Chapter 1:



A shouting voice began to peer into my ears, “Jino, It’s time to go to school!” I sluggishly grab my smartphone off the charging table next to me and check my calendar app.

"It's already the last day of high school?!" I exclaim, with a look of astonishment on my face. The day’s date is June 1st, 3014. It felt like the pain of high school would go on forever, but today it has finally reached its end. I lie back down for another minute or so, brightly smiling and daydreaming about how relaxing life would be, after this last horrifying day. I imagine tons of different scenes with me, harmoniously working in Big Brother Yuuto’s lab. Finally… I would never see another moment of depression.

“Jino, It’s time to go to school!!!” repeated that same voice from earlier, except with a much greater sense of fury in its tone. My big brother, Yuuto, was glaring at me, standing right outside my now-opened door. I must have been too caught up in dreamland to have noticed him swing my door open angrily.

“Sorry, Yuuto! I’m just so excited. It’s the last day of school, I’m gonna get changed right away! Be downstairs in a minute.”

He gives me a giant smile and merrily says, “Congratulations, Jino!”

He turns and walks away but I can still hear him mumbling to himself. The words were clear though, “It’s already the time for that to happen, huh?”

The words echoed down the hallway. As they reached my ears, I oddly felt a shiver strike down through my spine. Those words froze the blood in my veins for mere seconds. I whisper with a cold, yet confused look on my face, “Weird.”

Shaking it off, I jumped out of bed and got dressed in my school uniform. I rushed downstairs and into the kitchen. Right in the middle of the rounded kitchen table, was a note. Next to it, sat a plate with a delicious looking breakfast on it.

I picked up the note and read it aloud, “Dear Jino, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay at home longer this morning. Something big came up at the laboratory. Once again, Congratulations on your final day of high school! Start it off with this amazing meal. Love your big, but proud brother, Yuuto.”

The excess of icy feelings that remained in my veins from earlier all melted away in an instant. Small tears began to form in my eyes, but I wiped them away and sat down to eat. As I gobbled up the tasty eggs and bacon, I couldn’t help but foresee that today was going to be a little bit more than special. This carless vision I had, would later lead to something that would never be the same. That “something”, would be my life.

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