Chapter 3:

vol.1 ch.3 secrets and friends

that day

Asuna: <<so see you later Subaru>>

Subaru: <<see... you later>>

Subaru: <we finally reached my house>>

as I open the door and enter my home, then I immediately close the door and collapse to the ground supporting my back with the door

Subaru: <<I am so glad that day is over>>

it was really a hard day filled with up and downs

Subaru: <well I think it is time to change>

most people just change their clothes after they return from school or work, but for Subaru it is a hellish job, that she has to go through, as she enter the bedroom to change her clothes, but will she be able to come back, see you at the next ....umm ummm

sorry dear readers, it seems someone isn't doing their job well, I will be your new narrator for today, ahm ahm, as Subaru stand upon his anime figures that he but in the living room

Subaru: <<dear comrades I will be entering the battlefield and no matter what happens don't look at you back it was good knowing you>>

ha..ha (sfx: troubled) maybe all the pressure has finally broken that pitiful girl mentality

Subaru: <<hey I am not broken I am still fully aware of my surroundings, you fool sound>>

sorry miss Subaru but you will have to stop talking to me at this point just treat me as air

Subaru: <<stop it with the miss thing, and don't you dare come after me in the bedroom, or I will....>> (sfx: angry)

and so I will be taking a holiday for today goodbye readers.....

as Subaru enter the bedroom

Subaru: <<time for the truth again, collect yourself!!>>


as Subaru slap herself to wake up, and prepare herself

Subaru: <<now!!, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh>>

Subaru: <<jeeeeee>> (sfx: blank)

as that moment Subaru no the feeling of nothingness just like why did the Indians put the ideas of the zero in their beliefs, Subaru now can become one with the world around her, one with the void, no she is in buddha mode

Subaru: <<I will never get used to it>> (sfx: slaps forehead)

as she get dressed in the only this she have for now, her old clothes, witch made her look like a slime monster

Subaru: <<think it is time for my deserved rest>>

as she jump on the bed and open her console

Subaru: <<now I think about it did not that happen to me after I played that game yesterday, maybe it is working now>>

as I open that game again and the only thing I see on the bleu screen is a phone number of the game company and a massage that tells me to call them if there was a problem

Subaru: <<ok, I want my money, where is my phone!>>

as I call them, and when the other line responded I heard a man voice that seemed to be in his 20s

the man: <<is there any problem miss sato>>

Subaru: <<huh how do you know my name?? and I am a guy you bastard>>

the man: <<because I had to know the names of our special clients>>

Subaru: <<special clients?? anyway give me your boss>>

the man: <<sorry madam but I think you are talking to him right now>>

Subaru: <<stop that madam thing whe..... wait you are the head of the company>>

the man: <<yes miss sato, is there any problem with you>>

Subaru: <<no no no no, why aren't you leaving the miss thing>>

the man: <<I shall treat all my clients with respect you know>>

Subaru: <<no, what I am talking about is that, I am guy>>

the man: <<oh but I made sure that you turn into a woman yesterday>>

Subaru: <<huh?? wait come again>>

the man: <<about the respect??>>

Subaru: <<no the thing after that>>

the man: <<about us turning you into a woman>>

Subaru: <<what.... are you saying...... but why??>>

Subaru: <am I talking to a normal human right now>

the man: << did not you ask to help in life, and according to the statistics the best solution for you with your condition and personality is to turn into a woman, as for why a woman that a thing you will have to know yourself>>

Subaru: <<but that was a game help not like that>>

the man: <<we are a company that work under the agreement of the government, and what we did was in the name experiment. so donot even try to tell the cops they won't help you>> (sfx:cold)

Subaru: <<but this is unfair>>

the man: << listen young lady do you know why our work is legal>>

the man: <<it is because it will last for a year and you will decide whatever you liked our service and want to stay like that or not at the end of life, we also only do this to clients that have almost or totally lost everything, so think of it as being reborn and take the opportunity why was you turned like this and change your fate, hope you get the point, I will be ending the call now>>

Subaru: <<hey wait!!>>

but the call was already closed

Subaru: <<please respond>>

I tried to call again and again but all I get is nothing, no one responded

Subaru: <<so it is.... for one year right??>> (teary)


