Chapter 6:

Chapter 3 : The Investigation (2/2)

Radiant Prism - The Goddess of Chaos and a World With You [Short]

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“And where is this crime scene, Jade?”Bookmark here

Eve asked.Bookmark here

“It’s in the ancient ruins east of here”Bookmark here

“I think we should exchange phone numbers, Jade!”Bookmark here

“Eve has my contact information. I don’t need yours, Vivian.”Bookmark here

“B-But don’t you think it would be easier if I had it too?”Bookmark here

The short girl rubbed her feet into the ground, but Jade wasn’t budging as she concluded. They were talking about something I couldn’t understand. Confused, I raised my hand.Bookmark here

“Contact information? Ah… what’s a phone?”Bookmark here

Everyone stared at me like I grew three heads. Eve busted into laughter as she walked about, kicking and breaking things in excitement. Vivian looked at me a tad pitifully. Jade raised her hand to stop them.Bookmark here

"Listen, everyone; the technology was only recovered in 1120. It’s only been public use since 1125.”Bookmark here

Eve held her stomach.Bookmark here

“Yeah, 2 years ago! Where the heck have you been, living under a rock?”Bookmark here

“Eh? No! I’ve been living in a forest most of my life.”Bookmark here

Jade cut in.Bookmark here

“Eve, Vivian, she’s a hermit. It’s expected that she wouldn’t know much about modern technology.”Bookmark here

I was getting frustrated as I crossed my arms and puffed my cheeks. Bookmark here

“I’m not a hermit.”Bookmark here

Vivian sped around me as she clapped her hands.Bookmark here

"The inventions, or reinventions of phones were founded by the company known as Atom.”Bookmark here

She took out one of these small rectangle devices. Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

Eve bit her lip and pulled out a device similar. She smiled bitterly and answered it.Bookmark here

“Hello, Eve!”Bookmark here

“… Hello, Vivian.”Bookmark here

Vivian pushed the device up to my ear, forcing me to listen to Eve’s creepy cackle. It was strange as the light air made from the wind spectrum trickled along my cheek.Bookmark here

“This is… strange.”Bookmark here

I didn’t like it, and my anxiety was starting to kick in. I inched away as the white bunny put it back in her pocket.Bookmark here

“I have business. Call me when you get back to town.”Bookmark here

She walked off. So, we three made our way to the ancient ruins.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

We journeyed through the ancient ruins, and it was a strange sight. The infrastructure towered high with a bunch of square openings likely where windows used to be.Bookmark here

I read about places in the past that towered high in the sky, and humans would go there for business. Thousands of years later, these designs looked strange as moss and nature took back their home.Bookmark here

“It’s so dark in here! Does anyone need a light?”Bookmark here

Without waiting for a reply, Vivian brought out her hand and made it into a bright torch of some kind using her holy spectrum. I didn’t need it, I could see everything, but it seemed Eve appreciated it more.Bookmark here

They followed behind me. It was pitch black in here, so they needed to be careful with how they stepped around. As for me, I could see, so I was hastily making my way down different corridors. Our feet marched along with the interior of the wasted monument until we reached a wider space. It spanned around 100ft in this circular space.Bookmark here

“What are we doing here?”Bookmark here

Eve asked, clicking her tongue.Bookmark here

The purple mist continued until I reached the middle of the room.Bookmark here

“Do you guys hear that?”Bookmark here

I heard what she was talking about. It sounded like the humming of an untuned violin. The notes were long then short, and that rhythm persisted. This was where the purple mist stopped, meaning whatever was here had to be below.Bookmark here

“There’s something in the room below.”Bookmark here

Eve concluded as she walked about.Bookmark here

“Vivian, shine your light above.”Bookmark here

Vivian did just as she was told as she looked at the ceiling.Bookmark here

“What’s your plan, Eve?”Bookmark here

She stepped on the floor, earning a creaking noise from it. The foundation was nearly gone.Bookmark here

Everyone, get to the sides of the room.”Bookmark here

We did as we were told and made our way to the previous room. Eve took out her big gun and pointed it at the ceiling. She began channeling what appeared to be a water spectrum.Bookmark here

“Ha!”Bookmark here

Eve yelled.Bookmark here

A large bubble of water formed at the tip of her gun. The pressure around it caused my clothing to start flowing towards it. When the bubble became bright blue, she pulled the trigger, earning a large ray to shoot at the ceiling. The entire structure began to rumble. Everything caved down, destroying the room below. Large pieces of decayed concrete and iron rained on the ground. The noise was painful as I covered my ears.Bookmark here

