closed box.Bookmark here

Ethan opens the box and checks its content. "Good doing business with you." Bookmark here

He then packs his things and goes out of the building.Bookmark here

"Boss, is it ok to trust that guy?"Bookmark here

"Of course we've done business together for a long time, he can be trusted."Bookmark here

Later that day.Bookmark here

"Alright there it is, get ready!" The man from before whispered to his men.Bookmark here

"Three... Two... One!" The explosive was set off toppling all four vehicles.Bookmark here

"NOW! GO GO GO!" All of them charged towards the vehicles.Bookmark here

But then The caravan launched a counter attack, it's almost like they knew.Bookmark here

"What!? Why are they... Tch!" He reached for the communication device and changed its channel "Request back up the ambush failed. We're currently under enemy fire."Bookmark here

"What? how? Did someone leak the information?" The person on the other side said.Bookmark here

"No, there shouldn't be any-" Bookmark here

"Hello? sir?"Bookmark here

"Damn it's him. CROW! I know you can hear me! I swear if I see you again-"Bookmark here

"Too bad we won't" Crow replied from the radio.Bookmark here

A bullet then hit the man right on the forehead.Bookmark here

"Crow! how could you! he trusted you-" Crow changed the channel.Bookmark here

"Target eliminated."Bookmark here

"G-good! I will send you the money now." It was the man from the caravan. "Have you received it yet?"Bookmark here

"Yes, good doing business with you."Bookmark here

"Yeah, now piss off."Bookmark here

Crow folded the rifle and rode away on his bike.Bookmark here

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