Subaru: <<now look at the bright side, yes no matter what is it, I won't agree to stay as a woman>>

after taking an hour to collect myself I am finally back to realty

Subaru: <<ok forget that it is time to raise my grade, first step in kawashima elimination plane -BEAT HIM IN GRADES- time to study as it is my last day>>

Subaru: <<ora ora ora ora>>

*after 4 hours*

unlike most story protagonist Subaru has the ability to concentrate very well on her studies but she wasn't able to do that before as she was always bullied

Subaru: <<today studying FINISHED>>

Subaru: <<next up is muscle training ORA ORA ORA ORA>>

but for her sad reality she sucks at sports, it is like a mole trying to fly

Subaru: <<shooo tired, I need... bed>> (sfx: tired)

as she goes to sleep early that day

suzuki Aoi pov:

I have a classmate called sato Subaru, he is a kind person at heart, but for that he is bullied by others, I mean if they were any people I will punch them in the face, but he was no one other than that self proclaimed student council president, he might seem like the handsome guy, that like to spread justice all over the world but he is no other than a being of evil feeling. he is a twisted person that further use his authority on others sometimes without them knowing just so he can reach his twisted goal without no one noticing, like how he bully sato Subaru. even I will fall in his schemes if I get involved in things like this, the only way for me to do so is using an excuse like protect weak personal from others as they can hurt then without noticing, I know it is kind of an odd rule among schools, but that rule is exclusive for our school. because of a certain accident, I don't want to hurt your heads by it right now so sorry for the concern. but I really fell like a pile of trash on the side of the road as I see that person getting bullied all the time by different personal.

today when I returned to my home I heard someone talking in a load sound in the streat so I got out to see what is happening and it was no other than that blond demon bulling sato

Aoi: <even out of school>

I couldn't hold myself but managed to end the problem without punching him, and saw Subaru off to his house

Aoi: <man I hate myself, what if a thing happen like that person, just because I was weak, because I was unable to do anything>

Aoi: <no no no, it won't reach that point he still have his family, what give me an outsider the right to do anything>

as I enter my house again

*after three hours*

Aoi mother: <<hey Aoi can you get the trash out for me>>

Aoi: <<okay mother>>

and in my way back home I saw him again that person sato Subaru, he seemed so depressed, wait and why is he still in his school uniform, so I decided to talk to him but as soon as I tried to he exploded with tears, he seemed so pitiful

so he invited me in and vented out all things that happened, it was a strange story like the whole world just hated that person, how can his parents do that as humans, now he is all alone no family, no friends, and on top of that he is being bullied, that person life will be over soon. maybe even he will do as that person again,........ I will never let something like that happen again in my presence, of I cannot defend him, I will make him able to do so himself, so I decided I will be training him to defend himself from now on

but welp I screwed up I was so busy that summer I wasn't able to do anything for him

ok then I will just do it then I will protect him from that trash, first I have to go to school with him so he won't get bullied, as the door open but instead of sato I saw a small girl or boy I cannot tell standing jus there

Aoi: <wait did he get a girlfriend>

Aoi: <<Uhhhh is not this supposed to be sato apartment>>

Subaru: <<Um it is me sato, Suzuki-Kun but what do you want>>

Aoi: <wait wait wait how is that creature supposed to be sato they don't look alike at all>

Aoi: <<Wait what you are sato>>

Subaru: <<Yes..yes>>

Aoi: <<But-but how what kind of exercises did you do to get slim like this and how are you shorter>>

Subaru: <<Uh I used some secret technique and I was smaller but all the fat made me look bigger, so what do you want>>

Aoi: <wait what is that possible> and as you can see here Aoi has lost some screws from his brain and let it slide

Aoi: <<Uh, I just figured out we can go to school together so you won't be bullied on the road what do you think?>>

Subaru: <<I think this is a very good idea thank you so much Suzuki-Kun>>

Aoi: <hey what is that smile, you sure you aren't a girl>

afterwards suzuki Aoi spent his whole day helping sato Subaru to get over her bullies and start a plane to backfire at them and without him noticing a week has passed by

suzuki: <<wait a week!! what about the teacher exams, it is every two weeks>>

sorry young man but you shall look more carefully for your time and goodbye

suzuki: <<wait where are you going>>

and here our well known Subaru sleeping under the living room table

Subaru: <<can you shut up I am trying to laze around>>

but that will make the chapters short you know

Subaru: <<maahh but I am tired>>

<<ring ring>>

Subaru: <<haaah, but who would visit my on holidays>>

as I open the door

Asuna: <<hey there Subaru-san can I come in>>

Subaru: <<but.. it is not in the best shape>>

Asuna: <<oh I don't mind>>

Subaru: <<then please com in>>

but the sight Asuna saw was hellish for her books, pens, manga, novel and even video games all over the floor, and there were even anime figures all over the place

