Chapter 0:



Karter is a tall boy with black crew-cut hair and particular eyes with a white iris. Up to the age of ten he grew up with his mother Sara in a village east of the capital Stora, between poverty and violence where you hunt or are hunted. Fortunately for him, he was very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of knives, fundamental characteristics for survival in those places.

After the disappearance of his mother, who during a speech by Emperor Surtur in the main square of Stora tried to attack him with a knife, not even having time to get close to his throat, the emperor's sword had already pierced her straight to the heart. All in front of Karter's eyes.

From that day Karter was raised and trained by the old Makim, ex-mercenary and friend of his mother, with his niece Dalia in Tursa, Makim's hometown very far from the capital.

Karter now eighteen, holds a lot of grudge towards the emperor for what he did, has been training for eight long years to take revenge on Surtur and is now ready to travel to Stora.

Makim is now stuck in bed and getting closer to his end, but before leaving he gives Karter a necklace with a cylindrical white stone that belonged to his late mother Sara, and advises him not to lose it for any reason.

The next day after Makim passed away, Karter prepares to leave, but Dalia in tears, urges him to stay, does not want to lose another person important to her. Karter hugs Dalia and says "I'll be back I promise".

He began his journey to Stora, but he had no idea that the whole world began to change dramatically shortly thereafter.
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