Chapter 1:

The Painting of Adonis

Bleeding Gold (For You)

FRANCE 23:34

A shadowy figure strides along the cobblestone path in one of the many alleyways found in the city of Bordea. In their hands is a wooden box, that rattles and clinks with every step they take. At night, the city sleeps soundly. There are no people around, except for a handful of elderly drunks. Occasionally one may see a stray cat licking it’s fur or a crow searching for shiny objects in the garbage bins next to the shopping district.

The shadowy figure stops walking and turns to the oaken backdoor of a restaurant. With one hand they balance the wooden box, and with the other they feel in their right pocket, searching for a key.
“Oiii!!! I lost the keys again, can someone open the backdoor?” The figure yells. A minute or two later, a stomping sound moved on the inside of the restaurant.

The back door swings open, hitting the figure in their face. “Ouch?!! You didn’t have to do that, you know?” Luckily, they managed to save the box from falling, and made their way inside. They are escorted down the stairs into the basement, where a desk is placed in the middle of the room. Behind the desk is a rough looking man, strong but old. His old-age was almost invisible; his hair was completely white, including his signature mustache.

The shadowy figure from before steps into the candle-lit room, revealing his caramel-colored skin that was bejewelled with multiple golden necklaces and a single earring of silver. “Mr. Kaji, I see you returned to me with the box that was requested...” said the old man. “Yes, Sir Clermont” Kaji smiled. He placed the wooden box on the desk and opened it quickly, revealing a collection of ancient golden and brass rings that are engraved with various ’Noble Coat of Arms’.

Sir Clermont nods to the man who sent Kaji downstairs and says “Bogart, store this relic and leave us. We have something to discuss.” Kaji gulps as he watches Bogart take away the wooden box. “Sir.. I’m sorry that I lost the key again. I swear I will make sure it’s attached to my belt the next time.”

There was a moment of silence. Bogart closes the door behind him, swiftly, stomping up the stairs in a hurry. Sir Clermont sighs loudly and proclaims “No!”

“Eh? No?” Kaji scratches his head in disbelief.
“No. You won’t be getting a new key, nor do I trust you with one. As head of the Bordea district, Brigade De La Crypte, I will give you something else. You will expand our organization-borders. The French brigade is not the only place where rich people bleed in coins worth five mansions. We have heard that the government of The Netherlands have bought ANOTHER painting for their museum, instead of putting the tax money of the people into health or military facilities.”

Sir Clermont rubs his head in anger and scoffs “That stupid painting of Adonis costs one-hundred-million Euros. I am sending you towards the new group up north. I will no longer be responsible for your shenanigans. Bogart will drive you towards your destination once. Oh.. and you are to meet with a certain "Peter"