Morning light shined from the sun above us, making it easier to see Vivian and Eve. The outside reached inside the ruined structure.Bookmark here

“Eve! What the hell were you thinking?!”Bookmark here

Vivian screamed.Bookmark here

“This entire place could have caved in on us.”Bookmark here

I added as I stood up and looked in the room again. That’s when I noticed what that humming noise was. A flood of the spectrum was flying from the room below. When I looked down there…Bookmark here

“What do you see, Feodora?”Bookmark here

Vivian asked as she looked over the edge too.Bookmark here

“What the, is that a…”Bookmark here

Below was something bright grey and hairy. Its body had to be at least 100ft wide. It looked like a blob as its breathing caused its body to rise and fall. As for how tall, I couldn’t tell because its bottom half was buried in the rubble. It looked like a horrible mutation of a white hairy worm. Bookmark here

“That’s a beast… and it grew this large because someone was feeding it a spectrum.”Bookmark here

Eve scorned it as she analyzed it.Bookmark here

“That's a beast?! We might have to kill it before it wakes up and forces its way out of there!”Bookmark here

The white bunny cried as she brought up her spear.Bookmark here

Vivian jumped down the hole. Her spear formed in her hand she excitedly made her way to the beast.Bookmark here

“Vivian!”Bookmark here

I cried, but it was too late, the eager girl was already on her way as she brought out her spear and plunged it into the beast. The massive snake-like monster began to shake. Bookmark here

“You fucking idiot!”Bookmark here

Eve ridiculed Vivian as she kicked the wall next to her. A tremor ensued as it attempted to free itself from the hole it was in.Bookmark here

“I’m on my way; hang in there, Vivian!”Bookmark here

I yelled, jumping down next. When I reached the next level, I landed on a pile of rubble. In this larger dome, I could see how massive this beast was. Its fur was ash and had bright golden eyes all around its body. It didn't have arms, just a rounded head that was full of purple sharp spikes. Each eye had purple pus coming from it. Vivian was on top of its body, still stabbing away at it.Bookmark here

“Vivian, get over here right now!”Bookmark here

She turned to me.Bookmark here

“I have it just where I want it, Feodora.”Bookmark here

The fur on its body turned a strange purple color. It was mixed with green making it look like high grass.Bookmark here

“It’s using wind spectrum! Feodora, get her out of there before she gets herself killed!”Bookmark here

At her command, I jumped on the beast's back. It felt like I was journeying through bushes as I ran at full speed to Vivian. The creature's golden eyes watched me as I passed through its large blade-like purple spikes. When I finally reached Vivian, she was lifting her spear for another strike.Bookmark here

“Get over here!”Bookmark here

I scolded her. I wrapped my arm around her waist. I could feel an electrifying current come from below me. The sky above began to darken as clouds started to swirl over the crater.Bookmark here

“Shit. Don’t die down there you two!”Bookmark here

Eve yelled as she took cover in the next room. With all my might, I jumped to the darkest spot of the room. A bright light gathered from above and below as thunder shot from heaven and hell. They connected to the beast creating a thunder shockwave to spread, electrifying everything in the dome below. I appeared next to Eve, still holding Vivian in my arms.Bookmark here

“Ah… that was close.”Bookmark here

I screamed as my legs were trembling. The spectrum level that beast had was dangerous.Bookmark here

“Someone must have been feeding that beast for weeks. It’s too dangerous to let it go.”Bookmark here

Eve kicked the wall.Bookmark here

“And you had to be stupid and wake it up, didn’t you Vivian?!”Bookmark here

Eve charged her water spectrum and rained a powerful spell on the beast. However it was immune to her attacks. The golden eyes weren't affected by Eve's attack. But there was a bright red spot that faded away as the water continued to fall on its body.Bookmark here

"What was that?"Bookmark here

I questioned.Bookmark here

“Tsk, you’re durable.”Bookmark here

In this isolated space, the wind began to cycle. The rocks and large debris began spinning like they were in a blender. I shadow walked my way back to Eve as Vivian appeared from above as she jumped off the beast and landed next to us.Bookmark here

“On its back was there was one red eye that I couldn’t get to. Maybe if you shot it, Eve…”Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and bled all my thoughts into the darkness around us. Vivian brought out her spear and readied up. I walked over, grabbed both of them by the hips, and pulled them close to me.Bookmark here

I glared at Eve, but her bright eyes caught me off guard. I closed my eyes, trying my best to ignore her. This was much harder than I thought it would be. Bookmark here

