Chapter 1:

New Client!

Pros and Cons

Hmmmm… Something here feels off about this room.Bookmark here

A man in a slick formal suit walks into the room cautiously. His eyes slowly gaze from left to right analyzing every edge and corner of the room. He takes a step back and leans on the wall right beside the door from which he entered. Bookmark here

Still with visible confusion and suspicion written all over his face, the man reaches over to his right-hand pocket and brings out his phone. Bookmark here

*phone dials*Bookmark here

“Hello? Kuro, report to my office- now.”Bookmark here

An enthusiastic voice rings out on the other end.Bookmark here

“Ohh you noticed it again?! No way hahahaha… Yes sir, I’ll be right there.”Bookmark here

Moments later, a young-looking teenage boy bursts into the room holding drink carriers in both hands. He’s wearing the same formal suit as the man, minus the slickness as his outfit is riddled with creases and coffee stains. He immediately faces the man with a sparkle in his eyes. Bookmark here

“Mr. Kyouya! Did you see it?!”Bookmark here

Kyouya inches away from the fervent teenager who’s a few hand waves away from ruining his favorite everyday standard suit with caffeine. Bookmark here

“Before I answer that, I want to reiterate that I organized my office in a perfect manner such that I can freely move around and perform my tasks efficiently.”Bookmark here

At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary in the office room. Everything is as it should be, the filing cabinets are perfectly aligned to the left, the picture frames on the right, and the desk cabinet and desk chair right in the middle. With a big view of the outside.Bookmark here

Kuro fiddles with one of the drink carriers as he observes Kyouya observing the room. Bookmark here

“Yes, yes, so did you figure it out? The answer to this week's game of....“Spot the difference”!”Bookmark here

A cup falls from the drink carrier, which Kuro immediately snaps up before it hits the floor. He lets out a wide grin as if to say, don’t mind me.Bookmark here

*sigh* Kyouya holds one of the plant pots on the cabinets and gives it a twist to the left.Bookmark here

This plant pot is rotated 45 degrees off its usual position…”Bookmark here

Kuro’s eyes sparkle in amazement.Bookmark here

“So cool! How do you manage to get it right every single time!?”Bookmark here

It’s hard for Kyouya to tell whether organizing is actually an amazing feat or if the kid is just messing with him. Bookmark here

“Just- go back to your office already, kid.”Bookmark here

“But sir, I’m your assistant. This is also the office where I often stay.”Bookmark here

“Right… So can you please disappear from existence- I mean- go grab me 10 cups of coffee from the vending machine?”Bookmark here

“Ehh but you just ordered me to do that same task like two hours ago…see?” Kuro places the drink carriers on the table. “10 cups of coffee.”Bookmark here

“You know it took me like 2 whole hours to get these because of the line and every other hassle of carrying this much coffee cups. Hey, you’re probably not even going to drink all of these-”Bookmark here

Kyouya interrupts him with a sarcastic voice.Bookmark here

“Ssshhh don’t question my authority, everything I say has a sensible reason behind them. So just be a good assistant and go get me another 10 cups of coffee.” Bookmark here

He sits down on the desk and opens up a newspaper. Kuro slowly walks toward the door, looking dejected. Bookmark here

“Mr. Kyouya don’t you feel any pity for lil’ old me? I’ve been going back and forth from the office to the coffee machine which is ON the 8th floor. I have to go through 20 floors just to get coffee. I mean, there’s a coffee machine on OUR floor but you say that the coffee down there tastes better. We haven’t even tested if it tastes different.”Bookmark here

Kyouya doesn’t budge in the slightest. Instead he picks up one of the cups and waves it at Kuro without looking away from the newspaper. Bookmark here

“Shooooo go already Kuro, and remove the audio recorder you’ve hidden in this cup of coffee.”Bookmark here

Kuro immediately flips from being gloomy to his usual cheery self, whatever that is. Bookmark here

“I -uhhhh… audio what? Ehe…” He sheepishly takes the bugged coffee cup. Bookmark here

*sigh*Bookmark here

After removing the device taped under the cup of coffee, Kuro exited the room.Bookmark here

Kyouya takes one more look around the room and takes a deep breath before putting the newspaper away. As he was about to sit down, he pulled out his phone and started dialing.Bookmark here

The phone rings for a moment. An almost monotonous female voice greets him.Bookmark here

“Good day, this is the main branch of the Nagamori Corporation, how may I help you today?”Bookmark here

