Chapter 1:

Scourge of violence


Karter is sitting on the roof of Makim's house, recently deceased, holding the necklace.

"Tomorrow I will leave for Stora and finally I'll be able to take revenge for what happened eight years ago"

Holding back tears for Makim and because he knows he won't see Dalia for a long time, he gets off the roof and goes to sleep.

Next morning.

Dalia approaches in tears

"Why do you have to leave ... Please stay here ... I don't want to lose you"

Unfortunately, the thirst for revenge that Karter nurtures cannot be canceled so easily.

Karter hugs Dalia and tells him.

"I'll be back I promise you"

And so his journey began.

After hours of walking it is night and it starts to rain, Karter finds a cave to shelter from the rain, but he notices that it is not a normal cave, deep down he feels that there is something.

Driven by curiosity, he descends the cave until he reaches a very large underground space with a construction similar to a temple.

"I hope to find some valuables, I'm out of money" (when he left he forgot his money at home)

But what he finds are only two large statues of two men completely white and with their hands placed in prayer ways.

"What do they have on their faces?"

A peculiarity that he notices are the strange symbols that they have in their faces, especially the statue on the left is making Karter uncomfortable, he feels observed up to his soul.

Karter, ready to leave, suddenly feels excruciating pain in his left wrist, looks at him and sees that the same symbol of the left statue is slowly appearing on it.

Still with his aching and bloody wrist, Karter begins to have strange hallucinations, he sees those two bigger statues standing on the world and he watching helplessly as an ant looks down on an elephant, that feeling of smallness and terror was slaughtering him.

Karter recovers from the "hallucinations" he bandages his wrist, and with the strength that remains he reaches the exit of the cave.

Sure it had only been a couple of hours inside the cave, outside the sun was shining high in the sky, he didn't sleep all night.

Karter after a while he finds a tree to sleep, he was exhausted, he falls asleep immediately but will not have a peaceful awakening.

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