Asuna: <<uhhhhhhhhh>>

Subaru: <<what's the problem>>

Asuna: <<Subaru-san don't you know how living in such a place can make you unhealthy>> (sfx: angry, but with a smile on the face)

Subaru: <<wait Asuna-san I was.... huh what are you doing>>

and in a flashes of light Asuna was gone and after about 5 seconds the room was clean again

Subaru: <<wow Asuna, you are awesome>> (sfx: admiring)

Asuna: <<this is nothing.... wait no you shall not leave your room like this again young lady>>

Subaru: <calling me young lady but I give up she already know I am a girl maybe I shall explain myself to her later>

Subaru: <<hai kasa__ I mean Asuna-san>>

Asuna: <<it seems you really need to be beaten>>

Subaru: <<no I am shorry Asuna-san..... but what makes you come here today>>

Asuna: <<oh I forgot my goal... I came here to give you confidence to wear like a real girl>>

Subaru: <<uh uh stop right there it is not like I am not able too, I only don't want to>>

Subaru: <that will just erase my old self>

Asuna: <<that's exactly what people who lack confidence would say, just look at your clothes>>

Subaru: <<no that is..... >>

Asuna: <<no matter young lady dress in a proper clothes and lets go>>

Subaru: <<but I don't have any>>

Asuna: <<huh??>>

Subaru: <<I just don't have an___>>

Asuna: <<don't say it again, but I came prepared for the worse case scenario, here this some clothes from my younger sister, now go change>>

Subaru: <<but _>>

Asuna: <<no buts no go>>

after get dressed

Asuna: <<oi won't you come out!!>>

Subaru: <<no it is just>>

Asuna: <<come out>> (sfx: cold)

Subaru: <<hai>>

as she got out of the room she was dressed in a simple yellow dress

Asuna: <<kyaaaa see I told you it would look great>> as she jump and hug her

Subaru: <man I began hating this girl again>

Asuna: <<now lets depart on our journey>>

Subaru: <<hai>>

then, they went downtown in the shopping area

Asuna: <<first we need under wear>>

Subaru: <<under.. what!?>>

Subaru: <this is a lot>

Asuna: <<now now don't tell me you did not wear any the whole time>>

Subaru: <<no no, I have some>>

Asuna: <<then, there is no problem>> (sfx: optimistic)

Subaru: <shit will anyone even be able to stop this girl>

as they get in the shop

Subaru: <shit shit being here just feel so wrong> (sfx: dazed)

Asuna: <<hey Subaru-san do you like this or this better>>

Subaru: <<ummm uhhh>> (sfx:confused)

Asuna: <<now now Subaru-san what is the problem>>

Subaru: <<it.... is just.... I don't like this place>>

Asuna: <<then how about you go and try them on>>

Subaru: <<no no just buying them will be fine>>

Asuna: <<if you want, but what is your measurements>>

Subaru: <<.......(internal screaming).........>>

Asuna: <<just go in the changing room and wait a moment>>

at this moment Subaru brain just stopped functioning and she started to do just as the instructions

as a strange woman and Asuna entered the changing room

Subaru: <<wait wait what is going on>>

Asuna: <<just because you don't know your measurements so I called the assistant to measure you ta da>>

and after 15 minutes of pure shame they finally got out

Subaru: <I want to return back home!!!>

Asuna: <<next is your clothes>>

Subaru: <<there is more!!!!>>

Asuna: <<don't tell me you think a girl can look so cute just by one thing>>

and after a tiring day of shopping now Subaru house is full of all kind of clothes

Subaru: <<now that demon took my whole holiday just for a ride in hell>>

<<ring ring>>

Subaru: <<oh the phone>>

Asuna: <<you know I can hear you who is a demon>>

Subaru: <<only a demon will hear me from that distance>>

it is a hard friendship but it was kind of good, I think having friends was a dream before but I have ones now, they even feel closer than my own family

author: hope you enjoyed the chapter and don't forget to comments

that day

that day