“What the?!”Bookmark here

Eve cried out as we appeared to the upper left of the beast under the shadow of the sun. At an angle, we could see its pulsing red eye. However, Eve was taken aback by how quick it was.Bookmark here

“Shoot, Eve! Vivian, toss your spear at it too!”Bookmark here

She spun her body around and aimed.Bookmark here

Eve shouted.Bookmark here

“Ha!”Bookmark here

Vivian cried as she brought her body back and speared her weapon alongside Eve's bright ray. They both hit the bright red eye directly. The beast cried for the first time. Its red eye opened wider. However, the wind spectrum grew stronger as we all began to be tossed around like debris in a windstorm.Bookmark here

“No, you don’t!”Bookmark here

I cried as I took out my sword. With all the dark spectrum I could muster inside of it, I speared it towards the darkest spot in the cave. It vanished as our bodies were spinning in the storm, but I had to wait for the right moment to release it… But then my chance came when a large enough object hovered over, casting a large dark shadow over the beast.Bookmark here

“Now!”Bookmark here

I cried; the sword appeared from its shadow, aiming downwards. The blade pierced the monster's red eye as the beast cried out in pain. With all the dark spectrum gathered within, its eye pulsed a horrible purple. Darkness recked havoc in its body causing the red eye on the beast to shatter like glass. The wind spectrum stopped, and the beast fell to the ground. We all toppled to the ground, too, as its body melted away into white dust. The excessive powder flew into the atmosphere. In an instant... it was gone.Bookmark here

“Oh my gosh, we’re alive!”Bookmark here

Vivian screamed.Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

I looked from above. Eve turned to me and put her hand on her hip.Bookmark here

“It’s a symbol of the dark arts. It seems to be… absorbing spectrum into the beast.”Bookmark here

I said.Bookmark here

“Dang it…”Bookmark here

I heard a faint voice in the distance. Someone was watching and they were on the move, and we would lose them if we didn’t go to apprehend them soon.Bookmark here

“Eve, Vivian!”Bookmark here

I called out to them. Immediately, Eve and Vivian ran to my side.Bookmark here

"Follow me!"Bookmark here

I began running in the direction of the voice. I couldn't shadow walk because I would lose Eve and Vivian right behind me, but we were getting closer and closer.Bookmark here

"Where are they, Feodora?"Bookmark here

I turned the corner and felt their presence hiding within the shadows nearby.Bookmark here

“Close, get ready for combat.”Bookmark here

They were planning a surprise attack as they lingered in wait. The three of us made our way to a vast room. I gripped my blade and spun horizontally.Bookmark here

The culprit broke out of their shadow walking and aimed to slice my head off with a sideways attack. We clashed with darkness sparking from our blades. It was a woman with orange hair and a black uniform dress. Bookmark here

“Ha!”Bookmark here

I swung my blade against hers, causing her to fall to the side.Bookmark here

“You fucked up!”Bookmark here

The psycho cackled as she put up a barrier around the room, locking the dark vessel inside the room with us. Vivian held up her spear as she charged at the culprit.Bookmark here

“Get out of my way!”Bookmark here

The dark vessel woman screamed as she brought up her blade. It channeled the dark element as she slammed it down. Vivian evaded to the side as a wave of darkness collided with Eve’s barrier. It shattered, giving her an opening to escape.Bookmark here

“No, you don't!"Bookmark here

I rushed towards her. She clicked her tongue and swirled her great sword my way. We clashed again, and I knew this art style from that stance.Bookmark here

“You know… the Shadow Crafts?”Bookmark here

Our eyes met. They were purple, which showed me that this dark vessel was using her next level. This woman has become one with the shadows, and that mode is dangerous if used for long periods.Bookmark here

"Strange, you know of Maxwell's shadow crafts too."Bookmark here

She laughed as we clashed blades time and time again. Darkness began to pull towards us as we fought one another.Bookmark here

“Claudia! Leave them alone. We don’t have time for this.”Bookmark here

Suddenly, a boy with bright red hair appeared from above. He shot a wind spell at us, causing us to retreat away from the woman named Claudia.Bookmark here

“Tsk. Let’s go, Vert.”Bookmark here

In an instant, they both vanished into the shadows. Combined with the wind element, I was unable to track them down.Bookmark here

“We found our culprits.”Bookmark here

Eve said as she kicked the ground.Bookmark here

“Yeah… we have…”Bookmark here

I said as I thought about my mentor… Maxwell.Bookmark here

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