Chapter 2:

Discovery of a new world pt.1


"Ary why did you want to go through here? I know it is the shortest way to get to Yamai, but don't you know that it is also the main road for freight transport, it will be full of bandits ready to rob or even kill anyone who passes "

“Don't worry Tom, despite being a dense forest, it's not only good for them, but also for us. Then what bodyguard I would be if I weren't able to protect you from simple bandits "

in an unsure voice

"Yes, you are right"

Tom and Ary left from a distant land, the only island on the continent. Tom will be the next leader of his people and their religion dictates that to be ready to fill this role, you need to know every corner of the world, the people who live there, the dangers and even the opportunities to live at their best. So he set out on the road.

Tom is 16 years old, brown hair and green eyes, wears a brown tunic, has a weak physique and is not fit for a fight so he cannot stand up for himself, but he is extremely intelligent, has a very broad language and knows how to persuade people to benefit from it.

Together with Tom there is Ary, 17, she is a beautiful girl with dark purple hair and ocean blue eyes, she does not wear armor, she has only a sword and light clothing to favor fast movements, she is the best fighter of their people, she has the task to accompany and protect Tom. She is very impulsive, she always risks getting in serious trouble, but thanks to her strength and her skill with the sword she manages to get away with it.

But let's go back to the two of them in the woods.

After a few hours they stop to rest the horses, Tom notices a figure sitting next to a tree in the dense wood that surrounded them."

Ary, do you see that fig ...""


Four bandits come out of the branches, dressed in rags but with very special weapons, swords and daggers but not as they knew them.

Luckily Ary was able to sense their presence so Tom had time to hide.

Ary begins to fight to protect Tom.

"Shit I can barely stand up to them, they're just plain bandits, how can they be so strong!"

Tom, hidden in a bush, looks at the frightened fight, he had never seen Ary so in trouble.

"Now what do I do, am I going to help her? ... No I'd just be useless, but I can't stand and watch her while they're about to kill her."

Tom takes a little courage, is about to get out of the bush, to go and help Ary, when he is suddenly taken by her arm and brought back.

"If you get out of here they won't just kill you but your friend too, stays still"

Tom remains motionless with fear and without even realizing it the stranger has already knocked out a bandit, with a strong elbow in the stomach, and stolen his daggers.

"The secret is in their weapons"