A mass amount of Earth’s population was transferred into another dimension after world-leading scientists messed up on a time-travel experiment. Generations later, the world is secluded and harshly regulated by a central government. Very few have ever tried to break their strict laws as everyone lives their lives mannerly. The world is kept safe by unique electrical weapons known as Electrons. Each year, about a fourth of the city’s High School graduating class get drafted into the Central Army. The Electrons are distributed to them after they sit in a chair that evaluates which one would best suit them. One of those graduates, Jino Akagi, hates the government and is considered a huge delinquent. This results in nearly everyone in his life neglecting him. The only one who raised him throughout the years was his kind & acclaimed brother, Yuuto. People look at Jino being taken in by Yuuto as a nice gesture from such a highly revered man. Except, Yuuto is planning something much bigger...

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GenreMilitary / WarShounenSpacePost-ApocalypticCyberpunk
UpdatedJun 03, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count471
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