Chapter 0:

Sunny Naps and Cyber Robbery


“'Scuse me, missy, but what you doing?”

A man in his sixties, in appearance at least, wearing a nice-looking three-piece suit with a top hat approached the middle of the park.

He looked high-class and over overly prepared for business even, but he was just normal.

The abnormality was the girl with glittery pink clothes that were too short and too frilly for any decent standard.

She also had almost transparent kneesocks, overly-stylized high heels, bare arms, and layered long hair colored in pink too.

More than that, she was the only person who dared to nap on the floor of the domed park.

“Getting some signals. The reception here is terrific, you see?” She answered without even opening her eyes or leaving the patch of grass she was laying on.

"I don't think you can use your cellphone with your eyes closed, missy..."

Ever since cellphone implants became a thing, regulations for their use also became a thing, mostly due to the number of accidents caused by them.

"Looking for a signal does not mean using my cellphone, you see?"

“What do you mean?” asked the old man in return.

“I said what I said” She answered. “Parks are very alike cybercafes of old now, so seeing a person using the Internet must not be something abnormal, right?”

Her response left the businessman even more confused about the situation, but his focus was still on solving what he saw as a problem.

“Even so, missy, your clothes and actions are somewhat…”

Many people were walking around the domed park focusing on their own business with no care for the abnormality.

All of them wore what the girl, and the girl alone, would consider regal clothing.

The styles varied from the more common suits and long dresses to some more abnormal attires from the southern and western cities.

They varied from adorned tunics and multi-piece kimonos, so she couldn't explain exactly what the standard was.

A few of them, in the eyes of the pink girl, also had other small out-of-the-world characteristics that seemed just commonplace for them.

For the girl though, their prosthetics and straight-up animalistic body modifications were aesthetically weird.

One way or another, the short clothes and vibrant colors the girl was using stood out terribly.

No one cared enough about it to question the weird girl and would instead focus on whatever they were doing, or almost no one at least.

"Ya should mind the place, missy. Ya drawing a lot of attention there..."

“Drawing attention is my sole purpose, you see? How would my sight be on the head of everyone if none were to remember it?”

Her weirdness and flamboyance were perplexing to the good samaritan, but he still tried to solve the abnormality in the park.

“It's still bad manners to lay on the ground, so if you could get up…”

“Oho!” She exclaimed suddenly while getting up, cutting the man’s words and throwing some piece of fake ground in the process. “Seems like I got what I came here for.”

Before the man could restart his scolding, the girl with bright green eyes looked around.

Seemingly finding what she was looking for soon enough, she hurried back to the ground to recover a weirdly miniaturized pink and black top hat.

"I cannot lose you, little ones..."

And of course, with her saying so, the pseudo-samaritan standing a few steps away only got more confused.

“What in the heavens are you saying, missy?!”

The man was losing his cool by now but the girl in front of him never seemed to be affected by his pace, answering him with a smile and a carefree tone like usual.

“Just drawing some attention away, you see? I am not terrific at it and neither is it what I prefer to be doing, but one has to eat and I am still to find the right venue for my singing.”

“I don't get...” Was the only answer he could give by this point, but the sole reaction it got was a tap on the shoulder and an even more energetic smile.

“You have no need of understanding, sir, and your partner will be bothered if you take too long, you see? Actually, he will be bothered either way after seeing what is in your suitcase, so hurrying is of no avail either way." She answered by contradicting herself right away but then switched back to her smile with a 'whatever'. "Maybe you should flee… Or not.”

“Wait! What?!”

The man started to look around in panic, locating his contact as he entered the park as he checked his suitcase, and the expensive data hidden inside it.

With his confusion reaching its peak, the girl that was talking to him from a little far away closed the distance between the two.

Her movements were way too fast for any common person and the shining blue eyes locked on his had an unsettling tone to them.

The businessman could barely react to it though as she started talking.

“The name is Amy Wright, by the way. Try remembering this much and come to one of my shows if possible, although I do not believe it will.”

A sudden head-splitting pain forced the man to hunch over and close his eyes in pain, blurring the man's awareness for a moment.

Soon enough, he recovered without much problem with a weird wish to hear some unusual music lingering around and in hurry to finish his main task.

With such in mind, the man ignored the pink-haired and pink-clotted girl with red eyes passing by his side and started walking towards his goal.

A few minutes later, and already returning home with a commuting flying vehicle, Amy finished the review of her last catch.

“Nothing useful again...” Said the disappointed Amy as she gave up on finding anything with worth for her. “What am I meant to do with something like a cold-fusion reactor?! Working for the patent office is terrible…”

Big pieces of technology and even the schemes for some illegal reactors were irrelevant to the girl, so she only prepared the data for transfer.

And with the green color back to red once more, Amy closed sent the files on her head to her boss, and relieved her control over the vehicle's cameras.

With her side mission done, though, the girl took her time to relax a little and focus on her real priorities.

“My singing is starting to turn a few patrons and my following on the net is going decently well, but... Sigh… How would I love if idols were still a thing…”

The girl in pink kept on dreaming about her coming success as the hover traveled through the corridors of the hundred-floors city.

On the outside, buildings of old-looking architecture blended with massive holographic screens with all kinds of broadcasts.

They ranged from random advertisements to news programs, many relating to the recently discovered five centuries-old laboratory.

Those screens would soon be talking about the murder of a corporate spy, possibly killed after having failed the task of his employer though.

Such news would then vanish under the city's government acquisitions of the patent for an unknown and revolutionary energy generation device.

And even less time later, another new piece of information would erase the last one without much impact.

All of them were relevant and interesting pieces of news, but their short lifespan made their impact very small.

More than that, the hurried pace of the screens made the little articles like the surprisingly well-received revival of a dead musical style in a certain high-rise pub drown without ever being seen.