“Hello? May I speak with my parents?”Bookmark here

The line pauses for a moment. Bookmark here

“Sir Kyouya, I’m terribly sorry but both Mr. and Mrs. Nagamori are currently attending a house party for a client.” The same voice, but without the exhausted tones.Bookmark here

“Ohh, I see… Thanks for informing me Susan, I’ll try calling next time. Bye…”Bookmark here

Kyouya hangs up and places his phone on his desk. He adjusts the phone parallel to the edge of the desk . After doing so, he gently laid his head down on the desk in front of him. Bookmark here

*phone ringing*Bookmark here

Kyouya raises his head and gazes over his phone screen, it reads “Old Man”. He quickly picks it up to answer it.Bookmark here

“Hel-”Bookmark here

A raucous voice blasts through the phone speakers.Bookmark here

“Kyou! How’s my favorite grandchild doing?”Bookmark here

“That’s only true because of the fact that I am your only grandchild. And by the way, how are you still alive, old man?”Bookmark here

“Ohh come on Kyou, why are you so mean to your grandpa? Don’t you even miss me?”Bookmark here

The sound of the old man’s laughter lifts up his mood a little.Bookmark here

“I’m just in a bad mood, old man… I was in a somewhat better mood earlier though so that would’ve been a better time for your call.”Bookmark here

“In a bad mood? I’m not even gonna ask if it’s work-related since I know you never encounter any problems there. So I’m guessing this is about… getting problems with a girl?!! I want five great grandchildren!- ehhemmm…I mean- do tell me more about her, Kyou.”Bookmark here

“Ughhh no, it’s about my parents again, you probably already know that… And why do you always bring up your dream of having five great grandchildren in our conversations?! How many times do I have to tell you, I have my eyes set on a different goal right now, love can wait.”Bookmark here

“Because I might not have enough time left in me to actually see those future great grandchildren of mine…”Bookmark here

“Pfft… Old man, I believe in the saying about bad weeds being difficult to get rid of. I don’t see why you’re worrying like that hahahaha!”Bookmark here

“Well that’s true…but what about you, why are you feeling down? Thinking that you’re still not achieving enough to get your parents’ attention? Youve already brokered enough “business deals” to rival half the assets of your parent’s legacy.”Bookmark here

“I see what you’re trying to do here. But you should know that you can’t use such words to appeal to my empathy, you old con-artist. “Bookmark here

“Woah now, I’m serious! I’m just trying to cheer you up, Kyou.”Bookmark here

*phone rings to notify that there is another call incoming*Bookmark here

Kyouya reads the text flashing on his phone screen, “Business Deal no. 45”Bookmark here

“I have to go now, see you later, old man!”Bookmark here

Kyouya hangs up on his grandfather and picks up the incoming call.Bookmark here

~~~Bookmark here

“Understood, I’ll start making the necessary preparations now, thank you.”Bookmark here

Kyouya proceeds to call Kuro on his phone.Bookmark here

“Kuro, where are you?”Bookmark here

“Still on the coffee machine, sir”Bookmark here

“I got a call from our client, it's a big one. Report to my office immediately.”Bookmark here

“But sir, I’m just about to get my 9th coffee from the machine. What am I supposed to do with these?”Bookmark here

“Just give the coffee to the other people waiting in line. “Bookmark here

“Roger that…. Hey guys! Who wants free coffee?!”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Young lady, may I ask if I heard you correctly? You want to buy ALL of my bread in stock?”Bookmark here

The man at the counter is surprised at the request of the lady in front of him. Bookmark here

“Yes sir…So how much? 133.72 for each loaf?” She opens up her wallet.Bookmark here

“Yes, and I currently have 187 in stock. So that would be… hold on, let me get my calculator-”Bookmark here

“25005.64… Here’s 26000, my change would be 994.36.”Bookmark here

“Ohh wow, you’re one sharp little lady!”Bookmark here

“Ohh not at all, just pretty average. And of course there could also be the possibility that since I already knew the price of each bread based on the poster by that wall, I could’ve just come here with a calculated total in my mind. But then again, I would have no information on the stock you have left so….”Bookmark here

“Uhhhhh… I’ll go get your bread and your change. Please wait here.”Bookmark here

The lady smiles and bows at the bakery owner before proceeding to the vacant seats in the corner. Just as she takes out her phone, it rings. She reads the text flashing on the phone screen and the smile on her face widens.Bookmark here

“Yes?”Bookmark here

“You got reservations to make with the new client”Bookmark here

“New client?! For real?- Yes! Lay out the details, I can listen while I’m waiting for my bread.”Bookmark here

Pros and Cons

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